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Morro Castle Pathe Newsreel

1934 Pathe newsreel; an intrepid cameraman is hoisted aboard the still smouldering wreck of the Morro Castle to capture haunting images of her warped and charred decks..

Queen Mary at Southampton Docks

A panoramic view of Southampton Docks circa 1956, with RMS Queen Mary alongside. The small shunting locomotive visible in the centre of  the picture was a former USA Transportation Corps "switcher", one of several that had been sold to the…

Antiques dealer and family lost in disaster

The tragic story of Lusitania victim Edward Booth-Jones his wife and two children.

The Voyager’s Dream

The story of Lusitania Victim William Henry Helm Brown. William Henry Helm Brown was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, at 2am on the morning of the 28th April 1881; he was not destined to grow up there. His father, Alexander Brown moved the whole…

The Champagne King, the playwright and the Savoy Hotel

Lusitania survivior George Kessler. In 1889, the Savoy Hotel was the most modern hotel London had ever seen. Built by Richard D’Oyly Carte, it had over 200 bedrooms, 67 marble bathrooms, a 24 hour room service, en-suite rooms and “speaking…

Philadelphia Banker and wife – Harry J & Mary Keser

Two victims of the Lusitania sinking Mr Harry J. Keser, Born 30th March 1873 - Died 7th May 1915 Mrs Mary Bringhurst Floyd Keser, Born 25th January 1865 - Died 7th May 1915   Mr and Mrs Keser of Philadelphia 
According to the Pennsylvania…

William Meriheina : An inventive survivor

The story of William Meriheina, Lusitania survivor and inventor of the car radio. RMS LUSITANIA: SPEED & STEALTH by David E Olivera One occasionally runs across a story that expands beyond its obvious borders, and continues to expand…

The Lusitania : Part 1 : Contents

Stories life and death from the sinking of the Lusitania. …if it wasn’t for the worry I could say we’ve had a lovely trip. Nellie Huston, Lusitania Victim Image courtesy of Harald Advokaat 1. Contents 2. Introduction William…

The Lusitania : Part 2 : Three Narratives

Each May marks the anniversary of one of the 20th century’s most notorious events; the sinking, by torpedo, of Cunard Line’s Lusitania off the coast of Ireland with the loss of 1198 lives. While she lived, Lusitania was known as one of a…