The Lusitania : Part 16 : Appendices

Appendix A: The Unidentified

  1. # 6.  Female. 60 Years. Dark complexion.
    Property. – 1 plain gold wedding ring (22 carat), no initials.
    Grave C.
  2. 10.  Male. 35 years. Apparently a seaman. Tattooed star on back of right wrist.
    Grave C.
  3. #15.  Male. 24 years. Apparently a member of crew. Wore a serge suit, with brass buttons.
    Property. – 1 penknife, 1 handkerchief
    Grave C, 4th row, upper tier.
  4. #21.  Male. 55 years. Apparently fireman or seaman
    Property. – None
    Grave A. 1st row, lower tier
  5. #27.  Female. 50 years. Fairly stout. Hair turning grey. Large face.
    Property. – Lady’s 18 carat keyless Geneva watch with red dial, engraved
    inside “Remontoir Cylindre 10 Rubis Medaille D’or, No. 220063;” 1 pair
    eyeglasses; gold and platenoid brooch, pendant set with rose diamonds;
    opaline diamond ring; turquoise ring with circle diamonds, size reduced by
    inside half ring; gold band ring set with onyx (English make); 1 pearl
    earring; long gold watch guard, carbuncle and crystal; coins, bearing
    Chinese marks and square hole.
    Grave A. 2nd row, lower tier.
  6. #38.  Female. 35 years. Brown hair. Medium build. Height 5’6”
    Property. – Plain gold band bangle, initial “G” on gold chain attached.
    Grave A. 3rd row, lower tier.
  7. #43.  Female. 50 years. Grey hair. Stout build. Height 5’8”
    Property. – 1 antique gold ring, with motto slightly defaced, possibly “I likemy chance too well to change.”
    Grave B. 1st row, lower tier
  8. #68.  Boy. About 2 ½ years.
    Property. – None.
    Grave B. 1st row, upper tier.
  9. #73.  Female. 50 years.
    Property. – 1 silver enameled brooch; 1 gold plate eyeglass chain holder
    (button shape) made by Kellchan & McDougall, New York (patented Feb.
    24/03 and Apl. 26/06), 1 button; 1 14 carat gold ring. stones missing; and
    1 22 carat gold wedding ring (English).
    Grave B. 1st row, upper tier.
  10. #81.  Female. 45 years. Black hair. Medium height and build.
    Property. – 1 18 carat half hoop white paste ring, with 3 stones; 1 diamond
    and ruby gipsy ring, 22 carat (English); 1 wedding ring (English); 1 5-stone
    sapphire half hoop ring; 1 gold marquise white paste and sapphire ring; 1
    gold Amethyst pendant brooch; 1 twist wire gold ring.
    Grave C. 4th row, lower tier.
  11. #82.  Male. 30 years. Apparently seaman. Clean shaven. Fair hair. Brown canvas
    Property. – None.
    Grave C 4th row, upper tier.
  12. #83.  Male. 28 years. Apparently seaman. Fair hair. Medium build. Height 5’ 7”
    Property. – None.
    Grave C. 5th row, upper tier.
  13. #86. Female. 32 years. Fair hair. Green dress. Height 5’ 5”
    Property. – 1 9 carat signet ring; 1 enameled gilt brooch with initials R.M.S.Aquitania
    Grave C 4th row, upper tier.
  14. #100.  Female. 38 years. Dark hair. Height 5’ 6”. Wore grey woolen jacket.
    Property. – 1 gold plated star brooch with white paste; 1 plated ring with
    three green stones.
    Grave C. 6th row, lower tier.
  15. #101.  Female. 34 years. Dark hair. Slight make. Height 5’ 4”
    Property. – 1 gold curb padlock bracelet; 1 9 carat square locket
    (engraved); 1 22 carat gold wedding ring; 1 18 carat gold plain ring
    with heart; 1 9 carat signet ring, with initials M.H. and 1 9 carat gold
    Grave C. 6th row, upper tier.
  16. #103.  Female. 35 years. Fairly stout build. Dark hair. 5’ 6”. Wore heavy black
    fur coat.
    Property. – 1 gold curb padlock bangle (large pattern); 1 14 carat gold
    wedding ring; 1 half hoop 5 stone diamond ring; 1 9 carat gold garnet
    ring; 1 18 carat gold sardonic ring, with rose diamonds; 1 metal safety
    Pin; 1 leather folding purse inscribed “Compliments of W.F. Lunt, Insurance. 95 Wick Street, Boston”;1 linen bag; 1 pair plated links
    bearing photo of four-funneled Cunard steamer; 1 plated stud.
    Grave C 4th row, lower tier.
  17. #104.  Female 54 years. Hair turning grey. Pointed nose.
    Property. – 1 silver plated white paste brooch; 1 brass safety pin; 1 plated
    ring with green and white paste; 1 plated gold ring; and1 metal safety pin.
    Grave C. 6th row, Upper tier.
  18. #109.  Female. 40 years. Broad face, dark complexion.
    Property. – 1 wristlet gold watch, and 1 gold ring.
    Grave B 4th row,upper tier.
  19. #112.  Female. 50 years. Hair turning grey. Stout build.
    Property.- None.
    Grave B. 1st row, lower tier.
  20. #113.  Female. 35 years. Medium build.
    Property.- 4 one pound Treasury Notes;  1 14 carat gold wedding ring;
    1 9 carat gold garnet and diamond ring, 1 stone missing; 1 silver brooch,
    With windmill engraving and word “Nantucket”;1 fancy linen purse; 1
    small leather purse.
    Grave B. 1st row, lower tier.
  21. #120.  Female. 33 years. Fair hair.
    Property.- None.
    Grave C.  6th row, upper tier.
  22. #121.  Female. 12 months.
    Property.- None.
    Placed in same coffin as #120.
  23. #128.  Female. 35 years. Brown hair. Ordinary nose. Upper front teeth missing.
    Slight build. Height 5’ 4”. Wore blue cloth dress; fancy shoes, corsets and
    white cotton blouse.
    Property.- Small button badge with picture of Lusitania.
    Grave C. 3rd row, upper tier.
  24. #130. Female. 55 years. Dark hair turning grey. Long nose, inclined to be Roman.
    All teeth gone except three in upper jaw and one in front lower jaw. Slight
    build. Height 5’. Wore strong laced boots, blue dress, cotton striped
    petticoat; corsets made of black material; white singlet “Winchester 38 Mills” maker; and brown worsted stockings.
    Property.- 4 41 bills; 1 $2 bill; 2 gold plated keeper rings; 3 shillings in
    silver; one key “Eagle Lock Co., No. 178”;2 1/2d. in coppers; 1 5 centimes
    piece; 1 purse inscribed “A Present From Isle of Man.”
    Grave C. 3rd row, No.1, upper tier.
  25. #135. Male. 25 years. Apparently deck hand. Light fair hair. Regular nose. Medium
    build. Height 5’ 7“.  Had tattoo marks on right arm: Union jack; Stars and
    stripes; heart in centre with hands clasped across heart, all worked in to a
    device. Wore lether belt, old shirt and trousers, but no boots.
    Grave C.
  26. #146. Male, 27 years, brown hair, clean shaven, height 5’ 7.” Wore blue clothes
    and black tie.
    Property.- 1 gold watch, with leather guard; 7 shillings in silver; 9 foreign
    coins; 1 penknife; 1 stud; 2 links; 1 fountain pen (Waterman, medium point
    nib); handkerchief; also unfinished letter commencing “Dear Ted, We hit New York at 7:30 in the morning, and after seeing to our luggage we made our way to Bronx Park to visit some friends of mine…”
    Grave B. 6th row, lower tier.
  27. #149. Male. 40 years. Apparently fireman. Dark moustache. Short thick nose.
    Strong build. Height 5’9”. Wore blue trousers, cotton shirt, no other clothes.
    Grave A. 6th row, lower tier.
  28. #158.  Male. 40 years. Apparently steward. Dark hair. Clean shaven. Good teeth in
    front of upper and lower jaws. Bald in front of forehead. Height 5’ 9”. Wore
    black serge clothes, no coat, brass buttons on vest.
    Property.- 1 bunch keys; 1 whistle marked “S. Auld, Glasgow, No. 143091”
    1 fountain pen, Waterman with clip cap holder; 1 penknife; 9 keys; 1 large
    key with figure 8 in roman character.
    Buried by Jewish Burial Society, Cork.
  29. #161.  Female. 28 years. Dark hair. Fresh Complexion. Pointed nose. False teeth
    in both jaws. Slight build. Height 5’ 7”. Wore black coarse serge dress,
    three quarter coat, dark lining, 3 buttons, crepe bound braided loops, dark
    serge skirt, black stockings, black satin blousel, black alpaca underskirt,
    white linen camisole.
    Property.- None.
    Grave B. 6th row, lower tier.
  30. #167.  Female. 30 years. Grey eyes. Brown hair. Short thick nose. Round face.
    Stout make. Height about 5’ 1”. Wore white silk blouse and cream dress,
    Patent leather boot (buttoned) with cloth uppers.
    Property._ 1 brooch with 5 stones (1 centre and 4 outer); 1 wedding ring
    (18 carat), N0.9095 scratched inside, maker’s name evidently “Hemsley;“1
    engagement ring, with 3 white and 2 blue stones; 1 keeper ring with 3
    green stones and 2 white; 3 rings; and 1 metal brooch with 5 stones.
  31. #172.  Male. 40 years. Apparently  fireman. Dark brown hair. Brown mustache.
    Blue eyes. Thick nose. Regular heavy eyebrows. Regular face. Medium
    make. 2 teeth in upper jaw. Bald in front of head. Height 5’ 4”. Wore grey
    shirt and black trousers only.
    Buried by Jewish Burial Society, Cork.
  32. #174.  Male. 42 years. Apparently a greaser. Blue eyes. Regular nose. Fresh
    complexion. Sandy mustache. Full face. Stout build. Dark hair. Height
    about 5’ 11”. Wore dark jacket and grey shirt, boots and socks.
    Property.- Pipe and pen knife.
    Buried by Jewish Burial Society, Cork.
  33. #178.  Male. 50 years. Apparently member of crew. Dark hair turning grey. Regular
    pointed nose. Medium build. Height 5’ 11”. Wore blue serge suit and
    plait shirt.
    Property.- None.
    Grave A. 6th row, lower tier.
  34. #185.  Boy. 3 or 4 years. Fair complexion. Fair hair. Wore blue suit knickers of
    serge check, striped vest with 4 pearl buttons, 2 white underflannel vests
    and drawers, 2 common safety pins in front vest, toe-cap boots, 7 buttons,
    and white wooly collarette round neck.
    Property.- “Lusitania” brooch badge.
    Grave B. 5th row, upper tier.
  35. #186.  Female. 32 years. Pregnant. Stout strong build. Fair complexion. Round
    Face. Good looking. Long light brown wavy hair. Height 5’9”. Wore blue
    serge dress with red jersey underneath jacket, blue check bodice, black
    button boots, cashmere hose.
    Property.- Gold wedding ring and keeper rings.
    Grave B. 5th row, lower tier.
  36. #204.  Male. 24 years. Apparently fireman. Slight build. Clean shaven.  Dark hair.
    Tattoo marks: cross with reef, with words “In memory of my mother” done
    on left arm; on right arm a laurel with a bunch of flowers and word “Sarah.”
    Height 5’ 8” or 5’ 9”. Wore brown trousers, grey woolen shirt.
    Property.- None.
    Grave A. 5th row, lower tier.
  37. #207.  Male. 35 years. Apparently trimmer or seaman. Clean shaven. Round
    regular features.  Dark hair. Medium build. Dark eyes. Height 5’ 8”. Wore
    light brown trousers.
    Grave A. 6th row, lower tier.
  38. #221.  Male. 5 or 6 years. Round full face. Broad high forehead. Small mouth. Blue
    eyes. Well shaped features. Wore while woollen singlet and white cotton
    combinations, check jacket and knickers of same pattern, pink woollen
    jacket outside with dark ivory buttons, black button boots with black socks,
    and patent leather belt.
    Property. Gold ring with initials “J.W.P.” worn on second finger of right
    Grave B. 4th row, upper tier.
  39. # 222.  Male baby. 12 to 16 months. Round chubby fat face. Hair inclined to be red.
    Small short nose. Sunken eyes. Prominent forehead. Sucking tube
    fastened round neck with cord. Wore white woollen wrapper, white cotton
    bodice having red and blue stripes round edges, blue cotton overall
    fastened at back with white buttons and plaited down front, embroidered
    with dotted squares, coarse grey woollen outside jacket, with 4 ivory
    buttons, black stockings, shoes and straps.
    Grave B. 4th row, upper tier.
  40. #224. Female. 23 or 24 years. Round full face. Nose broad at top. Full eyes.
    Fresh complexion. Good plump build. Good teeth. Centre tooth in upper
    jaw set with gold. Height 5’. Wore woolen singlet with lace collarette,
    dark blue jacket, double row of buttons on right side with plaited braid,
    skirt same material, black cotton stockings, brown button boots with high
    heels; 3 twisted cord loops connecting 6 acorn pattern buttons on body of
    Property.- Wedding ring; brooch; silver enameled brooch; English and
    French flags crossed.
    Grave B.  4th row, lower tier.
  41. #225. Female baby. 4 to 5 months. Fair hair. Large sloping forehead. Well
    nourished. Wore cotton wrapper, cotton bodice, white cotton front, white
    cotton overall or jacket with sleeves, white coarse knitted woolen
    stockings with two tassels on top and two on vamp. Pink thread top of
    stocking and pink threaded lines extending downwards about 2 inches
    from top of stocking. Cotton overall embroidered at edges. 3 white buttons
    at back of bodice. Sucking tube attached to clothes.
    Grave B. 6th row, upper tier.
  42. #226. Female. 35 to 36 years. Appeared to be pregnant. Full round face. Small
    short nose. Large forehead. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Large mouth.
    Stout build. Height about 5’; 3”. Wore blue skirt, woolen singlet, white
    corset, grey woolen cardigan jacket with 5 grey buttons at the front,
    black stockings, black laced boots.
    Property.-1 22 carat plain gold ring with letters S.H. engraved. These
    letters are sunk into ring and may be maker’s initials. Ring cut, apparently
    when being taken off finger; 1 small brooch with brown sparkling stone; 1
    rubber teat; 1 safety pin.
    Grave B. 6th row upper tier.
  43. #227. Female. 40 years. Height 5’ 4”. Wore black skirt, black pony shorn coat,
    and boots with lavender cross uppers.
    Property.- 1 large gold bangle; 1 diamond ring with 3 rubies; 1 gold
    wedding ring; 1 silver and coral ring; 1 safety pin; 1 handkerchief.
    Grave B. 4th row, upper tier.  May 21, 1915.
  44. #236.  Male. 30 years. Apparently fireman.  Unrecognizable. Round face. Clean
    shaven. Medium build. Black hair cut short. Nose pointed slightly to left
    side, apparently result of old accident. Height 5’ 8”. Wore dungaree
    trousers kept on by leather strap around waist. Military blue woolen
    drawers, military blue woolen shirt, red woolen socks, trousers, no boots
    coat nor vest.
    Property.- None.
    Grave A. 5th row, lower tier.  May 24, 1915.
  45. #238.  Male. Apparently a steward. Unrecognizable.
    Property.- 1 pair sleeve links; 1 stud.
    Grave B. 4th row, upper tier.  May 20, 1915.
  46. #240.  Female baby. 12 to 18 months.
    Shared coffin with Marjorie Pye. Buried in private grave #5, row 17 on
    May 25, 1915.
  47. #242.  Male. Unrecognizable. Supposed to be Russian. Wore blue serge trousers
    and vest, cotton drawers, blue stripe cotton undershirt and cotton shirt.
    Property.- 1 clasp leather purse containing the following: 4 Russian
    rouble bills; 2 unknown silver coins; 1 half dollar piece; 1 5 cent piece
    and 4 cent pieces; 2 cuff links, apparently brass; 1 shirt stud (brass); 1
    pocket knife; 2 linen handkerchiefs; 5 100 Russian rouble bills in canvas
    bag with paper slip around bills and marked $500; piece of ordinary paper
    on back of one of the Russian rouble bills with some names scribbled on
    same. Printed on canvas bag containing these bills were the following,
    “Zimmerman and Forshay, Bankers and Brokers, Special and Foreign
      Bank Notes, letters of credit drafts on all parts of the world, 9-11 Wall
      Street, New York.”
    Grave A. 5th row, lower tier. May 24, 1915.
  48. #244.  Male. 25 to 35 years. Unrecognizable. Apparently fireman. Recovered by
    trawler Standardoff Old Head. Clean shaven. Very fair hair. Strong build.
    Height 5’ 10”. Blue trousers, black cotton drawers blue and yellow
    stripes; cotton singlet.
    Private grave No. 9. Row 19.
  49. #246.  Male. Apparently steward. Brought ashore at Ballyally. No means of
    identification. Head and arms gone. Height about 5’ 7”. Clothing mostly
    gone, but wore vest with white ivory buttons. Small foot, laced boots,
    leather lace and toe caps, white shirt, cotton socks, white cotton drawers.
    Buried at Abbey, Skibbereen, June 25th, 1915.
  50. #247.  Male. Apparently fireman. Picked up by trawler Bempton,June 24th, and
    brought to Castletownbere. Height about 5’9”. Wore dungaree pants, blue
    serge drawers. Blue serge singlet, boot on left foot branded “Globe.” No
    stockings or papers. Right foot missing.
    Buried St. Finian’s Cemetery, Castletownbere, Co, Cork. June 24th.
  51. #249.  Male body, washed ashore at Gortgower, Valentia, Co. Kerry, July 14th.
    Head arms and feet missing. Dressed in blue serge trousers, flannel shirt,
    black and white stripe. Woolen singlet and drawers, wore a leather belt to
    which was attached a bunch of keys: two gun metal and five steel. The
    drawers bore mark D75 in red thread. On trouser buttons were the name
      S.B. Cole, Swindon.  Medium build. 31 inches around waist. Wore braces.
    Buried Kilmore Graveyard, Valentia, July 15th.
  52. #250. Male body, washed ashore at Rossleigh, near Glenbeigh, July 15th.
    Headless trunk, supposed sailor or laborer. No identification marks except
    “W.G.” or “S.M.” or “W8” on some shreds of clothing.
    Property.- 3 one pound treasury notes; 1 sovereign; 1 florin; 9 shillings; 1
    sixpenny piece; 2 half pence; watch and chain; leather belt.
    Buried Curra Graveyard, Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, July 15th.
  53. #253. Male body, washed ashore at Kilcumin, July 17th. Very decomposed, and
    face unrecognizable.
    Property.- Pocketbook, marked “Compliments, Savings Dept., The Union
    Trust Co., Ltd., Toronto,”; pen knife; note book (apparently) with few
    indistinct entries; cigarette picture of M Maeterlink; 4 plain cigarette
    holders; 1 ten cent Canadian coin; and two lead pencils.
    Buried on beach above the high water mark, Kilcumin Strand, Brandon
    Bay, Co. Kerry, July 19th.
  54. #260.  Male body. Washed ashore at Bally Haigue, Tralee, Co. Kerry, July 26th.
    Very decomposed. All flesh gone off head. 6 teeth gone from upper jaw.
    Lower jaw completely gone. Both arms from elbow down gone. Left leg
    from knee down gone, right leg complete. Wore blue serge trousers over
    suit of striped flannelette pyjamas. Large black buttons around waist of
    trousers. Black leather belt with brass buckle around waist, coat and
    waistcoat gone, pyjama jacket gone from waist. 4 white ivory buttons in
    jackets. Pyjama trousers much torn. 173687W and 460 on waistband of
    pajamas, cashmere sock on right foot with the letter “K” worked in red wool.
    Buried Bally Haigue Graveyard, July 29th.Doolin and Arran Island Victims.
  55. #4. Female. 45 years. Recovered at Straw Island. Very decomposed. Wore blue
    linen dress, black boots and stockings. Hair short, turning grey.
    Property.- 1 ring, apparently gold with three stones: 2 blue, 1 supposed
    diamond; 1 expanding bracelet and watch (latter damaged) apparently
    gold, initials “J.C.C.”
    Buried Kilronan Graveyard, June 11, 1915.
  56. #5. Male. Body unrecognizable. Recovered at Ballaghaline, Doolin. Wearing
    heavy woolen jersey, pajamas, 1 light cotton sock, dark striped trousers.
    Property.- 1 gold cased watch, No.488994, engraved “Dennison Watch
    Co.”; 2 United States $1 bills.
    Buried Killilagh Churchyard, Doolin, June 13th.
  57. #9.  Male body. Washed ashore at Cleggan, July 11th. Almost a skeleton and
    unrecognizable. Wore apparently new tennis boots, black cloth trousers
    and vest, woolen singlet marked “Devonshire” fleece drawers, light woolen
    cotton shirt with blue stripes, dark socks, buckles on braces marked
      “Shirley President” a colored handkerchief, no coat on body; trousers vest
    and boot of American make.
    Buried Ballinakill Graveyard, near Cleggan. July 14th.
  58. 58. #11. Female body, washed ashore at Ross, Carrigaholt, July 20th. Body very
    decomposed, breast bones, legs and arms missing, teeth in upper jaw were
    sound and regular, except two molars on left side, which were gold filled.
    There were three teeth missing in left side, and one on the right side, which
    had been extracted before death. The two front teeth had been knocked
    out since death. Besides the body, there was a corset, maker’s No.
    6110955 with letters “N.H.” marked on it in ink. Pieces of white silk
    underclothing were adhering to the body, on one of these was printed
    “Niagara Maid” probably maker’s trade mark, on another piece the letter “J”
    and other pieces not decipherable were marked in black thread.
    Buried Killtrillig Graveyard, July 16th.
  59. #12.  Male body. Washed ashore at Insihere, Arran Island, July 20th. Greatly
    decomposed, and identification impossible. No clothing, except singlet,
    drawers and tie bearing the name “W. Weldon, Hosier and Glover,
    Scarborough” and on drawers “Grafton and Sons, Manchester.”
    Buried Kilronan Graveyard, July 21st.
  60. #14.  Female body, washed ashore at Lahinch on July 20th. Very decomposed.
    Clothing, with exception of corset, part of a chemise, and part of a dress
    Buried Ennistymon Workhouse graveyard, July 21st.
  61. #19. Male body, recovered at Quilty, Co, Clare, July 23rd. Unrecognizable. Skull
    and bones of face were bare. Forearms from elbows were missing. 4 teeth in
    upper jaw gold cased, and 4 gold filled. 4 teeth in lower jaw were gold cased
    and 4 gold filled. Part of pair laced shoes and part of socks covered by
    them on feet,. Part of underpants, part of inside undervest, the neckband
    and a fragment of the shirt were adhering to the body. Neckband and part of
    the shirt were of linen with blue stripes, having the following laundry mark in
    black indelible ink on inside of band (V)X 176. Band was 15 size. Band
    was closed in front with dark brown stud, set in plain metal, all of which may
    have been gold washed when new. Stud at back similar to one in front (set in
    white ivory). Undervest of pale white color bore laundry mark (V) X. the
    underpants were similar in texture and color to the undervest, and bore the
    maker’s name “American Silk Reis, underwear, Pat.V.finish.”
    Buried Leitrim Cemetery, Doonbeg, July 23rd.
  62. #21. Male body. Washed ashore at Murrough, Fanoremore, July 30th.
    Decomposed. Remnant of trousers and left boot on, rubber sole and heel.
    Boot marked inside “Franklin’s Special Shoe.”
    Buried Craggagh Burial Ground, Murrough, July 31st.
  63. #22. Male body, recovered at Murrough, Fanoremore, July 23rd. Portion only from
    hip to feet. Left shin bone was protruding, flesh being worn away. Length of
    legs 34 inches. Portion of waist appeared to be a man of medium build. The
    only clothing found on the body consisted of a pair of trousers and a pair of
    Buried Glenina Burial Ground, Murrough, July 24th.Barry, Wales, Victim:
  64. #2. Male. 28 to 30 years. Medium build. Light brown hair. Light ginger mustache.
    1 tooth missing front upper jaw. Had at one time fractured skull. Height 5’ 8”.
    Wore blue serge trousers, pink merino vest and white merino pants, both
    lined with wool. Striped cotton shirt marked “Anderson Bros. Makers, 27
    Bridge Street, Glasgow.”  Light lace up boots, stamped inside “Holober Bros.501 West 14th Street, New York.”  Grey socks which had been footed
    with a light bluish colored wool. Light colored braces with word “Hague” on
    buckle. Also wore a plain leather belt with nickel buckle.
    Buried Merthyr Dovan Cemetery, Barry, May 18th.