The Lusitania : Part 16 : Appendices

Appendix B: The Families. 

Included on this list are parents traveling with their children but not with their spouse. Italic indicates saved.

Lusitanic in Clyde

Abas, Mrs. Beatrice.
Abas, Miss Isabel. 6.
Abas, Miss Beatrice. 2.

Ackroyd, Mrs. Hannah.
Ackroyd, Master Frederick. 3.

Adams, Mrs. Gertrude.
Adams, Miss Joan. 2.

Aitken, Mr. James.
Aitken, Mr. Jarvie.
Aitken, Master Jarvie. 3.
Aitken, Miss Christina. 16.

Allan, Lady Marguerite.
Allan, Miss Gwendolyn. 16.
Allan, Miss Anna. 15.

Anderson, Mrs. Emily.
Anderson, Miss Barbara. 2.

Antila, Mrs. (Deportee)
Antila, Master Carl. 4.
Antila, Master Jan. 3.

Bailey, Mr. Walter.
Bailey, Mrs. Jessie.
Bailey, Miss Ivy. 15.

Barker, Mrs. Martha.
Barker, Miss Winifred. 9.
Bartley, Mr. George.
Bartley, Mrs. George.
Bartley, Master Arthur. 4.
Bartley, Master Gordon.3 months.

Baxter, Mr. William.
Baxter, Miss Annie.
Baxter, Master William. 6.

Beattie, Mrs. Grace.
Beattie, Mr. Allan. 18.

Blackshaw, Mrs. Alice.
Blackshaw, Master John. 1.

Bodell, Mr. Thomas.
Bodell, Mrs. Florence.
Bodell, Master Thomas. 3.

Booth, Mr. John.
Booth, Mrs. Emily.
Booth, Master Nigel. 8 months.

Booth-Jones, Mr. Edward.
Booth-Jones, Mrs. Millichamp.
Booth-Jones, Miss Ailsa. 8.
Booth-Jones, Master Percival. 4.

Ailsa Booth-Jones

Ailsa Booth-Jones

Brammer, Mrs. Elizabeth. .
Brammer, Miss Edith. 8.

Bretherton, Mrs. Norah.
Bretherton, Master Paul. 3.
Bretherton, Miss Elizabeth. 15 months.

Burdon, Mrs. Ellen.
Burdon, Master Robert. 14 months.

Burley, Mr. Reuben.
Burley, Mrs. Florence.
Burley, Miss Doris. 9.
Burley, Master Reginald. Infant.

Chantry, Mrs. Mina.
Chantry, Miss Elizabeth. 4 months.

Chirgwin, Mrs. Maud.
Chirgwin, Master Richard. Infant.

Cooper, Mrs. Nellie.
Cooper, Master Joseph. 3 months.
Coughlin, Mr. John.
Coughlin, Mrs. Katherine.
Coughlin, Master John. 3.
Coughlin, Miss Margaret. 2.
Coughlin, Master Jeremiah.11 months.

Cox, Mrs. Margaret.
Cox, Master Desmond. 17 months.

Crichison, Mr. Stanley.
Crichison, Mrs. Lillian.
Crichison, Master Bernard. 13 months.

Crompton, Mr. Paul.
Crompton, Mrs. Gladys.
Crompton, Mr. Stephen. 14.
Crompton, Miss Alberta. 13.
Crompton, Master Paul. 9.
Crompton, Master John. 6.
Crompton, Master Peter. 9 months.

Dhenin, Mr. Thomas.
Dhenin, Mrs. Evelyne.
Dhenin, Master Thomas. 10.
Dhenin, Miss Isabella. 2.

Dixon, Mr. Arthur.
Dixon, Mrs. Bertha.
Dixon,  Master Stanley. 6

Docherty, Mrs. Mabel.
Docherty, Master William. 2 months.

Dolphin, Miss Avis. 12.

Ferguson, Mrs. Mary.
Ferguson, Master Edward. 14 months.

Ferrier, Mr. Alexander.
Ferrier, Mrs. Beata.
Ferrier, Miss Sheila. 1

Fish, Mrs. Sarah.
Fish, Miss Sadie Eileen. 10.
Fish, Miss Marion Enid. 8.
Fish, Miss Joan. 5 months.

Frankum, Mr. Joseph.
Frankum, Mrs. Annie.
Frankum, Master Francis. 6.
Frankum, Master Frederick. 4.
Frankum, Miss Winifred. 10 months.

Gardner, Mr. James.
Gardner, Mrs. Annie.
Gardner, Mr. Eric.16.
Gardner, Master William. 11.

Goodall, Mr. William.
Goodall, Mrs. Beatrice.
Goodall, Master Leonard. 7.
Goodall, Master Jack. 10 months.

Grandidge, Mrs. Lydia/Nancie.
Grandidge, Miss Eva Mary. 3.

Gray, Mr. James Paul.
Gray, Mrs. Terence Florence.  Daughter in law of James Gray.
Gray, Master Stuart. 3.

Greenwood, Master Ronald. 11.

Groves, Mr. Sidney.
Groves, Mrs. Clara.
Groves, Master Frederick. 18 months.

Henderson, Mrs. Violet.
Henderson, Master Harris. 10.
Yeatman, Mr. Charles. Brother of Violet Henderson.
Yeatman, Mrs. Cora.

Henshaw, Mrs. Mabel.
Henshaw, Miss Constance. 5 months.

Hodges, Mr. William Sterling.
Hodges, Mrs. Sarah.
Hodges, Master William. 8.
Hodges, Master Dean. 6.

Hook, Mr. George.
Hook, Miss Elsie. 12.
Hook, Master Frank. 11.

Jones, Mrs. Ellen
Jones, Master William. 15 months.

Kay, Mrs. Marguerite.
Kay, Master Robert. 10.

Lambert, Mrs. Delia.
Lambert, Master William. 5.

Lockwood, Mrs. Florence.
Lockwood, Master Clifford. 11.
Lockwood, Miss Lillian 7.
Robshaw, Miss Edith. Sister of Florence Lockwood.

Logan, Mrs. Ruth.
Logan, Master Robert. 3.

Loney, Mr. Allen.
Loney, Mrs. Catherine. 36.
Loney, Miss Virginia. 14.

Luck, Mrs. Charlotte.
Luck, Master Eldridge. 9.
Luck, Master Kenneth. 7.

MacFarquhar, Mrs. Jane. .
MacFarquhar, Miss Grace. 16.

Mainman, Mr. Alfred Reid.
Mainman, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Mainman, Mr. John. 21.
Mainman, Mr. Alfred. 19.
Mainman, Miss Mary. 16.
Mainman, Master Edwin. 7.
Mainman, Miss Elizabeth. 7.

Marichal, Mr. Joseph.
Marichal, Mrs. Jessie.
Marichal, Miss Yvonne. 5.
Marichal, Miss Phyllis.
Marichal, Master Maurice. 2.

Marsh, Mr. Thomas.
Marsh, Mrs. Annie.
Marsh, Master Thomas. 11 months.

Martin-Davey, Mr. William.
Martin-Davey, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Martin-Davey, Mr. Arthur. 18.

Matthewson, Mrs. Maud.
Matthewson, Master Joseph. 8 months.

McCorkindale, Mrs. Elizabeth.
McCorkindale, Master Duncan. 7.
McCorkindale, Miss Mary. 1.

McKechan, Mrs. Elizabeth.
McKechan, Master James. 5.
McKechan, Master Campbell. 10 months.
Gill, Mrs. Catherine.

Mitchell, Mr. Walter.
Mitchell, Mrs. Jeanette.
Mitchell, Master Walter. 10 months.

Murray, Mrs. Margaret.
Murray, Master Walter. 4.

Neilson, Mr. Henry.
Neilson, Mrs. Frances.
Neilson, Mr. Charles. 18.

Neville, Mr. Albert.
Neville, Mrs. Mabel.
Neville, Miss Evelyn. 14.
Neville, Master Charles. 11.
Neville, Miss Muriel. 4.

Owens, Mrs. Cecelia.
Owens, Master Ronald. 10.
Owens, Master Reginald. 8.

Palmer, Mr. Albert.
Palmer, Mrs. Annie.
Palmer, Master Edgar. 6.
Palmer, Miss Olive. 4.
Palmer, Master Albert. 6 months.

Partlett, Mrs. Amy.
Partlett, Miss Enid. 13

Peacock, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Peacock, Mr. Thomas. 17.

Pearl, Mr. Frederic Warren.
Pearl, Mrs. Amy.
Pearl, Master Stuart. 5.
Pearl, Miss Amy. 2.
Pearl, Miss Susan. 1
Pearl, Miss Audrey. 3 months.

Pells, Mr. Cyril.
Pells, Mrs. Mary.
Pells, Master John. 1.

Pirie, Mrs. Annie. .
Pirie, Miss Margaret. 10.
Pirie, Master Arthur. 4.

Pye, Mrs. Charlotte.
Pye, Miss Marjorie. 18 months.

Richards, Mr. Thomas.
Richards, Mrs. Phillipa.
Richards, Master Thomas. 7.
Richards, Master Cecil. 4.
Richards, Miss Dora. 18 months.

Riley, Mr. Edward.
Riley, Mrs. Annie.
Riley, Miss Ethel. 4.
Riley, Master Sutcliffe. 4.

Scott, Mrs. Alice.
Scott, Master Arthur. 8.

Semple, Mrs. Agnes.
Semple, Master John. 1.

Sharpe, Mr. Samuel.
Sharpe, Mrs. Mary Jane.
Sharpe, Mr. George. 15.

Smith, Mr. Albert.
Smith, Mrs. Gladys.
Smith, Miss Dorothy. Infant.

Smith, Mr. Alfred.
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth.
Smith, Miss Helen. 6.
Smith, Miss Bessie. 6 months.


Stephens, Mrs. Frances. 65.
Stephens, Master John. 18 months.

Stevenson, Mrs. Janet.
Stevenson, Miss Elizabeth. Infant.

Stewart, Mrs. Christina.
Stewart, Master John. 5 months.

Stokes, Mr. George.
Stokes, Mrs. Mabel.
Stokes, Master William. 2.

Stroud, Mr. Edward.
Stroud, Mrs. Constance.
Stroud, Miss Helen. 3.

Taylor, Mrs. Annie.
Taylor, Mr. Stanley. 14.

Tierney, Mrs. Mary.
Tierney, Miss Nina. 5

Tijou, Mr. Walter.
Tijou, Master Howard. 10.

Topping, Mrs.Margaret.
Topping, Miss Hilda. 10.

Tulloch, Mr. James.
Tulloch, Mrs. Agnes.
Tulloch, Miss Hannah. 11 months.

Webster, Mr. Frederick.
Webster, Mrs. Margaret.
Webster, Master William. 3.
Webster, Master Frederick. 11 months.
Webster, Master Henry. 11 months.

Wickings-Smith, Mr. Cyril.
Wickings-Smith, Mrs. Phyllis.
Wickings-Smith, Miss Nancy. 8 months.
Wickings-Smith, Mr. Basil. 29. Brother of Cyril Wickings-Smith.

Williams, Mrs. Annie.
Williams, Master John. 10.
Williams, Miss Edith. 9.
Williams, Master George. 6.
Williams, Miss Ethel.5.
Williams. Miss Florence. 4.
Williams, Master David. 3 months.

Wilson, Mrs. Emily.
Wilson, Master Frank. 4.
Wilson, Miss Dorothy. 2.

Witherbee, Mrs. Beatrice.
Witherbee, Master Alfred Scott. 3.
Brown, Mrs. Mary.  Mother of Beatrice Witherbee.