The Lusitania : Part 16 : Appendices

We extend our deepest thanks to Paul Latimer, Geoff Whitfield, Craig Stringer, and Zachary Schwarz, for help generously extended on every level of this article.

Thanks, as well, to Jason Schleisman, for taking the time to do a line-by-line analysis, and rewrite, of a 700 page, single spaced, first draft.

Thanks are extended to Eric K. Longo for creating the Lusitania Autochrome.

Harald Advokaat is profusely thanked for the colored images he created for this piece.

We are grateful for the help extended by Lusitania survivors, their families, the families of those who did not survive, and the many archivists, and researchers, who went out of their way for us:

Malcolm Barres-Baker; Steve Bedard; Gavin Bell; Peter Berlanny; Thomas Bilicke; Joe Carvalho; Ctherine Chancellor; Anthony Cunningham; Barbara Cotton; Dimi Baffa Trasci Amalfitani di Crucoli; Frank and Lois Deluski; Nancy Dorney;  Shelley Dziedzic; Peter Enberg-Klarstrom; Alvar and Taina Euro; Beatrice Fernet; Tad Fitch; Michael Findlay; Bob Florence; Alison Glenie; Leigh Harkness; Mary Harrison; Paul Harrison;  Karen Hatton; Cathy Higgs;  Joy Hill; Lynne Stearn Jacobs;  Allan Jennings; Kyle Johnstone; Lawrence Jolivet; Mary Jolivet; Carol Keeler; Jon Kiger; Nanette laChance;  the Lander family; Mandy Lenanton; Peter Lordan; Barbara Anderson McDermott; Ryan McKeefery; Harding Macdona; Kit Mead; Susan Mosier- Hinton; Clint Olivier; Martin Oppenheim; Barbara Paterson;  J. Kent Layton; Roger Pollett; Trevor Powell; Mark Praetorius; Deborah Rojack, and Ruta; Phyllis Ryerse; Dan Scott and Virtual Ocean Liner Museum; Charlotte Sellers; Cathal Smyth; Kevin Spaans; Hildo Thiel; Rick Timmis; James Wang; Richard and Jane Woods.