The Lusitania : Part 16 : Appendices

VOYAGES: This section lists the crossings made by Lusitania passengers in the year leading up to the disaster, the return voyages made by the survivors, and the ships upon which they traveled (Jim Kalafus, Paul Latimer, Mike Poirier and Zach Schwarz)

Lusitania Arrival
Image by Harald Advokaat


Lusitania Westbound Passengers


September 18, 1914

Moodie, Ralph. Cotton buyer. Resident of Hoylake, England, en route to Belmont Hotel, NYC.


October 9, 1914

McLean, Walter. Buyer. En route to home, 66 Crawford Avenue, Toronto.

Posen, Eugene. Merchant.  En route to Mr. Strauss, 33 West 91st Street, NYC.

Samoilescue, David. Actor. En route to 430 East 149th Street, NYC. Traveled under pseudonym.

Schwabacher, Lee M.  Born Peoria, Ill. 1873. En route from Paris to 2209 Brookfield Avenue, Baltimore Maryland.

Schwarte, Friedrich W.  Merchant.  En route to 33 San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba.
Slidell, Thomas. Born 1875, Warrington, Va. En route to 319 Fifth Avenue, NYC.
Sonneborn, Henry B.   En route from Paris to 2209 Brookfield Avenue, Baltimore Maryland.


October 31, 1914

Burnside, Iris. En route to home, 185 Lowther Avenue, Toronto.
Burnside, Josephine. En route to home, 185 Lowther Avenue, Toronto. Josephine Burnside was Iris Burnside’s mother.
Waites, Mattie. Maid. En route to 185 Lowther Avenue, Toronto


November 28, 1914

Adams, Arthur Henry.  En route to 111 Broadway, NYC.
Armitage, Florence Gertrude. En route to Knickerbocker Hotel, and friend, Mrs. Bancroft, 149 West 44th Street, NYC.
Chantry, Harold. Bank clerk. Resident of Poole, England, en route to Nelson, British Columbia.
Chantry, Mina. Harold Chantry’s wife.
Myers, Herman Abraham. En route to 605 W 113th Street, NYC.


December 24, 1914

Grab, Oscar. En route to 227 Central Park West, NYC.

Withington, Lothrop. En route to 36 Journal Buildings, Boston.


January 16 – January 23, 1915

de Ayala, Julian. Diplomat. En route to brother, R. Ayala, Minister of Public Constructions, Havana, Cuba.
Cairns, Robert Wishert. Director. En route to Blackstone Hotel, NYC.
Ellis, Herbert. Art dealer. En route to 305 East 55th Street, NYC.
Gorer, Edgar. Art dealer. En route to Ritz-Carlton Hotel, NYC.
Letts, Gerald. Merchant. En route to Office, 7_ (?) East 55th Street, NYC.
Partridge, Frank.  Art dealer. En route to 126 West 46th Street.
Tijou, Howard.  En route to home, 13 Ottawa Street, Toronto. Son of Walter Tijou.
Tijou, Walter. Publisher. En route to home, 13 Ottawa Street, Toronto.
Van Straaten, Martin. Art dealer. En route to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC.


February 13 – February 20, 1915.

Brandell, Josephine. Actress. En route to Centerville Station, Sullivan County, New York.
Brodrick-Cloete, William. En route to Coahuela, Mexico.
Brodrick, Carlton. January 22, 1887. En route to 162 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Campbell, Alexander. En route to Biltmore Hotel, NYC.
Friedenstein, Joseph. Director. En route to Great Northern Hotel, NYC.
Fulton, John Napier. En route to his home, 3rd Avenue, Quebec. “Temporarily lame. His accident in a racquet court. Broken ribs.”
Hutchinson, Phyllis. En route to Llewellyn Park, Orange, New Jersey.
MacKenzie, Robert Anderson. Merchant. En route to Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, La.
Maturin, Father Basil. Catholic priest. En route to a friend, Dr. McMann, 472 West 152nd Street, NYC.
Medbury, Maurice Benjamin. August 12, 1865. En route to Mississippi Valley Trust Co. St. Louis, Mo.
Mitchell, Arthur Jackson. POB 277, Toronto.

AJ Mitchell
A.J. Mitchell

Orr-Lewis, Frederick. Banker. En route to 20 Bleur Street, Montreal.
Perry, Frederick John. En route to Iroquois Hotel, Buffalo, NY.
Sharp, George. Gardener. En route to Crooksville Ohio.
Sharp, Mary Jane

Sharp, Samuel. Joiner. Samuel and Mary Jane Sharp had a 25 year old son, Harry, who traveled with them on this crossing but who did not return on the May 1st sailing. 

Shymer, Anne. May 30, 1879. En route to 41 West 47th Street, New York.
George Slingsby. Valet to Frederick Orr-Lewis.


March 20 – March 27, 1915

Adams, William McMillan. En route to 111 Broadway, NYC.
Baker, James. Carpet manufacturer. En route to Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, Toronto.
Battersby James J.  Hat manufacturer. En route to Prince George hotel, NYC. “Damaged 2nd & 3rd fingers, right hand.”
Bruno, Henry Agustine. Insurance. En route to home, 123 Elm Street, Montclair, NJ.
Byington, Albert Jackson. January 22, 1875. En route to 165 Broadway, NYC.

Albert Byington
AJ Byington

Groves, George. En route to Sycamore, DeKalb County.
Lehmann, Isaac. July 13, 1879. En route to 24 Stone Street, NYC.

Isaac Lehmann
Isaac Lehmann

Maurice, George. Director
Mosley, George. Commercial traveler. Destination illegible, other than “c/o 74 Estabrook…”
Naumann, Frank Gustavus. Merchant. En route to 87 Front Street, NYC. “Broken fingers, both hands.”
Pappadopoulo, Angela.
Pappadopoulo, Michael. Director. En route to Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, Toronto. Husband of Angela Pappadopoulo.
Pearson, Frederick Stark. July 3, 1861. En route to Hotel Belmont, NYC.
Pearson, Mabel. January 16, 1864. Wife of F.S. Pearson.
Phillips, Wallace B. March 30, 1882. En route to 29 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, NY.
Tootal, Frederick. Stock broker. En route to Hotel Astor, NYC.
Tyers, Frederick. Traveler. En route to grandmother, Mrs. Hilton, Allentown, Pa.
Walker, David. Secretary. En route to Hotel Belmont, NYC. David Walker was F.S. Pearson’s secretary.


April 17 – April 24, 1915

Lusitania Luggage Tag

Bird, Rose.  Mrs. Bird traveled under the name of Mrs. Lyndon Bird. She is on the manifest as “Lyndon Bird: housewife.”
Dingwall, Charles Arthur. Brewer. En route to the Auditorium Hotel, Chicago.
Hill, Charles Tilden. November 18, 1878. En route to 200 Fifth Avenue, NYC.
Hodges, William Sterling. March 1, 1882. En route to 2926 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia.
Hubbard, Frederick. En route to 396 Washington Street, NYC.
Kelly, Annie. Help. En route to 16 Greenville Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Manifest, page 65 line 27, stamped deported. “Medical certificate- Valvular disease of the heart.” “4/30 Lusitania” is handwritten on her deportation record.

McEvoy, Henry. Marine Engineer.
Pierpoint, William John. Detective Inspector. On manifest as “Traveler.” “Destination to be given in New York.”

Poole, Gertrude. En route to husband, Thomas Poole.
Posen, Eugene. Merchant. En route to Ritz Carlton Hotel, NYC. “Swiss- born Frankfurt on Main, Germany.”
Rooney, Mary. Domestic. Returning home to brother, Rooney, at 1188 Second Avenue, NYC.
Winter, William. Caterer. Holland House Hotel, NYC.
Witherbee, Beatrice. En route to 222 West 72nd Street, NYC.
Wood, Arthur John. Designer. NYC address: On board Lusitania.

Lusitania Menu

Lusitania Menu from the 22nd April 1915
Courtesy of Michael Poirier

Eastbound Wartime Crossing


October 20, 1914

Lehmann, Isaac.


November 10, 1914

Schwarcz, Max.

December 5, 1914

Battersby, James

Pearson, Frederick Stark

Posen, Eugene

Samoilescue, David

Vassar, William

Walker, David


January 30, 1915

Kellett, Francis

Kennedy, Caroline Hickson

Loney, Allan

Schwarcz, Max



Transatlantic and U.S. Coastal


Abramowitz, Shalom, “Samuel.” Rochambeau, March 16, 1915. Fur merchant. En route to Braun, 14 East 14th street, NYC.

Antila, Aino. Laconia, August 17, 1914.

Antila, Carl, 4.  Laconia, August 17, 1914.
Antila, Jan “John,” 3. Laconia, August 17, 1914. The Antila family was deported, to Finland, on May 1, 1915. Their paperwork from this voyage was stamped “Hospitalized-Discharged.” Each of their lines on the Manifest, page 126, lines 13, 14, and 15, are stamped Deported. Mrs. Antila may have been tubercular. Her sons were United States citizens, having been born in Rockledge, Michigan.

Baker, Amelia. Baltic, November 14, 1914. December 23, 1888. En route to Duluth, Minnesota.
Baker, Eva. Philadelphia, September 27, 1914. Servant. En route to Mrs. Whitridge, 16 East Eleventh street, NYC.
Barry, Edward. St. Paul, April 19. Film dealer. En route to cousin, Ralph Davis, West 34th Street, NYC.

Bartlett, George Walter Bowers. Orduna, December 9, 1914. Occupation: nil. En route to Netherland Hotel, NYC.
Bartlett, Irma Florine Bowers. Orduna, December 9, 1914. Irma Bowers Bartlett was George Bowers Bartlett’s wife.

Beattie, James.  Cedric, October 2, 1914. En route to 25 East 22nd Street, NYC.
Beattie, Margaret. Cedric, October 2, 1914. Margaret Beattie was James Beattie’s wife.


Booth-Jones, Ailsa, 8. Mauretania, October 16, 1914.

Booth-Jones, Edward. Mauretania, October 16, 1914. Antiques dealer. En route to friend, H.R. Kervey, 1611 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Booth-Jones, Millichamp, Mauretania, October 16, 1914. Millichamp Booth Jones was Edward Booth-Jones’ wife. Listed as “Millie” on the manifest.

Booth-Jones, Percival, 4. Mauretania, October 16, 1914.

Boutellier, Elise. Celtic, September 11, 1914. Maid. Employee of the Loney family. En route to Gotham Hotel, NYC.
Brilly, Luigi. St. Louis, April 11. Theatrical agent. En route to friend, Mr. Logan Ballert, Forestdale, Philadelphia.


Burgess, Henry George. Liverpool, Baltic, October 2, 1914.
Burgess, Henry George. Orduna, March 16. Merchant. En route to Netherland Hotel, NYC. “2 weeks.”


Buswell, Peter. Tuscania, March 22. Shipping agent. “Touring Manitoba, Canada.”
Byrne, Michael G. Celtic, October 9, 1914. En route to 444 West 50th Street, NYC.
Campbell, Kennedy. Boston, Arabic, October 29, 1914. Laborer. En route to sister, Sarah Campbell, 41 Middlesex, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Chabot, David. Quebec, Calgarian, August 7, 1914.


Chirgwin, Maud. Havana, April 28. En route from her home in Agua la Grande, Cuba, to the Hotel America in New York City, and then on to England.
Chirgwin, Richard. 8mths. Havana, April 28.


Collis, Edward. Glasgow, Saturnia, August 2, 1914.
Crichton, Mabel. Minnewaska, January 24. En route to Mrs. F.W. Hart, Hartford. Ct.

Crompton, Paul. Denis, July 1, 1914. En route to home, St. Martins Lane, Chestnut Hill, Pa., from “Para,” likely  Paramaribo.
dePage, Marie. Adriatic, February 4. Housewife. En route to the Hotel Astor, NYC. Marie de Page, although she listed herself as “housewife” was actually on a fund raising drive for Belgian relief and for the Queen’s Hospital at la Panne, of which her husband was the director. She was scheduled to return to Europe aboard the Lapland’s April 30th voyage.
Denyer, Ronald. Olympic, August 30, 1914.Valet. En route to Vanderbilt Hotel, NYC. Valet of Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt.

Dhenin, Evelyne.  Mauretania, September 4, 1914. En route to husband, Thomas Dhenin, 317 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Dhenin was the only member of his family to survive the disaster.
Dhenin, Isabelle, 2.  Mauretania, September 4, 1914.
Dhenin, Thomas, 10. Mauretania, September 4, 1914.


Diamandis, Theodore. Baltic, February 27. Tobacco Merchant. En route to Kondas Bros., 305 Pearl Street, NYC.


Dredge, Allan. New Orleans. Marowijne, April 26. En route from Belize, Honduras, to England. Mr. Dredge carried $500 with him.
Dredge, Evelyn. New Orleans. Marowijne, April 26. Evelyn Dredge was Allan Dredge’s wife.

Egana, Vicente. Monterey, April 26. Merchant. En route from his residence in Puebla, Mexico, to Hotel America NYC, and then London. Born in Bilbao, Spain.
Fenwick, John. America, March 25. Merchant. En route from Genoa to Hotel Marie Antoinette, NYC.

Fowles, Charles Frederick. Baltic, November 14, 1914. Merchant. En route to Plaza Hotel, NYC.
Fowles, Frances May. Baltic, November 14, 1914. Frances Fowles was Charles Fowles’ wife.


Frohman, Charles. Aquitania, July 19, 1914. Theatrical producer. July 8, 1866. En route to the Empire Theater, Broadway, NYC. Resided in the Knickerbocker Hotel, NYC.
Fyfe, Jeanie. Boston. Sardinian, October 6, 1914. En route from 70 High Street, Johnstone, Scotland, to son, J.R. Fyfe, Bath, New Hampshire. The word “senility” is written under “Condition of mental health.”
Gadsden, Arthur. Quebec, Calgarian, September 4, 1914. En route to Chicago.

Gauthier, Carlos.  Broker. Argentine citizen, born 1882, crossed border at Port Huron, Michigan, March 24th.
Gilpin, George Arthur. Calamares, April 26. Merchant. En route from his home in San Salvador, El Salvador, to mother, Eliza Mary Gilpin, 32 Marshall St. Leeds, England.

Grab, Oscar. Chicago,  August 24, 1914.

Grab, Oscar. Liverpool, Baltic, November 27, 1914.

Grab, Oscar. Bermudian, April 21, 1915. En route to 327 Central Park West, NYC.


Hammond, Kathleen. Quebec, Calgarian, July 9, 1914. En route to Montreal. Stockbroker Frederick Hammond, and his wife, Kathleen, seem to have commuted between their homes in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, London, and Montreal. In the months leading up to Sarajevo, there were crossings on the Olympic, Imperator, and Baltic. Kathleen made this summer crossing unescorted.

Hammond, Mary Picton Stevens. Imperator, June 4, 1914. En route to Bernardsville, NJ.
Harper, John Henry. Megantic, March 28, 1915. Manufacturer. En route to 61 Leonard Street, NYC.


Hodges, William Sterling. Liverpool, Mauretania, September 24, 1914.

Hodges, William Sterling. Orduna, December 9, 1914. En route to 2926 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hogg, Ellen.  Cymric, February 21, 1915. En route to Brooklyn, NY.

Holbourn, Ian. Arabic, January 4, 1915. Lecturer. En route to 11 Charles St., NYC.
Horsburgh, Martha. Cameronia, October 19, 1914. Clerkess. En route to father, George Horsburgh, Bernardsville, New Jersey.
Hounsell, Edgar. St. Paul, April 19. Film dealer.
Huston, Nellie. Boston, Carmania, June 24, 1914. En route to uncle, E.F. Huston, 7225 Owens Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Jacobs, Liba. Philadelphia. Dominion, November 3, 1914. Midwife. Born in Dwinsk, Russia. En route from 134 Brick Lane, Whitechapel, London, to her son, Joe Klass, 1263 South Central Park Avenue, Chicago.
Jeffery, Charles T. Minnehaha, April 16.
Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Arabic, March 13. Manager. En route to 244 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Jones, Patrick Llewellyn. St. Paul, April 19. Journalist. C/o New York American.
Judson, Frederick Sheldon. Kroonland, April 16. En route from Montevideo, Uruguay. C/o University Club, St. Paul, Minn.

Frederick Judson

Frederick Judson

Keeble, Fannie. New York, February 1. En route to 111 Farnham Avenue, Toronto.
Keeble, Wilfred. New York, February 1. Advertising agent. Husband of Fannie Keeble.



Kellett, Francis. Mauretania, July 3, 1914. En route to Crestwood, NY.

Kellett, Francis. Cameronia, December 29, 1914.
Kellett, Francis. New York, March 1. En route to 303 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Kempson, Maitland. Transylvania, April 6. Carpet manufacturer.
Kennedy, Caroline Hickson. Adriatic, March 16. En route to 124 West 85th Street, NYC. Claimed April 11, 1876 as her birth date, although she was factually 53.
Kessler, George.  Adriatic, March 16. En route to 906 Park Avenue, NYC.

Kinch, Eunice.  Mauretania, September 4, 1914.  En route to Home, 5902 Luther Avenue, Cleveland Oh. Eunice Kinch was William Mustoe‘s mother.
King, Thomas Boyce. Franconia, November 25, 1914. En route to 72 Broadway, Rye, and New York.
Klein, Charles. Cedric. October 2, 1914. Dramatic author. En route to the Marie Antoinette Hotel, 670 Broadway.
Lane, Hugh Percy.  Tuscania. April 20. Director. En route to St. Regis Hotel, NYC.
Leigh, Evan Arthur. Tuscania, March 22. Merchant.


Letts, Gerard. Mauretania, October 16, 1914.

Letts, Gerard. Liverpool, Lapland, December 24, 1914.

Leverich, Rosina Philip.  St. Paul, September 21, 1914.  March 25, 1887. En route to 61 Lavington Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Leverich Rosina Thomas. St. Paul, September 21, 1914. October 11, 1852. Mother of Rosina Philip Leverich.


Levinson, Joseph. Vaterland, July 30, 1914.
Lewin, Frederic Guy. Tuscania, April 20. Engineer. En route to Statler Hotel, Detroit Michigan.


Lewis, Edith Marshall, 5. Cedric. August 11, 1914. En route to home, West 17th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Lewis, Isaac. Cedric. August 11, 1914. Cotton buyer.
Lewis, Jane Marshall. Cedric, August 11, 1914.

Lines, Alice.  Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914. Maid. Employed by the Pearl family, en route to Stuart Duncan, 241 West Street, NYC.
Lobb, Mary Beatrice Popham. Bermudian, April 28. En route from Hamilton, Bermuda, to England. C/o Smith’s Bank, Hull, England.

Loney, Allan. Adriatic, April 16, 1915. October 20, 1874. En route to Gotham Hotel, NYC.

Loney, Catharine. Celtic, September 11, 1914. April 30, 1887. (Actual date, 1877). En route to Gotham Hotel, NYC. Wife of Allan Loney.
Loney, Virginia. Celtic. September 11, 1914.  May 19, 1899.

Lorentzen, Greta.  Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914. Nurse. Employed by the Pearl family, en route to Stuart Duncan, 241 West Street, NYC.
Loynd, Alice. Boston. Devonian, July 27, 1914. En route to Thomson, Illinois.
Loynd, David. Boston. Devonian, July 27, 1914. Missionary.  Alice Loynd’s husband.

Mackworth, Margaret Haig. Orduna, April 16. En route to “Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, as suffragette.”


Macdona, Amelia. Minnewaska, June 28, 1914.

Macdona, Amelia. Minnewaska, London, July 13, 1914.
Macdona, Amelia. Minnetonka, November 14, 1914. En route to 250 West 104th Street, NY.

Mason, Stewart Southam. St. Louis, April 11. En route to Mr. Wm. Mason, 225 Bay State Road, Boston. Stewart Mason came to the United States to get married. His bride, Lesley Lindsay Mason, of Boston, died in the disaster as well.

McGregor, Arthur.  Mauretania, September 25, 1914. Broker. En route to 226 Central Park West. Arthur McGregor lists his closest relative in the U.S. as his sister, Mrs. Parlett, (sic) of 2 Almorah Crescent, Jersey City, NJ. Amy Partlett, and her 13 year old daughter, Enid, would also die aboard the Lusitania.
McGregor, Betsy. Mauretania, September 25, 1914. En route to 226 Central Park West.
Arthur McGregor’s mother.


Mills, Charles Veitch. Mauretania. July 3, 1914. En route to 19 Laurel Place, New Rochelle, NY.


Muir, Matthew. Olympic, October 17, 1914. En route to friend, Mr. Martin, Hancock Street, Philadelphia.

Mustoe, William. Mauretania, September 4, 1914. En route to home, 5902 Luther Avenue, Cleveland Ohio. William Mustoe was Eunice Kinch‘s son.

Myers, Herman Abraham. Aquitania, July 17, 1914. En route to 614 Broadway, NYC.
Myers, Joseph Lewis.  St. Paul, March 22. En route to home, 176 Madison Avenue, NYC.
Negus, Edward. Campania, September 13, 1914. Chauffeur. En route to friend, Mr. Bloomfield, 168 East 81st Street, NYC.

Nichol, Mary F.  Boston. Sardinian, October 6, 1914.
Olivar, Diego. Monterey, April 25. Clerk. En route from residence, 1191 56th Street, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico to Liverpool.

Orr-Lewis Frederick. Mauretania, September 4, 1914.
Osbourne, Ella. Cameronia, March 2. En route to 161 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn.
Padilla, Federico. Havana, April 28. Consular service. En route to Hotel Imperial, NYC.

Paynter, Charles Edwin. Adriatic, March 15. Broker. En route to Hotel Seville, NYC.
Paynter, Irene Emily. NYC. Adriatic, March 15. Daughter of Charles Paynter.

Pearl, Amy.  Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914. En route to relative, Stuart Duncan, 241 West Street, NYC.
Pearl, Amy, 2. Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914.
Pearl, Major Frederic Warren. Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914.
Pearl, Stuart Duncan, 5. Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914.
Pearl, Susan, 1. Frederik VIII, December 3, 1914.

Perkins, Edwin. NYC. Havana. April 29. Agent. En route to England from his residence at San Ignacio 12, Havana, Cuba.

Plamondon, Charles. Mauretania, October 16, 1914. September 14, 1856. En route to 12 North Clinton Street, Chicago.
Plamondon, Mary.  Mauretania, October 16, 1914. October 15, 1857. Mary Plamondon was Charles Plamondon’s wife.

Plamondon Mary Plamondon
Charles and Mary Plamondon

Pollard, Henry. Transylvania, December 16, 1914. Engineer. En route to friend, Mr. Middleton, Victor building, Washington D.C.

Pye, Charlotte. Adriatic, October 22, 1914. En route to husband, William Pye, First Street, Edmonton.
Pye, Marjorie, Infant. Adriatic, October 22, 1914. Marjorie Pye was Charlotte Pye’s daughter.

Rankin, Robert. NYC. Vasari, December 26, 1914. En route from la Plata, Argentina, to 116 Schuyler Place, Ithaca, NY.

Ratcliff, Norman Albert. Transylvania, January 19. Commercial traveler. En route to Manhattan Hotel, NYC.

Rhys-Evans, Arnold Leslie. Tuscania, March 22. Private Secretary. En route to Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC.  Secretary of D.A. Thomas.
Robson, Kenneth Hamilton. Philadelphia, November 22, 1914. Clerk. En route to hotel, Chicago. “Gold tooth in upper jaw.”
Royal Gwent Singers. Cymric, February 21.
   George Davies
   William Spencer Hill
   Parry Jones.
   Dewi Michael
   John Preston-Smith
   Thomas Williams


Rumble, Thomas. Liverpool, Celtic, July 31, 1914.

Rumble, Thomas. Tuscania, March 22. Commercial mgr. C/o J Macdonald Co. Toronto.

Salt, Henry Jordan. Tuscania, March 22. December 22, 1878. En route to 190 South Street, Boston.
Samoilescue, David. Transylvania, April 6. Actor. En route to 430 East 149th Street, NYC.
Schwarcz, Max. Chicago, March 2. En route to 137 Madison Ave.

Scott, Alice A.  Franconia, November 25, 1914. En route to husband, Arthur Scott, 22 Adams Street, North Adams, Massachusetts.
Scott, Arthur, 8. Franconia, November 25, 1914. Arthur Scott was Alice Scott’s son.

Seccombe, Elizabeth. Boston. Laconia, July 15, 1914. En route to Peterboro, New Hampshire.
Seccombe, Percy. Boston. Laconia, July 15, 1914. Percy Seccombe was Elizabeth Seccombe’s teenage brother.


Slidell, Thomas. Franconia, January 5, 1915. October 6, 1874. En route to 319 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Slingsby, George. Liverpool, Adriatic, December 3, 1914.

Stainton, William. Aquitania, July 19, 1914. Valet. C/o Mr. Charles Frohman, Knickerbocker Hotel, NYC.
Strauss, Julius. Nieuw Amsterdam, March 22. En route to Chicago.

Stroud, Constance.  Philadelphia, San Urbano, March 21. En route to Y.W.C.A., in transit to England. Edward Stroud, Constance’s husband, from whom she was divorced but with whom she was traveling, did not accompany her aboard the San Urbano.
Stroud, Helen, 3. Philadelphia, San Urbano, March 21.


Stuart, Alexander. Tuscania, April 20. Building contractor. En route from Hotel Alexander, Permiston, Transvaal, to Waterbury, Ct. “Returning to England in a fortnight.”
Thomas, David Alfred. Tuscania, March 22. Coal Owner. En route to Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC.
Vassar, William Arthur Fisher. Transylvania, January 19. Tailor’s traveler. En route to friend, Mr. Derby Dark, 505 Fifth Avenue, NYC. “Scar on left side of forehead.”
Vanderbilt, Alfred Gwynne. Olympic. August 30, 1914. October 20, 1877. En route to Vanderbilt Hotel, NYC.


Vernon (Butler), George Ley Pearce. Mauretania, 12 Jun 1914.
Vernon (Butler), George Ley Pearce. Philadelphia, April 8. Financier.  En route to McAlpine Hotel, NYC.





Webb, Minnie. Transylvania, April 6, 1915. Maid. “Maid of Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt” en route to 66 Fifth Avenue, NYC.
Whitcombe, Hugh Donald. Havana, April 29. Chauffeur, in transit from consulado in Havana, to England.
Willey, Catherine. Boston, Laconia, September 9, 1914. En route to Lake Forest, Illinois.
Williamson, Charles F. Baltic. November 14, 1914. April 14, 1870. En route to Ritz Carlton Hotel. Traveling with Amelia Baker.
Wise, Sister Isabel.  Zacapa. April 23. Deaconess, Anglican Church. In transit from Kingston, Jamaica, to Northern Ireland.

Wright, Robert Currie. Olympic, September 23, 1914. En route to home, 985 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Oh.
Wright, Walter. Franconia, February 1. Managing director. En route from Stoke Park, Coventry, to Hotel New York, NYC.

Yeatman, Charles. Megantic, January 9. Manager. En route to sister- in- law, Mrs. E. Hanna, Toronto.
Yeatman, Cora. Megantic, January 9. Cora Yeatman was Charles Yeatman’s wife.


Yung, Phillippe Joseph. Liverpool, Franconia, December 7, 1914.
Yung, Phillippe Joseph. Franconia, February 1. Wool merchant. En route to friend, Carey Coale, 10 Bridge Street, NYC.


Arter, James Sydney.  Seattle, Aki Maru, April 23.
Clay, Elizabeth Alice. Vancouver/San Francisco, Princess Adelaide, April 24
Cross, Ambrose. San Francisco, Siberia. April 12.
Dixon, Arthur. Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10.
Dixon, Bertha. Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10. Wife of Arthur Dixon.
Dixon, Stanley. Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10. Son of Arthur and Bertha Dixon, 6.
Hurley, Margaret. Vancouver, B.C., Niagara, April 10. Masseuse. En route to Ireland. Margaret hurley was employed as Mabel Learoyd’s maid.
Jones, Margaret Drutler. San Francisco, Lurline, April 21. Resident of Honolulu for 25 years. Traveled with Mary Wakefield.
Lassetter, Elizabeth. San Francisco, Marama, April 21.
Lassetter, Harry.  San Francisco, Marama, April 21.
Learoyd, Charles. Vancouver, B.C., Niagara, April 10. Wool buyer. Boarded in Sydney, Australia.
Learoyd, Mabel. Vancouver, B.C., Niagara, April 10. Wife of Charles Learoyd. Boarded in Sydney, Australia.
Macky, Joseph. Vancouver, B.C., Niagara, April 10. Merchant. En route to England from New Zealand, via Sydney, Australia.
Macky, Mary. Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10. Joseph Macky’s wife.
Maclay, Bessie.  San Francisco, Manchuria, February 15.
Ratcliff, Norman. San Francisco, Chiyo Maru, April 19.
Scott, Alick. San Francisco, Chiyo Maru, April 19.
Sutherst, Thomas. Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10. En route to England.
Turton, George H.  Vancouver, B.C. Niagara, April 10. Underwriter. En route to London from Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

Wakefield, Mary Gertrude. Honolulu, Niagara, August 13, 1914. Arrived under her maiden name of Mary Gertrude Smith.
Wakefield, Mary Gertrude. San Francisco, Lurline, April 21. En route to England from Honolulu, Hawaii. Pregnant. Accompanied by Margaret Drutler Jones.
Watson, Katherine. San Francisco. Shinyo Maru. March 22.
Wickham, Nina. Vancouver, B.C., Niagara, April 10.

Wordsworth, Ruth. Seattle, Aki Maru, April 23.


1914 Pre-war Lusitania crossings


Brandell, Josephine. February 6, 1914.

Brodrick, Carlton. January 9, 1914.

Brodrick-Cloete, William. February 6, 1914.

Lane, Hugh Percy. January 9, 1914.

Leigh, Evan Arthur. March 27, 1914.

Letts, Gerald. May 15, 1914.
Moody, Martha. June 19, 1914.
Moody, Martha. June 19, 1914. Daughter of Martha Moody.

Pearson, Mabel. June 19, 1914.
Posen, Eugene. January 9, 1914.

Stockton, Alfred. April 17, 1914.

Turner, Scott.  March 16, 1914.
Varcoe, Lavinia. April 17, 1914.

Withington, Lothrop. January 9, 1914.



Return Voyages: How, and when, the Lusitania survivors returned to North America and other non-European points of origin. New York City arrivals, which represent the majority, are not noted as such. The U.S. Citizens who passed thru Immigration in NYC were required to state date of birth, location of birth, and current destination. Aliens who passed thru were asked a more comprehensive series of questions, although not date of birth. Subsequently, the extent of the information given below is not uniform from passenger to passenger.



Abramowitz, Shalom “Samuel.” Rochambeau, October 5, 1915. Furrier. En route from home at 4 Rue St. Anne, Paris to the Latham Hotel, 28th Street, NYC.  Samuel Abramowitz was aboard the Rochambeau with his wife, Amalie, and 16 year old son, Josef, neither of whom were aboard the Lusitania.

Adams, Allan Heron. Orduna, July 18, 1915. Electrician, en route to home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. “Was  passenger on Lusitania” written on his Ellis Island entry. This is the only case we’ve found in which such a reference was made.

Adams, Gertrude. Scandinavian, September 16, 1919. Gertrude Adams lost her three year old daughter, Joan, in the sinking.

Adams, William McMillan. Rotterdam, November 1, 1915. Born Sept. 5, 1895, Paris, France. En route to Hotel Marie Antoinette, NYC.  Lost father, Allan H. Adams, in the disaster.

Aitken, Chrissy. Saturnia, February 20, 1920. Chrissy Aitken lost her father, James Aitken, brother, Jarvie Aitken, and three year old nephew, Jarvie Aitken, junior, in the disaster.

Allan, Lady Marguerite. Empress of France, Montreal, October 5, 1919. Lost daughters Gwen, 16, and Anna, 15, in the disaster.

Alles, Nicholas. New York, June 21, 1915. Record illegible, other than “District Court, 1885, New York” under Naturalization heading.

Amory, Phoebe. Orduna, August 16, 1915. “Going home to 602 Parkhurst Street, Toronto.”

Anderson, Barbara (child). Mauretania, December 25, 1919. En route to 215 1/2 York St. New Haven, Ct.

Arter, James. Ballarat, Sydney, Australia, March 17, 1922.

de Ayala, Julian. Carmania. June 25, 1921. Liverpool.  Diplomat- Consul General. 331 Tower Street, Liverpool.  This was Mr. de Ayala’s first return trip to the U.K., since May 1915. Record of his outbound voyage cannot be found; it is possible that he traveled directly to Cuba and therefore bypassed U.S. Immigration.

Barker, Martha.  New York, July 19, 1915. En route to 621 Atlantic Avenue, Trenton, NJ. Lost daughter, Winifred, 9, in disaster.  Accompanied on the New York by husband, Thomas, and daughter, Doris, 12, neither of whom had been aboard the Lusitania. They had arrived in Liverpool, aboard the St. Louis, on May 23, 1915.

Barnes, Allan Byron. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. Manufacturer.

Beattie, Alan. Olympic, September 11, 1916. Departed Canada 1915. En route to Winnipeg.  Alan Beattie lost his mother, Geneva Beattie, in the disaster. Beattie was ticketed for the June 18th crossing of the St. Louis, but did not sail; his name and identifying personal information appear, crossed off, on the manifest.

Bernard, Clinton. Quillota, May 12, 1921. October 4, 1888. En route to Jamaica, Queens, NY, with his wife, Pauline.


Bilbrough, George William. New York, July 19, 1915. Estate Agent. En route to wife, Smiths Falls, Ontario.


Bilicke, Gladys. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.  September 6, 1875. En route to South Pasadena, Ca.  Mrs. Bilicke lost her husband, Albert, in the disaster.

Bilicke, Gladys.  Majestic, November 14, 1922.

Bilicke, Gladys.  Homeric, July 25, 1923.


Birchell, Henry. Montreal, Canada, November 17, 1919.

Bohan, James. Lapland, March 17, 1916.

Booth, Nigel Frederick (infant). St. Paul, August 21, 1916. Returned to Ottawa with his father, Chateau Laurier Hotel auditor Charles Henry Booth, and  Louisa Mary Booth, months, neither of whom had been aboard the Lusitania. Mr. Booth had arrived in Liverpool, aboard the St. Louis, on July 30, 1916 and married his late wife’s younger sister while in England.  Nigel Booth lost his mother, Emily E. Booth, in the disaster.


Boulton, Denis. Philadelphia, May 14, 1916. En route to 1359 Third Avenue, Louisville, Ky.

Boulton, Denis. Baltic, August 24, 1919.


Bowers-Bartlett, George Walter. Walmer Castle, December 21, 1918. En route to Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, Ill. Stay: 1 year/indefinite.

Bowers-Bartlett, Irma Florine. Walmer Castle. George Bowers- Bartlett’s wife.


Bowring, Charles Warren. St. Louis, June 7, 1915.

Boyle, James. St. Paul, October 25, 1915. Miner. En route to brother, Louis Boyle, Bellevue, Alberta.

Brandell, Josephine.  Aquitania. April 30, 1921 Husband. Mr. Lawson-Johnston. 52 Seymour Street, London W1. Previous stay in US 1909/15. En route to mother- Centerville Station, Sullivan Co. NY.  Born in Bucharest, Romania. “Without p.p. O.k. by U.S. Consul MacBride (cable)” handwritten notation on manifest. The US National Archives has on file several passports Miss Brandell applied for, but never claimed, in the years immediately after the disaster.


Brammer, Edith (child). New York, July 19, 1915.

Brammer, Elizabeth. New York, July 19, 1915.  En route to 5 Charlotte Ave., Trenton, NJ. Became US Citizen, by nature of her husband’s citizenship, at the Court of Common Pleas, Trenton, September 26, 1914. She and Edith were accompanied aboard the New York by Richard Brammer, husband and father, who had arrived in Liverpool, aboard the St. Louis, on May 23, 1915.


Brodrick, Carlton Thayer. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.


Brooks, James. Rotterdam, September 20, 1915. Born Lewiston, Me., January 4, 1875. En route to 202 Colorado Avenue, Bridgeport, Ct.

Brown, Daniel Taylor. St. Louis, May 21, 1916. En route to Hart Hotel, Los Angeles.


Brownlie, Margaret. Cameronia, October 29, 1922.  Domestic Nurse. Widow. $220 cash. Resided in the US 1913-1915. En route to sister in law, Celia McKerman, 521 Pearsall Avenue, Freeport, NY. Margaret Brownlie lost her husband, Thomas, in the disaster.


Bryce, Annabella. Canada. Quebec, June 22, 1919. Previous stay in US, 1912-1915.

Bryce, Hugh. Canada Tool maker and machinist.  Previous stay in US 1911-1915. En route to brother in law, Mr. Thos. Mitchell, 435 North Howard Avenue, Auburn, NY.  Hugh and Annabella Bryce returned with their children, William, 3, and Isabella, 2. Annabella had been pregnant with William, born September 3, 1915, while aboard the Lusitania.


Burdon, Ellen. Metagama, Quebec, August 1, 1915 En route to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Born in England, three years residence in Canada.

Burdon, Robert (infant). Metagama.


Burnside, Josephine. Mauretania, Halifax N.S., May 9, 1919. Lost her daughter, Iris, and maid, Mattie Waites, in disaster.

Buswell, Peter. Tyrrhenia, March 27, 1923. Shipping agent, of #75 Leigh Hall Road, Leigh-on-Sea. Last in U.S. 1915.  En route to office, 17 Battery Place, NYC.  3 day intended visit.


Byrne, Michael Gabriel.  St. Louis. August 5, 1916. Southern District Court of New York, March 29, 1897. En route to 444 West 50th Street, NYC.

Byrne, Michael Gabriel.  Liverpool, Baltic, August 10, 1920.

Byrne, Michael Gabriel.  Carmania, October 6, 1921.




Byington, Albert. Verdi, May 6, 1916. Returned to Brazil June/July 1915. First North American voyage.


Cairns, Robert. St. Louis, October 8, 1916. Banking director. En route to Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC/ offices of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

Cairns, Robert.  Liverpool, Baltic, July 20, 1917.

Cairns, Robert.  St. Paul, August 23, 1920.

Cairns, Robert. Plymouth, Caronia, September 26, 1920.

Cairns, Robert. Noordam, June 6, 1921.

Cairns, Robert. Berengaria, October 11, 1922.

Cairns, Robert.  Liverpool, Baltic, November 6, 1922.

Cairns, Robert.  Nieuw Amsterdam, October 13, 1923.


Campbell, Ada. Caronia, December 27, 1922.

Candlish, Ellen. Orduna, September 20, 1915. En route to 4903 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Her husband, Arthur, died in the disaster.

Cassie, Kate Duncan. Saxonia, September 4, 1915. Housekeeper. Widow. En route to in-law, Mrs. Hunt, 30 Otis Street, East Milton, Massachusetts. On Lusitania passenger list as Kate Cassie Duncan.

Chambers, Guy W. Metagama, Quebec, November 14, 1915.


Charles, Doris. St. Paul, June 14, 1915.  Daughter of Joseph Charles.

Charles, Joseph Henry. St. Paul. Publisher. Destination: Home-Toronto.


Cockburn, Guy. Orduna, August 16, 1915.  En route to friend. Mr. J.C. Wilson, Pasadena, Ca.

Colbert, William. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.

Colebrook, Herbert. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Buyer. En route to home, 184 Westminster Ave. Toronto.

Collis, Edwin Martin. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915. September 28, 1877, Riverside Illinois. En route to Riverside, Illinois.


Condon, Della. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.

Conner, Dorothy. Rochambeau, October 5, 1915. New Albany, Indiana. September 10, 1890.  Embarked at Bordeaux, France, en route to Medford, Oregon.

Conner, Dorothy.  Nieuw Amsterdam, May 2, 1919.


Cowper, Ernest. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Journalist. En route to home, at 43 Lyndall Avenue, Toronto.

Crosbie, Agnes. St. Paul, October 1, 1915. Domestic Servant. En route to 1345 Winwood Avenue, Wilmette, Ill.

Dalrymple, David. St. Paul, July 12, 1915. Lithographer.  En route to friend, Mr. Schumacher, 1120 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ.

Daly, Harold Mayne. Megantic. June 6, 1915. Quebec.

Dhenin, Thomas. Baltic, November 10, 1919. Printer Pressman. Fare paid by British Government. Previously resided in U.S. 1903-1915. En route to Mr. Pearson, 223 56th Street, Brooklyn. Thomas Dhenin traveled with his wife, Olivia, 23.  His first wife, Evelyne, 33, and children Thomas, 10, and Isabella, 2, died aboard the Lusitania.


Docherty, Mabel. St. Paul, November 23, 1915. En route to husband, William Docherty, of Westbury, Long Island, NY.

Docherty, William (infant) St. Paul. Youngest survivor. Born March 5, 1915, Jamaica NY.


Donald, Archibald. Baltic, October 7, 1917. Engineer. En route to mother, Mrs. Donald, 14 Wendell Street, Cambridge, Mass.

Duckworth, Elizabeth Ann.  Aquitania, November 11, 1921. Weaver.  En route to daughter, Mrs. E. Smith, Tafmilk, Norwich, Ct.

Duguid, George. Praetorian, Quebec, July 7, 1915.

Dyer, Robert. St. Louis, June 7, 1915. En route to Redmond’s Mill, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Egana, Vicente. Mascotte, Tampa, Florida, May 14, 1918.

Elliott, Annie Louise. New York, July 19, 1915. En route to aunt, The Rectory, Carleton Place, Ontario. Annie Elliott lost her husband, Arthur, 30, in the disaster.

Ewart, Robert. Orduna,  September 11, 1916.


Faulds, Andrew. Columbia. July 29, 1920. Tailor. En route to 1477 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, Ct.

Faulds, Margaret. Columbia. Andrew and Margaret Faulds traveled with their daughter, Jeanette “Jenny,” born 1908. There is no record of Jeanette Faulds entering the U.S. prior to 1920, nor is there a record of her entering the U.K. at any point after her parents immigrated to the U.S. 1909/11. She was not with them aboard the Lusitania, and although newspaper coverage did not mention it, it is likely that Mr. and Mrs. Faulds were traveling to visit or retrieve their daughter in 1915.


Fisher, Howard. Rochambeau, October 5, 1915. Wheeling, WV, January 25, 1866. Embarked at Bordeaux, France, en route to “The Mendota,” Washington D.C.

Howard Fisher
Howard Fisher

Foley, Mr. A.R. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24,. 1915.

Foss, Dr. Carl Elmer.  New York, May 24, 1915.  June 10, 1887, Fordville, N.D. En route to Hydro, Montana.

Frohman, Charles. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.


Frost, Harry Robinson. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915. Shipper of wholesale groceries. En route to home, 1922 Robinson Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Galligan, Margaret. Washington, September 23, 1949. En route to 170 East 210th St. Bronx, NY.

Gauntlett, Frederick. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915. 1746 K Street, Washington D.C.


Grab, Oscar. St. Louis, June 7, 1915.  May 12, 1886, NYC. En route to home: 150 West 79th Street, NYC.

Grab, Oscar. Espagne, October 31, 1917.

Grab, Oscar.  Imperator, June 19, 1920.

Grab, Oscar. Nieuw Amsterdam, September 20, 1920.


Gray, James Paul. New York, September 9, 1915. Board of Trade. En route to home, 539 41st St, Oakland, Ca.

Haldane, James Cargill. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. Clerk. En route to home, 733 East 325th Street, South Boston.

Hammond, Kathleen. Melita, Quebec, June 11, 1919. Mrs. Hammond, of Toronto, lost her husband, Frederick, 29, in the disaster. She died in Saranac Lake, NY, on September 22, 1919 at age 33. The location of her death suggests that she returned to Canada in the final stages of tuberculosis.

Hammond, Ogden. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Born Louisville Ky. En route to 80 Maiden Lane. Mr. Hammond lost his wife, Mary, 29, in the disaster.

Hampshire, Elizabeth.  Carmania, April 7, 1920. Winder. Lived with sister, Florence Whitehead, also a Lusitania survivor, at 44 Hollen Lane, Glessop, en route to brother, E.E. Hampshire, 123 Columbia Avenue, Pawtucket, RI.

Hanes, Duncan Arthur. St. Paul, June 14, 1915.  Accountant. En route to home, 826 68th Street, North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Hanly, Patrick. Philadelphia, September 20, 1915. Manager. Previously in US 1910/15. En route to sister- Mary Hanley, Brooklyn, NY.

Hardwick, Charles. St. Louis, June 7, 1915.  Born Brooklyn NY, November 10, 1865. En route to 135 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Hardy, Elsie. New York, September 9, 1915. Musician. Previous stay in US 1912-1915. En route to cousin, Mrs. Hopkins. 140 Bryant Street, Rahway, NJ.

Harris, Dwight C. Carmania, April 21, 1919. January 6, 1884, NYC. En route to 37 Fifth Avenue, NYC.


Henderson, Huntley. (Child in 1915) Aurania, Quebec, November 11, 1928. Clerk. U.S. Citizen. Born Yonkers, NY, 1904. Resided Maison Neuf, Montreal, 1905-1915. En route to uncle, Mr. Colin A. Lockerbie, 769 Cote Street, Antoine Rd. Montreal.  Wife: Ida Henderson, 9 Ashburnham Rd, Bedford.

Henderson, Violet. Aurania. In North America 1890-1915. Previously resided at 76 Union Avenue, Montreal. Brother-in-law Colin Lockerbie. Maiden name Gower. Violet Henderson lost her sister and brother-in-law, Cora and Charles Yeatman, in the disaster.


Henshaw, Mabel. Cameronia, September 7, 1915.  En route to Bath Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Mabel Henshaw lost her 5 month old daughter, Constance, in the disaster.

Hertz, Douglas Grant. New York, August 28, 1916. Lawyer. Previously resided in U.S. 1910-1915. En route to Planters’ Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.


Hill, Emmie Jane. St. Paul, October 1, 1915.  En route to husband, Richard Geo. Hill, 995 Albans Street, Schenectady, NY.

Hill, Emmie Jane. Lapland, December 6, 1919 En route to husband, Richard Geo. Hill, 1831 Master Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


Hodges, William S. Jr.  Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, Jube 4, 1915.

Hogg, Ellen. St. Paul, September 2, 1915.  Entry largely illegible. Traveled aboard the St. Paul with her son, George, 7, who had not been aboard the Lusitania.

Holbourn, Ian.  Cymric, November 7, 1915. Profesor.  Holbourn was ticketed to sail aboard the St. Paul, October 6, 1915 crossing, but did not sail. He appears, crossed off, on the manifest.

Holland, Nina.  California. December 22, 1915. En route to husband, Hedley L. Holland, 108 West 123rd Street. Became Citizen by her husband’s citizenship; Southern District Court, April 7, 1899. Mrs. Holland traveled with her 4 month old daughter, Eileen, with whom she had been pregnant aboard the Lusitania.

Holt, William Robert Grattan (15 at the time of the disaster).  Berengaria, June 17, 1922. Broker. En route to Montreal.

Home, Thomas. Baltic, June 11, 1915. Buyer. En route to 22 Wellington St., Toronto.

Hopkins, Albert. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.

Hoskins, Arthur. Metagama, Quebec, November 14, 1915.

Houghton, James T. Cameronia, June 7, 1915. Doctor. July 25, 1885, Saratoga Springs. NY. En route to Saratoga Springs, NY.

Hull, Winifred. Cameronia, March 14, 1916. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winifred Hull was accompanied by her husband, George, aboard the Cameronia. He was not aboard the Lusitania; he arrived in Liverpool, aboard the Baltic, on December 10, 1915.

Inch, William Ernest. St. Paul, September 2, 1915. Engineer. Previously in U.S. 1910-1915, New York and Philadelphia. En route to friend, Mr. W.H. Ford. Woolworth Building, New York.

Jackson, Isaac. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915. Silk Weaver. Russian Hebrew; Lodz. En route to nephew, Mr. Brown. 144 14th Street, NYC.

James, Violet. Saxonia, September 4, 1915. Graduate Nurse. En route to Y.W.C.A. 526 Third Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

Jeffery, Charles. Adriatic, June 24, 1915.  May 13, 1876, Chicago. En route to home, 312 Durkee Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Mr. Jeffery is on the manifest for the June 1 Lapland crossing, marked ‘Not on board.’


Jenkins, Francis Bertram. St. Paul, August 9, 1915. Merchant. En route to Claridge Hotel, NYC.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Liverpool, St. Louis, April 9, 1916.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. St. Louis, July 6, 1916.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Liverpool, St. Louis, October 22, 1916.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. St. Louis, December 10, 1917.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Liverpool, Carmania, February 27, 1919.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Nieuw Amsterdam, August 18, 1919.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Liverpool, Mauretania, January 6, 1920.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Imperator, March 2, 1920.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Olympic, August 15, 1920.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Baltic, July 24, 1921.

Jenkins, Francis Bertram. Aquitania, February 23, 1922.


Jolivet, Rita. Nieuw Amsterdam, September 30, 1915. “Calling or occupation: none.” En route to Hotel Brevoort, NYC. Opened on Broadway, at the Comedy Theatre, in Mrs. Boltay’s Daughter on October 23, 1915.


Judson, Frederick S. Rotterdam, December 22, 1915. December 1, 1890, Morris, Minnesota. En route to Morris, Minnesota.

Kay, Robert Belsher (child in 1915). Baltic, September 9, 1923. Scholar. En route to father, Mr. James Kay, 618 West 239th Street, Riverdale, Bronx, NY.  Robert Kay lost his mother, Marguerite Kay, in the disaster.

Kempson, Maitland. Noordam, September 18, 1916.

Kenan, Dr. Owen. Nieuw Amsterdam, December 9, 1915. May 2(?) 1875, Kenansville N.C. en route to Kenansville, N.C.

Kennedy, Mrs. Caroline Hickson. Body returned aboard the Cymric, June 2, 1915.

Keser, Mary. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.

Kessler, George. Rotterdam, January 30, 1916 January 23 (?) Mobile, Alabama.  En route to 20 Beaver Street, NYC.

Kilwet (Killawe?) Winifred. St. Louis, June 16, 1916. Waitress. Previously in U.S,. 1907-1915.  En route to Pittsburg, Pa.

King, Thomas Boyce. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.

Knox, Samuel. Rotterdam, May 28, 1915. May 21, 1858, Gettysburg, Pa. En route to Germantown, Pa.

Lander, Edward Harris. Saxonia, June 29, 1915. Buyer. Business, 9 East 37th Street, NYC.

Lane, George Benjamin. St. Paul, July 12, 1915. Vocalist. Royal Gwent Singers, C/o David Office, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Lauriat, Charles E.  Philadelphia, June 27, 1915.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Liverpool, Cretic, April 12, 1919.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Glasgow, Praetorian, May 4, 1920.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, July 12, 1920.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Liverpool, Canada, April 11, 1921.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Olympic, June 22, 1921.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Liverpool, Regina, April 12, 1922.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Boston, Pittsburg, June 15, 1922.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Boston, Scythia, June 18, 1923.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Liverpool, Samaria, October 12, 1923.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Scythia, November 12, 1923.

Lauriat, Charles E.  Boston, Laconia, June 1, 1924.


Leary, James. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Employee of Brokaw Bros., NYC.

Leary, James. Liverpool, New York, July 16, 1916.

Leary, James. Kroonland, November 26, 1916.

Leary, James. Liverpool, Lapland, February 4, 1919.

Leary, James. Vestris, March 20, 1919.

Leary, James. Mauretania, November 25, 1919.

Leary, James. Mauretania, June 26, 1920.

Leary, James. Southampton, Imperator, January 30, 1921.

Leary, James. Imperator, March 7, 1921.

Leary, James. Aquitania, December 9, 1921.

Leary, James. Aquitania, June 9, 1922.

Leary, James. Southampton, Berengaria, October 22, 1922.

Leary, James. Mauretania, November 24, 1922.

Leary, James. Southampton, Majestic, April 16, 1923.

Leary, James. Aquitania, May 18, 1923.

Leary, James. Berengaria, November 23, 1923.


Lee, Bridget. Baltic, December 19, 1919. Domestic.  En route to niece, Mrs. Peter Galligan, 172 West 65th Street, NYC.  “U.S. 1890/1915. $5000 on deposit NY bank” annotation.

Lehmann, Isaac. Adriatic, June 24, 1915. July 31, 1878, NYC. En route to 290 Central Park West, NYC.

Levinson, Joseph. St. Louis, July 6, 1915. Clothing Manufacturer. En route to home, 107 Drummond Avenue, Montreal.


Light, Herbert. St. Louis, July 6, 1915.  Actor. En route to Mrs. Rianhart, 246 Joyce St, Camden, NJ. Whoever filled out the form parenthetically noted (Mother?) after this entry.  Herbert Light’s true last name was Barks.

Light, Herbert. Honolulu, President Wilson, September 2, 1922. On “business trip.” Permanent address, 115 W 47th Street, NYC.

Light, Herbert. San Francisco, President Wilson, July 13, 1923.


Lines, Ethel Moore. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. En route to home, 120 Richmond West, Toronto, Ontario.

Lines, Stanley Llandolf Burnett. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. Engineer.


Little, Ada Campbell. Caronia, December 27, 1922.

Lobb, Mary Beatrice Popham. St. Louis, December 6, 1915. En route to husband, B.P. Lobb, Government House, St. Vincent.

Lobb, Mary Beatrice Popham. Parima, May 6, 1918. En route with her husband, from their home in Castries, St. Lucia, to ?  No corresponding arrival in the U.K. can be found.

Lobb, Mary Beatrice Popham.  Liverpool, Lapland, June 29, 1919.



Lockhart, Reginald. St. Paul, July 12, 1915. Merchant.  “Name of closest friend or relative in country from whence alien came: claims none.” en route to home, 36 Dale Avenue, Toronto.

Logan, Ruth. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. November 13, 1920. Length of previous staying United States: 1914-1915. En route to brother, William Cooper, 31 Dover Street, Paterson, New Jersey.  Ruth Logan traveled aboard the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria with her husband, James, and eleven month old infant, Robert. James Logan had been in military service since 1914. Ruth Logan lost her eleven month old son, also named Robert, aboard the Lusitania.


Lohden, Rose Emily Elsie.  (Child)  Philadelphia, August 11, 1916.  En route to home: 1 Farmwood Park Avenue, Toronto.

Lohden, Sarah Louise Rose. Philadelphia.  The Lohdens intended to cross on the New York’s July 31, 1916 voyage. They appear, crossed off, on the manifest.


Loney, Virginia (age 15) St. Paul, June 14, 1915. May 19, 1899, NYC. Traveled as Virginia Sedgwick, with Mrs. Adelaide Sedgwick and her daughters Adelaide, 18, and Aileen, 17. En route to 37 East 67th Street, NYC. Virginia Loney lost her father, Allan Donnellan Loney, and mother, Catherine Wolfe Loney, in the disaster.

Luker, Francis J. Orduna, September 20, 1915. Letter Carrier. En route to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. “No friends or relatives.”

Lund, Sarah. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. October 6, 1887, Bluff Indiana. En route to Mr. Mounsey, brother, 4420 LaPorte Avenue, Chicago, Ill.  Sarah Lund lost her husband, Charles Lund, and father, William Mounsey, in the disaster.

Macdona, Amelia. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.


MacFarquhar, Grace. Aquitania, September 27, 1918. Bridgeport, Ct, July 2, 1898. En route to 203G Hollister Street, Hollister Heights, Stratford Ct.

MacFarquhar, Jane Ann. Aquitania. U.S. Citizen through husband, John MacFarquhar’s, papers, Court of Common Pleas, Bridgeport, Ct, 1896.


Mackworth, Margaret. Royal George, Halifax, N.S. August 24, 1919.

Mackworth, Margaret. Plymouth, Adriatic, November 8, 1919.

Mackworth, Margaret. Adriatic, August 14, 1922.

Mackworth, Margaret. Southampton, Olympic, November 8, 1922.


Marshall, Fannie. Mauretania, April 15, 1918.

Martin, Ruby. Cameronia, October 7, 1915. Nurse.

Mathews, Arthur. St. Louis, June 7, 1915. Buyer. En route to home, 536 Notre Dame de France Avenue, Montreal.

Maycock, Mary. St. Louis, October 1, 1915. Maid. En route to “Mistress, Mrs. Brooks, Greenwood, Pa.”

McClintock, Margaret.  New York, August 16, 1915. Dressmaker. NYC 1912-1915. En route to Mrs. Lundy, 520 West 130th Street, NYC.

McColm, Christina. St. Louis, October 14, 1915. En route to husband, Mr. McColm, 58 Leroy Avenue, East, Ottawa.

McFadyen, Hugh.  Saxonia, June 29, 1915. Engineer. En route to home, 30 Cedar Street, Galt, Ontario.  Hugh McFayden was booked aboard the June 21, 1915 voyage of the Tuscania, but did not sail. His name appears, crossed off, on the manifest.


McKechan, Campbell (infant). Tuscania, August 23, 1915. Died of Lusitania-related injuries, 9/1915

McKechan, Elizabeth. Tuscania. U.S. Citizenship, Carlinville, Illinois, January 30, 1914.  En Route to Eastern Heights, Gillespie, Ill. Lost son, John, 5, and (relative), Catherine Gill, in the disaster. Traveled to Gillespie with Agnes Fulton and her infant, Fullerton, who had arrived in Glasgow aboard the Cameronia’s April 12 crossing.


McLellan, Sarah. St. Paul, October 1, 1915. Domestic servant. En route to Prairie View, Ill.

McMurray, Leonard Lethes. Nieuw Amsterdam, November 4, 1915. Manufacturer. “Going home. 47 Yonge Street, Toronto.”


Meriheina, William. Chepstow Castle. Baltimore, Md, March 30, 1916. Salesman. Embarked at Capetown, South Africa, en route to NYC. “Wife: Ester M. 505 West 134th Street, NYC.” Meriheina worked for General Motors, and lived in Johannesburg, S.A.

Meriheina, William. Philadelphia, City of Athens, June 10, 1917. En route from Johannesburg, South Africa, to the Hotel Astor, NYC.


Michael, Dewi. St. Paul, July 12, 1915. Concert agent. Royal Gwent Singers,   C/o David Office, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Middlemast, Isabella. Carmania, Halifax N.S. May 29, 1919.

Milford, Frederick J. Philadelphia, June 4, 1915. Houghton County, Michigan, Circuit Court, 1908. Box 84, Hancock, Michigan.

Mitchell, Arthur Jackson.  Orduna, January 11, 1916. Leavenworth, Ks. December 7, 1869. En route to 125-127 South Racine Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Mitchell, Jeanette. Celtic, July 18, 1921. Widow. Last in U.S. 1913-1915. En route to friend, Mrs. Page, 124 Dickenson Street, Newark, NJ, for a four month visit. Jeanette Mitchell lost her husband, Walter Dawson Mitchell, and her son, Walter Dawson Mitchell, junior, in the disaster. Her brother, John Moore, survived.

Moore, Dr. Daniel Virgil. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. May 1879, Fremont, Nebraska. En route to Yankton, S.D.

Moore, John. Carpathia, July 28, 1915. Grocery Clerk. En route to home, Manchester Green, Manchester, Ct.  John Moore lost his brother- in- law, Walter Dawson Mitchell, and his nephew, Walter Dawson Mitchell, junior, 10 months, in the disaster. His sister, Jeanette Elizabeth Moore Mitchell, survived.

Morell, Goldianna. Kroonland, September 14, 1916. En route to home, 73 Kendal Ave. Toronto.  Traveled aboard the Kroonland with Rose Morell, 28, who had not been aboard the Lusitania.

Morris, Reverend Hugh Carlton Syddall.  St. Paul, October 1, 1915. Lecturer. En route to Trinity College, Toronto.

Moses, Janet. Orduna, March 20, 1916. En route to 318 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, PA.

Mosley, George G. St. Paul, April 14, 1916. Tea buyer. En route to home in Calcutta.

Murdoch, Jessie. Orduna, October 21, 1915. Domestic. En route to Mrs. Ray, Brooklyn, NY.

Murray, Rose Ellen. Caronia, May 17, 1920.  En route to 1515 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Mrs. Murray’s husband, Captain Christopher Murray, U.S. Navy, was a naturalized citizen, and she was an American citizen through him. Their usual US destination was “Navy Yard, Philadelphia.”


Myers, Joseph. Espagne, August 30, 1915. Embarked in Bordeaux, France. En route to home, NY. Traveled aboard the Espagne with his wife, Mary, and son, Roger, 3, neither of whom had been aboard the Lusitania.

Naish, Belle Saunders. Philadelphia, June 27, 1915. October 22, 1865, Charlotte, Michigan. En route to home, 2928 Pen Valley Place, Kansas City, Mo. Belle Naish lost her husband, Theodore, in the disaster.

Neville, Mabel Frances. Nieuw Amsterdam, February 24, 1916. En route to sister, Mrs. A. Edgarton, Delaware Avenue, off Hamilton Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.  Mabel Neville lost her husband, Albert, and children Evelyn, 14, Charles, 11, and Muriel, 4, in the disaster.

O’Donnell, Patrick. St. Paul, October 25, 1915. U.S. citizen, April 14, 1914, Hudson  Count, N.J. En route to 317 Traphagan Street, West Hoboken, NJ.

Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O’Donnell

Orr-Lewis, Sir F. Rotterdam, March 6, 1916.  Financier. En route to home, 20 Beeway Street, Montreal, Quebec.

Osborn, Alexandra. Carmania. September 9, 1917. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Departed Canada 1915. En route to Hamilton, Ontario.

Owens, Cecelia. St. Louis, July 16, 1916.  En route to home, Ellwood City, Pa. Cecelia Owens was accompanied aboard the St. Louis by her husband, Hubert, who had not been aboard the Lusitania.  Hubert Owens arrived in Liverpool, aboard the Philadelphia, on June 13, 1915. Mrs. Owens lost her sons Ronald, 10, and Reginald, 8, in the disaster.

Padley, Florence May. Philadelphia, December 17, 1915. En route to husband, Mr. Charles Padley, Radisson. Traveled aboard the Philadelphia with her infant son, Charles, with whom she had been pregnant while aboard the Lusitania.

Parkes, William. Empress of Britain, May 7, 1921

Pavey, Lorna Mary. Metagama. April 20, 1921.Quebec. Governess. Departed Canada 1915. En route to Whennock, British Columbia. Intended to become a housewife.


Peacock, Elizabeth L. New York, July 19, 1915. En route to home- c/o Mr. J. Mahoney, Jerome, Az.

Peacock, Thomas Edward. New York. Student. Elizabeth Peacock’s 17 year old son.


Pearl, Amy Lea. Lapland, August 14, 1920.  November 12, 1880, NYC. Amy Pearl lost her daughters Amy, 2, and Susan, 1, in the disaster. The Pearls were en route to 6 Maple Avenue, Haverhill, Mass.

Pearl, Amy Lea. Rotterdam, May 14, 1921.

Pearl, Amy Lea.Aquitania, April 7, 1922.

Pearl, Amy Lea. Olympic, May 23, 1923.


Pearl, Audrey Warren. (Infant in 1915) Rotterdam, May 14, 1921. February 5, 1915. NYC. Embarked at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, with mother, en route to Plaza Hotel, NYC. Mrs. Pearl was accompanied on this voyage by her son, Vivian, with whom she had been pregnant while aboard the Lusitania.

Pearl, Frederic. Lapland.  August 26, 1868, Haverhill, Mass. Amy Pearl’s husband.


Pearl, Stuart (child). Lapland. January 31, 1910, NYC.

Pearl, Stuart. Aquitania, April 7, 1922.





Pells, Mary. Megantic, Montreal, September 23, 1919. Nurse. En route to San Luis Obispo, California.


Phillips, Wallace Banta.  Rotterdam, November 1, 1915. En route to 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, NYC.

Phillips, Wallace Banta.  St. Louis, November 6, 1916. March 30, 1886, NY. En route to 29 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn NY.

Phillips, Wallace Banta.  St. Paul, December 24, 1916.



Pickard, Frederick. Philadelphia, August 22, 1915. Chauffeur.  En route to 55th Street, NYC.  Entry written over and partially obscured.

Pirie, Robinson. Adriatic, June 24, 1915. Buyer. En route to wife, Hamilton, Ontario.


Plamondon, Charles. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.

Plamondon, Mary. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.


Pope, Theodate.  Espagne, August 3, 1915. Embarked at Bordeaux. Born Salem, OH, en route to Farmington, CT.

Pope, Theodate.  Seattle, Empress of Russia, September 22, 1919.

Pope, Theodate.  Celtic, September 23, 1920.

Pope, Theodate.  Berengaria, September 19, 1921.

Pope, Theodate.  Western World, June 26, 1922.



Pye, Charlotte.  Ascania, Quebec, October 27, 1916. En route to Edmonton, Alberta. Mrs. Pye lost her daughter, Marjorie, in the disaster.

Rankin, Robert. St. Louis, June 7, 1915. March 23, 1882, Ithaca, New York. En route to Hotel Seville, NYC.


Ratcliff, Norman Albert. Nieuw Amsterdam, February 24, 1916. Manager. “No mail address. Oriental Hotel, Kobe, Japan.”

Ratcliff, Norman Albert. San Francisco, Shinyo Maru, September 12, 1916.



Readdie, James Robert. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Clerk. En route to 102 Pierrpont St., Brooklyn, NY. James Readdie was book on the  June 7, 1915 crossing of the St Louis, but did not sail. His name appears, crossed off, on the manifest.

Readdie, James Robert. Liverpool, Lapland, February 4, 1919.


Rogers, Mrs. F.A.  Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915,

Rogers, Percy William. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Manager. En route to home, 441 Euclid Avenue, Toronto.

Ryerson, Laura.  Espagne, July 7, 1915. En route to 86 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Canada. Laura Ryerson was accompanied aboard the Espagne by her father, Dr. George Ryerson, who had not been aboard the Lusitania. Her mother, Mary Amelia Ryerson, was lost in the disaster.

Sandells, Thomas. Tuscania, June 21, 1915. Merchant. En route to Home, 479 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Schwarte, Friedrich. Rotterdam, November 1, 1915, as Augustus Scott. Lace Merchant. En route to home, Havana, Cuba. Traveled with his brother, “Albert Scott,” who was en route to his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Secchi, Edith Helen. Tuscania, January 17, 1918. En route to husband, Herbert Secchi. 320 96th Street, NYC


Seferian, Leon. La Bourdonnais. September 11, 1921.

Sharp, Annie. Cameronia, December 7, 1915. En route to brother, John McKinnon, Worcester, Mass.

Shepperson, Arthur G. Saturnia, Quebec, September 14, 1919. In transit to San Francisco, USA.

Shymer, Ann. Body returned aboard the Philadelphia, June 4, 1915.

Simpson, Reverend Henry W. Charybdis, April 15, 1918. Photo artist. Embarked at Hamilton, Bermuda. En route to wife, Mrs. Simpson, 197 1/2 Yonge Street, Toronto.

Slattery, Patrick, Philadelphia, November 26, 1916.

Slidell, Thomas.  Adriatic, July 30, 1915 June 15, 1875, Warrenton, Virginia. En route to 140 West 55th Street, NYC.

Slingsby, George. Rotterdam, March 6, 1916. Valet. “In service of Sir F. Orr-Lewis, 20 Beeway Street, Montreal, Quebec.”  His employer, Frederick Orr-Lewis, had also survived the Lusitania.

Smith, Jessie Taft. New York, July 31, 1916. February 12, 1876, Braceville, Oh. En route to home, Braceville, Oh. Accompanied aboard the New York by her husband, John Smith, who had not been aboard the Lusitania.

Smith, John Preston.  St. Paul, July 12, 1915. Royal Gwent Singers, C/o David Office, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Snowden, Thomas. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Foreman. En route to wife, 56 Lynn Field Street, Lynn Woods, Mass. Thomas Snowden had deserted his wife, and was returning to England with his mistress, Mrs. Eva Finch, of Lynn, Mass., aboard the Lusitania.  Mrs. Finch died in the disaster, and Mrs. Snowden sued for divorce upon Thomas’ return home.

Sorensen, Soren. Kristianiafjord, November 12, 1916. Ship’s engineer.  En route to Norwegian Seamen’s Home, 172 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Spendley, Kate. St. Paul, March 14, 1916. Housekeeper. Widow. “Magyar- Hungarian.” Mother-in-law Mrs. Spendley, 3 Church Lane, Sunderland.  Previous residence in US 1903-1915. En route to sister, Mrs. Bermel, 342 Dearborn Street, Buffalo NY.


Stewart, Christina. St. Paul, November 23, 1915. En route to husband, Jm Stewart, Toronto.

Stewart, John Knox (infant). St. Paul.


Sturdy, Charles. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. Buyer. En route to home, 166 Grand Boulevard, Montreal.

Sumner, Thomas. Halifax, Carmania, May 10, 1920.

Sweet, Frank Harold.  St. Louis, August 2, 1915. Clerk. En route to home, 940 Dufferin Street, Toronto.

Tarry, Edward.  Scandinavian, Quebec, August 22, 1920. Commercial Traveler. Previous stay in Canada, 1914-1915, Toronto.


Taylor, Harold. Saxonia, October 26, 1920. Book keeper. Resided in U.S. 1912-1915. En route to father in law, Mr. Haddock. 226 6th Street, Niagara Falls, NY.

Taylor, Lucy. Saxonia. Harold and Lucy Taylor traveled with their daughters, Marjorie Lusitania Taylor, 4, and Joan, 4 months.
Taylor, Richard. St. Louis, June 7, 1915.

Thomas, David Alfred. St. Louis, July 6, 1915. En route to the Plaza Hotel, NYC.

Thompson, Joseph. Carpathia, July 27, 1915. Boiler Maker. Widower. En route to home, 150 Nekonset Street, Canton, Mass.  Joseph Thompson lost his wife, Sarah Anne, and son, Norman, 18, in the disaster.

Thompson, Maud. St. Paul, June 14, 1915. En route to Seymour, In. Maud Thompson lost her husband, Elbridge, in the disaster.

Tijou, Walter. Corsican, Montreal, October 30, 1919. Walter Tijou, and his wife Carrie and daughter Hilda, 11, neither of whom had been aboard the Lusitania, crossed the border into the U.S. at Detroit, on November 15, 1919. They were en route to a new, permanent, home in California. Walter Tijou lost his son Howard, 10, in the disaster.


Timmis, Robert J. Baltic, July 11, 1915. En route to Gainesville, Texas.

Timmis, Robert J. Manoa, San Francisco, August 24, 1915.

Timmis, Robert J. Honolulu, Shinyo Maru, September 5, 1916.

Timmis, Robert J. Aquitania, July 24, 1920.

Timmis, Robert J. Southampton, Aquitania, June 20, 1922.

Timmis, Robert J. Aquitania, July 28, 1922.

Timmis, Robert J. Aquitania, August 22, 1924.

Timmis, Robert J. Honolulu, President Taft, August 17, 1923.

Timmis, Robert J. Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles, September 1, 1923.


Trumbull, Isaac. Body returned aboard the New York, May 24, 1915.



Turner, Scott.  Rotterdam, January 30, 1916. July 31, 1879, Lansing, Michigan. En route to Lansing, Michigan.

Turton, George Hendering. St. Paul, July 12, 1915.  Insurance Manager. En route to “Royal Insurance Company, Melbourne, Australia, and wife, Mrs. Turton, Brighton, Victoria.” Turton was originally booked on the June 14, 1915 sailing of the St. Paul; his name appears, crossed off, on the manifest.


Vassar, William Arthur Fisher.  New York, August 15, 1915.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher.  Liverpool, Philadelphia, November 30, 1915.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher.  Noordam, January 30, 1916. Commercial traveler. En route to Hotel Biltmore, Vanderbilt Avenue, New York City.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher.  Noordam, August 5, 1916.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher. Plymouth,  Nieuw Amsterdam, December 1, 1916.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher. Rijndam, January 24, 1917.

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher.  Liverpool, New York, January 6, 1918.


Wild, Agnes. New York. November 13, 1920. Housekeeper. Widow. Previously resided in the U.S. 1912-1915, Paterson, New Jersey. En route to sister, Mrs. J.L. Jumelet, 5054 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca. Traveled aboard the Lusitania with her sister, Evelyn Wild.

Wild, Evelyn Norbury. Vauban, July 7, 1920. Teacher. Previously in U.S. 10 yrs- 1915. En route to father, 516 East 28th Street, Paterson, New Jersey. Traveled aboard the Lusitania with her sister, Agnes Wild.

Wilks, Alice. Saxonia, October 12, 1919. Nurse. Previously in U.S. 1913-1915, Winetka, Ill. En route to friend, Miss Q. Crosby, 1605 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, Ill.

Williams, Beatrice. New York, July 3, 1916. En route to uncle, Mr. Edward (contractor) Rock Island, Ill.


Williams, Edith (child). Orduna, April 28, 1916: Resided with aunt, Mrs. Foster, 7 Bank Road, Hoylake. En route to father, 94 West Fourth Street, Plainfield, NJ.

Williams, Edward (child) Orduna. The Williams children lost their mother, Annie, brothers George, 6, and David, 3 months, and sisters Ethel, 5, and Florence, 4, in the disaster.


Wilks, Alice. Saxonia, October 12, 1919

Williams, Thomas J.  St. Paul, July 12, 1915.  Vocalist. Royal Gwent Singers, C/o David Office, Pittsburgh, PA.

Winter, Thirza. Aquitania, October 24, 1924, as Thirza Bate. Previously in U.S. 1913-1915. En route to East Waterford, Pennsylvania.


Witherbee, Beatrice. Baltic, October 17, 1917. En route to 66 West 104th Street, NYC. Beatrice Witherbee lost her son, Alfred Scott Witherbee, and mother, May Brown, in the disaster.

Witherbee, Beatrice. Liverpool, Caronia, January 2, 1920.


Woodward, Robert. Adriatic. March 12, 1920. Coal Miner.  “U.S.A. Resident, Returning” stamped on his entry. Fare paid by British Govt. Previous residency in U.S. 1912-1915. En route to friend, Mr. Edward Towne. 3730 Pierce Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY. Tattoo mark left forearm.

Wordsworth, Ruth. A missionary to Japan, Miss Wordsworth returned to the U.K. several times after the disaster; her final recorded arrival being in Manchester, on December 8, 1941, as the only English passenger aboard the Taborfjell, out of Montreal. However, she did not travel East by way of New York City or Canada, so as of yet we have not found her earliest departure from England.

Wright, Robert Currie. Philadelphia, September 20, 1915. Probate Court of the US, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, June 1885. 985 East Boulevard, East Cleveland, Ohio.








American Line



New York


May 24, 1915.

Foss, Dr. Carl Elmer


June 21, 1915

Alles, Nicholas


July 19, 1915

Barker, Martha 

Bilbrough, George William

Brammer, Edith (child)

Brammer, Elizabeth

Elliott, Annie Louise

Peacock, Elizabeth L

Peacock, Thomas Edward


August 16, 1915

McClintock, Margaret 

Vassar, William


September 9, 1915

Gray, James Paul

Hardy, Elsie


July 3, 1916

Williams, Beatrice


July 31, 1916

Smith, Jessie Taft


August 28, 1916

Hertz, Douglas Grant


November 13, 1920

Wild, Agnes






June 4, 1915

Barnes, Allan

Bilicke, Gladys

Collis, Edwin Martin

Frost, Harry Robinson

Gauntlett, Frederick

Jackson, Isaac

Milford, Frederick J.


June 27, 1915

Haldane, James Cargill

Lauriat, Charles E. 

Lines, Ethel Moore

Lines, Stanley Llandolf  Burnett

Lund, Sarah

Naish, Belle Saunders


August 22, 1915

Pickard, Frederick


September 20, 1915

Hanly, Patrick. 

Wright, Robert Currie


December 17, 1915

Padley, Florence May


May 14, 1916

Boulton, Denis


June 11, 1916

Richardson, Annie



August 11, 1916

Lohden, Rose Emily Elsie

Lohden, Sarah Louise Rose



St. Louis


June 7, 1915

Bowring, Charles Warren

Dyer, Robert

Grab, Oscar

Hardwick, Charles

Mathews, Arthur

Rankin, Robert

Taylor, Richard


July 6, 1915

Levinson, Joseph

Light, Herbert

Thomas, David Alfred


August 2, 1915

Sweet, Frank Harold 


October 14, 1915

Chapman, Ellen

Maycock, Mary

McColm, Christina


December 6, 1915

Lobb, Mary Beatrice Popham


May 21, 1916

Brown, Daniel Taylor


July 16, 1916

Kilwet (Killawe?), Winifred

Owens, Cecelia.


August 5, 1916

Byrne, Michael Gabriel


October 8, 1916

Cairns, Robert




St. Paul


June 14, 1915

Charles, Doris.

Charles, Joseph Henry

Colebrook, Herbert

Cowper, Ernest

Hammond, Ogden

Hanes, Duncan Arthur

Leary, James

Loney, Virginia

Moore, Dr. Daniel Virgil

Readdie, James Robert

Rogers, Percy William

Snowden, Thomas

Sturdy, Charles

Thompson, Maud


July 12, 1915

Dalrymple, David

Lane, George Benjamin

Lockhart, Reginald

Michael, Dewi

Smith, John Preston

Turton, George Hendering

Williams, Thomas J.


August 9, 1915

Jenkins, Francis Bertram.


September 2, 1915

Hogg, Ellen

Inch, William Ernest


October 1, 1915

Crosbie, Agnes

Hill, Emmie Jane

McLellan, Sarah

Morris, Reverend Hugh Carlton Syddall


October 25, 1915

Boyle, James

O’Donnell, Patrick


November 23, 1915

Docherty, Mabel

Docherty, William (infant)

Stewart, Christina

Stewart, John Knox (infant)


March 14, 1916

Spendley, Kate.





September 23, 1949

Galligan, Margaret




Armement Dominique Bordes & Fils





May 12, 1921

Bernard, Clinton




Canadian Pacific





October 30, 1919

Tijou, Walter



Empress of France


October 5, 1919

Allan, Lady Marguerite





August 1, 1915

Burdon, Ellen.

Burdon, Robert (infant)


November 14, 1915

Chambers, Guy W.

Hoskins, Arthur


April 20, 1921

Pavey, Lorna Mary





June 11, 1919

Hammond, Kathleen




July 7, 1915

Duguid, George





September 16, 1919

Adams, Gertrude


August 22, 1920

Tarry, Edward




June 3, 1920

Pirie, Robinson




Compagnie Generale Transatlantique





September 11, 1921

Seferian, Leon





July 7, 1915

Ryerson, Laura


August 3, 1915.

Pope, Theodate


August 30, 1915

Myers, Joseph




October 5, 1915

Abramowitz, Shalom “Samuel”  

Conner, Dorothy

Fisher, Howard








September 27, 1918

MacFarquhar, Grace

MacFarquhar, Jane Ann


April 30, 1921

Brandell, Josephine


November 11, 1921

Duckworth, Elizabeth


October 24, 1924

Winter, Thirza




October 27, 1916

Pye, Charlotte



November 11, 1928

Henderson, Huntley

Henderson, Violet




June 17, 1922

Holt, William Robert Grattan






December 22, 1915

Holland, Nina





June 7, 1915

Houghton, James T.


September 7, 1915

Henshaw, Mabel


October 7, 1915

Martin, Ruby


December 7, 1915

Sharp, Annie


March 14, 1916

Hull, Winifred


October 29, 1922  

Brownlie, Margaret





September 9, 1917

Osborn, Alexandra


April 21, 1919

Harris, Dwight C.


May 29, 1919

Middlemast, Isabella


April 7, 1920

Hampshire, Elizabeth


May 10, 1920

Sumner, Thomas


June 25, 1921

de Ayala, Julian





May 17, 1920

Murray, Rose Ellen


December 27, 1922

Campbell, Ada





July 28, 1915

Moore, John

Thompson, Joseph





July 29, 1920

Faulds, Andrew

Faulds, Margaret



Kaiserin Auguste Victoria


November 13, 1920

Logan, Ruth





April 15, 1918

Marshall, Fannie


May 9, 1919

Burnside, Josephine


December 25, 1919

Anderson, Barbara (child)





July 18, 1915

Adams, Allan Heron


August 16, 1915

Amory, Phoebe

Cockburn, Guy


September 20, 1915

Candlish, Ellen

Luker, Francis J.


October 21, 1915

Murdoch, Jessie


January 11, 1916

Mitchell, Arthur Jackson


March 20, 1916

Moses, Janet


April 28, 1916

Williams, Edith (child)

Williams, Edward (child)


August 7, 1916

Middleton, Alice





September 14, 1919

Shepperson, Arthur G.

February 23, 1920

Aitken, Chrissy





June 29, 1915

Lander, Edward Harris

McFadyen, Hugh


September 4, 1915

Cassie, Kate Duncan

James, Violet


October 26, 1920

Taylor, Harold

Taylor, Lucy


October 12, 1919

Wilks, Alice





June 21, 1915

Sandells, Thomas


August 23, 1915

McKechan, Campbell (infant)

McKechan, Elizabeth


January 17, 1918

Secchi, Edith Helen





March 27, 1923

Buswell, Peter







Nieuw Amsterdam


September 30, 1915

Jolivet, Rita


November 4, 1915

McMurray, Leonard Lethes


December 9, 1915

Kenan, Dr. Owen


February 24, 1916

Neville, Mabel Frances


February 24, 1916

Ratcliff, Norman Albert





January 30, 1916

Vassar, William Arthur Fisher


September 18, 1916

Kempson, Maitland





May 28, 1915.

Knox, Samuel


September 20, 1915

Brooks, James


October 31, 1915

Adams, William McMillan

Phillips, Wallace B.

Schwarte, Friedrich


December 22, 1915

Judson, Frederick S.


January 30, 1916

Kessler, George.

Turner, Scott


March 6, 1916

Orr-Lewis, Sir F.

Slingsby, George


May 14, 1921

Pearl, Audrey Warren. (Infant )




Lamport and Holt Line





July 7, 1920

Wild, Evelyn Norbury





May 6, 1916

Byington, Albert




Matson Line





August 24, 1915

Timmis, Robert J.



P&O Line





March 17, 1922

Arter, James





May 14, 1918

Egana, Vicente



Red Star Line





September 14, 1916

Morell, Goldianna




Royal Navy


H.M.S. Charybdis


April 15, 1918

Simpson, Reverend Henry W.  



H.M.S. Royal George


August 24, 1919

Mackworth, Margaret



Union Castle Line


Chepstow Castle.


March 30, 1916

Meriheina, William



Walmer Castle


December 21, 1918

Bowers-Bartlett, George Walter

Bowers-Bartlett, Irma Florine




White StarDominion





June 24, 1915

Jeffery, Charles

Lehmann, Isaac

Pirie, Robinson


July 30, 1915

Slidell, Thomas


March 12, 1920

Woodward, Robert




June 11, 1915

Home, Thomas


October 17, 1917

Donald, Archibald

Witherbee, Beatrice


November 10, 1919

Dhenin, Thomas


December 19, 1919

Lee, Bridget


September 9, 1923

Kay, Robert Belsher (child)





June 22, 1919

Bryce, Annabella

Bryce, Hugh


November 22, 1919

Henry Birchell





July 18, 1921

Mitchell, Jeanette.





March 18, 1917

Bohan, James


December 6, 1919

Hill, Emmie Jane


August 14, 1920

Pearl, Amy Lea

Pearl, Frederic

Pearl, Stuart (child)





June 6, 1915

Daly, Harold Mayne


September 23, 1919

Pells, Mary





September 11, 1916

Beattie, Alan

APPENDIX D:  A listing of known dates of death for people mentioned in this article.  Compiled by Mike Poirier and Paul Latimer.

1915, June 20th   Clarke, Mr. Alfred Russell  ( I ) 55 London, England ( Home- Toronto)
1915, July 31st  Plank, Mrs. Harriet ( Slinger ) ( II ) 61  Skerton, England ( Home-Toronto)
1915, September 15th   McKechan, Master Campbell Ballantyne ( II ) 14 mts  Gillespie,IL
1916, January 4th  Clarke, Reverend Charles Cowley ( I ) 64 Bath, England ( Home-Brighton)
1917, March 11th   Anderson, Mrs. Emily Mary ( Pybus ) ( II ) 28 Darlington, England
( Home- Bridgeport, CT )
1917, April 2nd   Wordsworth, 2nd Lieutenant Osmund Bartle ( II ) 29  KIA Calais, France
1917, April 2nd   Hebden, Private Robert ( III ) 37 Calais, France KIA
1917,  June 3rd    Fyfe, Mrs. Jeanie ( Graham ) ( II ) 69 Johnstone, Elderslie, Scotland
1917,  July 17th  Luker, Mr. Francis John ( III ) 35 Saskatoon, Canada
1917, October 15th   Gardner, Lance Corporal Eric Clarence ( II )  21 KIA
1918, February 2nd  Jones, Captain Arthur Rowland ( crew )  38 Lost on HMT Avanti
1918, March 15th   Wolfenden, Mrs. Dora ( II ) 52 ( Roden or Mills ) Manchester, Ashton, England
1918, May 27th   Pells, 2nd Lieutenant Cyril Elmore  ( II ) 27 KIA
1918, July 3rd  Rhondda, Lord ( David Alfred Thomas ) ( I ) 62  London ( Home- Monmouthshire, Wales)
1918, September 9th   Wallace, Lieutenant Cyril John George  ( II ) 22  KIA
1918, December 10th Dunne, Mrs. Constance Eda Stroud ( Simpson ) ( II ) 31 Kensington, England
1920, January 19th   Wickings-Smith, Mrs. Phyllis Bailey ( Fenn ) 29 ( II ) England
1920, July 23rd   Whitcombe, Cadet Hugh Donald Gore ( II ) 26 Salonika, Greece
1920, September 13th   Kessler, Mr. George A. ( I ) 57  Paris, France  ( Home- NYC)

1922, March 9th   Sandells, Mr. Thomas ( II ) 57 Winnipeg, Canada
1922, March 18th   Jenkins, Mr. Francis Bertram ( I ) 38  Brewster, NY
1922, September 13th  Gray, Mr. James Paul ( II ) 71 Oakland, CA
1923, March 1st   Hardwick, Mr. Charles Cheever ( I ) 57 Orange, NJ
1924, February 25th   Foss, Dr. Carl Elmer ( II ) 36 Havre, Montana
1924, April 8th   Knox, Mr. Samuel McIlhenny ( I ) 66 Wilmington, Delaware ( Home-Philadelphia )
1925, March 25th  Sharp, Mr. Samuel ( III ) 63  Burton, England
1926, November 14th   Hill, Mr. Charles Tilden ( I ) 47 Neasden, England ( Home- Richmond, Virginia )
1927, January 5th  Milford, Mr. Frederick J. ( II ) 47 Hancock, Michigan
1928, November 1st   Smith, Mrs. Jessie ( Taft ) ( I ) 52 Philadelphia, Pa
1928, November 27th Whyatt, Mrs. Martha Ann ( Taylor ) ( II ) 74 Ashton, England
1929, October 17th   Boyd, Mr. Fullerton Rimmer ( crew ) 51 Southampton, England
1930, January 6th   Charles, Mr. Joseph Henry ( I ) 63 Toronto, Canada
1930, April 6th   Gadsden, Mr. Arthur ( II ) 57 Leamington, Birmingham N., England (Home-Orange, NJ)
1932, August 18th  Arter, Mr. James Sidney ( II ) 47 Federated Malay States
1933, June 23rd   Turner, Captain William Thomas ( crew ) 77  Great Crosby, England
1933, July 12th  Post, Mr. Eugene Henry ( Posen ) ( I ) 59 Marylebone, England
1933, September 12th  Leary, Mr. James Joseph ( I ) 54  Hollywood, CA ( Home- NYC)
1933, October 18th  Leith, Mr. Robert  ( crew ) 48 Birkenhead, England
1934, May 10th   Sharp, Mrs. Mary Jane ( Mills ) ( III ) 73  Burton, England
1935, November 10th   Jeffery, Mr. Charles Thomas ( I ) 59 Philadelphia, PA
1936, October 11th   Wiggins, Mrs. Sarah Helena ( Rogerson ) ( II ) 71 Southport,
Lancashire, England
1937, December 28th   Lauriat, Mr. Charles Emelius jr. ( I ) 63 Cambridge, MA ( Home-Brookline, MA )
1938, February 15th   Kempson, Mr. Maitland ( I ) 78  Birmingham, England
1938, July13th   Harkness, William Herbert ( crew ) 52 Mayfair, Gateacre, Liverpool, England
1939, January 4th   Cowper, Mr. Ernest Sedgwick ( II ) 55 Seattle, WA ( Home- Vancouver,BC )
1939, April 10th   Secchi, Mrs. Edith Helen ( West ) ( II ) 59 Southport, England
1939, August 8th   Timmis, Mr. Robert James ( I ) 75 Gainesville, TX
1940, November 1st   Bowring, Mr. Charles Warren ( I ) 69 NYC, NY
1940, December 31st  Martin, Mrs. Laura E. ( Truman ) ( III ) 80 Ilkeston, England
1941, July 21st   Tijou, Mr. Walter Edgar ( II ) 70 Van Nuys, CA
1942,  March 30th    Faulds, Mr. Andrew ( III ) 55 Yonkers, NY
1942, April 17th   Amory, Mrs. Phoebe ( Sledge ) ( II ) 92 Welland, Ontario, Canada
1942, April 21st   MacFarquhar, Mrs. Jane Ann ( Grant ) ( II ) 79 Stratford, CT
1943, March 3rd   Bilicke, Mrs. Gladys ( Huff ) ( I ) 77  Los Angeles, CA
1944, July 4th  Needham, Mr. Henry Ernest ( II ) 59 Sidcup, Kent, England
1944, December 4th   Baker, Mr. James ( I ) 80 Newquay, Eng ( Home- Beckenham, England)
1945, August 25th  Turpin, Mr. Thomas Keith ( II ) 60
1945, November 19th   Gadd, Mr. Lott Ketch ( crew )  74  Los Angeles, CA
1945, December 23rd   Howley, Mrs. Rose ( Howley ) ( III ) 79 Yorkshire, England
1946, May 27th   Moore, Mr. John ( II ) 54  Manchester, CT
1946, July 8th   Fisher, Dr. Howard Lowrie ( I ) 80 Arlington, VA
1946, August 30th   Riddle, Mrs. Theodate Brooks ‘Effie’ ( Pope ) ( I ) 79 Farmington, CT
1947, January 9th  Hill, Mr. William Spencer ( II ) 60 Aberdeeg, Wales
1947, January 26th   Hounsell, Mr. Edgar Cyril ( II ) 60 Solihull, England
1948, February 3rd   Rhys-Evans, Mr. Arnold Leslie ( I ) 55 E. Glamorgan, England
1949, March 9th   Stroud, Mr. Edward Percy Wallace ( II ) 73 Wimbledon, Surrey NE, England
1949, January 18th   Whitehead, Miss Florence ( II ) 75 Glossop, England
1949, June 24th   Richards, Mr. Thomas Percy ( II ) 40 Cornwall, England

1950, May 8th   Pierpoint, Mr. William John ( I ) 86 Liverpool, England
1950, August 25th   Naish, Mrs. Belle ( Saunders ) ( II ) 84 Kansas City, Missouri
1951, May 17th   de Gennes, Countess Maude Thompson ( Robinson ) ( I ) 68 Sunnyside, Queens, NY
1951.  McGinley, Mr. Patrick (II)  Cathcart, Scotland
1951, August 9th   Gauntlett, Mr. Frederic John ( I ) 81 Chevy Chase, Maryland
1952, January 2nd   Pearl, Colonel Frederic Warren ( I ) 83 London, England
1952, April 3rd  Turpin, Mrs. Maud Adelaide Otway ( Hatchell ) ( II )
1953, February 21st   Wordsworth, Miss Ruth Mary ( II ) 75 Taunton, England
1953, March  Byrne, Mr. Michael Gabriel ( I ) 60 NYC, NY
1953, March 7th   Hanes, Mr. Duncan Arthur Walpole ( II ) 70 The Pas, Manitoba, Canada ( Home-Saskatoon Saskatchewan )
1953, December 19th   Frankum, Mr. Joseph William ( III )  73  Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland
1954, June 1st  Whiting, Mrs. Marion Enid ( Fish ) ( II ) 47 Bathavon, England
1955, February 20th   Duckworth, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann ( Smith ) ( III ) 88 Bozrah, CT  ( Home- Norwich, CT )
1955, October 24th  Fish, Mrs. Sarah Mary ( Rogers ) 73 Bridgwater, England
1956, April 2nd   Taylor, Mr. Richard Lionel ( I ) 72 Montreal, Canada
1956, April 30th   Brooks, Mr. James Ham ( I ) 81 Paris Hill, ME
1956, October 29th   Hammond, Mr. Ogden Haggerty ( I ) 87 NYC, NY
1957, February 9th  Preston Smith, Mr. John ( II ) 70 Racine, Wisconsin
1957, September 6th   Allan, Lady Marguerite Ethel ( Mackenzie ) ( I ) 84 Montreal, Canada
1958, June 9th   Grab, Mr. Oscar Frederick ( I ) 72 NYC, NY
1958, July 9th   Morecroft, Mrs. Fannie Jane ( Chamberlain ) ( crew ) 89 England
1958, July 20th   Rhondda, Viscountess Margaret Haig Mackworth ( Thomas ) ( I ) 75
London, England
1958, December 29th  Wakefield, Mrs. Mary Gertrude ( Smith ) ( I ) 81 Bridgenorth, Shropshire, England
1959, August 10th  Rankin, Mr. Robert ( I ) 76 Provincetown, MA
1959,  November 9th  Ratcliff, Mr. Norman Albert ( I ) 80 Maidenhead, England
1959, October 15th   Light, Mr. Herbert ( Barks ) ( III ) 76 Blythe, CA
1960, June 10th   Taylor, Mr. Harold William ( III ) 68 Niagara Falls, NY
1961, February 4th    Henderson, Mrs. Violet Alice ( Gower ) ( II ) 85 Bedford, England
1961, June 2nd  Welsh, Mrs. Gerda (Neilsen ) ( III ) 74 South Shields, England
1962, December 20th   Bestic, Captain Albert Arthur ( crew ) 72 Bray, Ireland

1963,  January  Seferian, Mr. Leon (III) NYC
1963, December 26th   Jones, Mr. William Gwynne Parry ( II ) 72 London, England
1964, February 1st   Pearl, Mrs. Amy Lea ( Duncan ) ( I ) 83 London, England
1964, March 13th   Pearl, Mr. Stuart Duncan Day ( I ) 54 Litchfield Park, AZ   ( Home- Phoenix, AZ )
1964, September 7th  Stones, Mr. Norman ( II ) 77 Exmoor, England
1964, September 8th  McDougall, Mrs. Alice ( Middleton ) ( II ) 74 Livonia, Michigan
1965, April 3rd  Wickings-Smith, Mr. Cyril ( II ) 76 Bedford, England
1966, February 15th   Snowden, Mr. Thomas E. ( III ) 81 Lynn, MA
1966, March 1st   Smith, Mr. George ( III ) 84 Nelson, BC, Canada
1966,  May   Docherty, Mrs. Mabel ( Irving ) ( II )  77 Ardmore, PA ( Formerly
Nutley, NJ )

1966, July 19th  Owens, Mrs. Cecelia Mildred ( Smith ) ( II ) 87 Swansea, England
1967, January 30th   Bernard, Mr. Clinton Percival ( I ) 78  Jamaica, Queens, NY
1967, February 14th   Paynter, Miss Irene Emily ( I ) 82 Devon, England
1967, August 9th   Dugger, Mrs. Dorothy ( Conner ) ( I ) 76 Washington, DC
1967, October 5th   Rogers, Mr Percy William ( I ) 98  Toronto, Canada
1967, November 28th   Hertz, Mr. Douglas Grant ( II ) 84 Novato, California
1968, January   Hill, Mrs. Emmie Jane ( Haynes ) ( II ) 84 White Plains, NY
1968,  April   Beattie, Mr. Allan Martin ( II ) 72  Miami, FL
1968, May 8th   Faulds, Mrs. Margaret ( Allen ) ( III ) 80 Hialeah, FL
1970, December 7th  Harris, Mr. Dwight Carlton ( I ) 86 NYC, NY
1971, January 18th   Kelly, Mrs. Charlotte Lillian Pye  ( Ives ) ( II ) 84 Vancouver, BC, Canada
1971, March 2nd   Bryce-Allan, Mrs. Marguerite Lucile ( Jolivet ) ( I ) 80 Nice, France
1972, January 6th  Egana, Mr. Vincente ( II ) 72 Nampa, Idaho
1972, June 29th   Stewart. Mrs. Christina ( Knox ) ( II ) 87 Toronto, Canada
1972, October 27th   Docherty, Mr. William Thomas Jr. ( II ) 57 Haverford, PA
1973, January 31st   Lander, Mr. Edward Harris ( II ) 90 Wa Keeney, KS
1973, June    Inch, Mr. William Ernest ( II ) 85 White Plains, NY
1973, December 23rd   Mainman, Miss Mary Frances ‘Molly’ ( II ) 75 Grasmere, Ambleside, England
1974, October 21st   Lewis, Captain John Idwal ( crew ) 89 Lodi, CA ( Home- Stockton, CA )
1975, January 31st  Walker, Mrs. Marian May ( Bird ) ( crew ) 99 Birkenhead, England
1975, April 4th   Abbott, Mrs. Virginia Bruce ( Loney ) ( I ) 75 Southampton, NY
1976, January 4th   Mainman, Mr. Edwin Richard ( II ) 67 Waveney, England ( Home- Beccles, Suffolk, England )
1976, April 5th   Taylor, Mrs. Lucy ( Haddock ) ( III ) 80 Niagara Falls, NY
1977, 1st qtr  Wood, Mrs. Annie Sophia Marsh ( Wright ) ( III ) 85 Faversham, Kent, England
1977, April 29th  Bretherton, Mrs. Norah Annie ( Keating ) ( II ) 94  Wiltshire,  Swindon, England
1977, May 19th   Graham, Mrs. Elizabeth Eleanor ( Hampshire ) ( II ) 98 Pawtucket, RI
1977, August  Annesley, Countess Josephine Mary ( Brandell ) ( I ) 85  NYC, NY
1977, December 16th  Jolivet, Mrs. Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Wilhelmena Theodora Witherbee ( La Touche ) ( I ) 87 Vancouver, BC
1978, March 28th   Cox, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth ( Robinson ) ( II ) 89 Winnipeg, Canada
1978, April 2nd   Hornberger, Mrs. Sarah Jane Lund ( Mounsey ) ( II ) 92 Niles, IL
1978, July 1st  Sharp, Mr. George Samuel ( III ) 78 Burton-on-Trent, E. Staffordshire, England
1979, February 7th   MacFarquhar, Miss Grace Marie ( II ) 80 New Britain, CT
1980, April 5th  Lobb, Mrs. Mary Beatrice ( Jackman ) ( I ) 96 Chichester, England
1980, August 19th   Bretherton, Mr. Paul  ( II )  68 Cheltenham, England
1981, November 30th   Kay, Mr. Robert Belsher ( II )  73 Maspeth, Queens, NY
1983, November 12th  Fish, Miss Sadie Eileen ( II ) 78 Wandsworth, England
1983, December 21st   Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth Sarah ( Mainman ) ( II ) 76 Cumba,  Lancaster, England
1984, December 20th   Gardner, Mr. William Gerard ( II ) 80 New Zealand
1985, January 12th   Frankum, Mr. Francis ( III ) 76 Dunoon, Scotland
1985,  January  14th  Henderson, Mr. Harris Reginald ( II ) 80 Bedford, England
1986, February  French, Miss Grace Hope ( II ) 95 Helensburgh, Scotland
1986, October 25th  Scott, Mrs. Elsie ( Hardy ) ( II ) 95 Allendale, New Jersey
1992, February 27th   Williams, Mr. John Edward ( III ) 86 Perth Amboy, NJ  ( Home-Dunellen, NJ )
1992, May 12th   Wachtel, Mrs. Edith ( Williams ) ( III ) 86 Carmichael, CA
1993, April 8th  Thomas, Mrs. Helen ( Smith ) ( II ) 84 Swansea, England
1993, May 25th  Woods, Mrs. Nancy Eileen Fenn ( Wickings-Smith ) ( II ) 78 Blackheath, London, England
2001, June 19th   Scott, Mr. Arthur ( III ) 94 Hamilton, Ontario
2008, April  McDermott, Barbara Winifred (Anderson) (II) 95 Wallingford, Connecticut.

Children named to commemorate the Lusitania disaster.

5/7/1915           Bronwen Lusitania Davies
5/7/1915           Ethel Lusitania Goaman
5/7/1915           Lusitania Christina Gommo
5/7/1915           Eva Lusitania Hooten
5/9/1915           Hilda Lusitania Clarke
5/11/1915         Doris Lusitania Osbourne
5/11/1915         Rosie Lusitania Race
5/15/1915         Lusitania Southwell
5/17/1915         Lusitania Mayo
5/25/1915         May Lusitania Butkus
5/28/1915         Lusitania Chick
5/31/1915         Phyllis Lusitania Bough
6/18/1915         Lusitania Pearce
6/19/1915         June Lusitania Barley
6/24/1915         Lusitania Smith
6/15                 Lusitania Benci
6/15                 Lusitania Bull
6/15                 Lusitania Cartwright
6/15                 Lusitania Dawe
6/15                 Lusitania Fox
6/15                 Lusitania Harper
6/15                 Lusitania Haywood
6/15                 Lusitania Nash
6/15                 Lusitania Pearson
6/15                 Lusitania Rayson
6/15                 Lusitania Sharpe
6/15                 Lusitania Walker
6/15                 Lusitania Walton
6/15                 Lusitania Watts
7/9/15              Lucy Lusitania Jackson
8/3/1915           Florence Lusitania Blanchard
9/3/1915           Lusitania Harter
9/14/1915        Georgina Lusitania Dyer
9/15                 Lusitania Bennett
9/15                 Lusitania Chevener
9/15                 Lusitania Clarke
9/15                 Lusitania Cranstone
9/15                 Lusitania Harrison
9/15                 Lusitania Heavingham
9/15                 Lusitania Ryder
9/15                 Lusitania  Spence
9/15                 Lusitania Stamp
9/15                 Lusitania Wiggins
12/3/1915         Lusitania Colbridge
12/15               Lusitania Hayden
12/15               Lusitania Horncastle

Lest We Forget : Rather surprisingly, a search of U.S./U.K. birth and death records yields only three children named after the era’s most famous shipwreck:

5/21/1912      Wilfred Titanic Dyke
6/27/1912      Dolly Titanic Coon
3/25/1917      Rosina Titanic Saunders

Plus, this rather intriguingly dated birth:

4/2/1912       Edwin Titanic Pascoe, born 8 days before the start of the maiden voyage.