Lusitania : Final Voyage Folios

The Irish State recently acquired at auction some unique Lusitania items, including the original of the Saloon Berth List for the final, fatal voyage of May 1915.

This contains first and second class cabin allocations, basic addresses, and c/o contact details for people such as relatives or employers.While the basic cabin allocations were included as redacted appendix to the book Lusitania: The Ship & Her Record, there follows at the end of this introduction the full document, transcribed at the National Library of Ireland while it was still being catalogued.

The auction lot comprising these items sold for a paltry €15,000 ($22,000 US; £10,000 Sterling) at the “Independence” sale in Dublin by Adam’s and Mealy’s auctioneers, held on April 15, 2008, coincidentally the 96th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Provenance was the estate of the late Carol Kennedy, a biographer and financial commentator, who acquired the originals directly from the Cunard Line in Liverpool many decades ago.

These are thus the original Cunard office documents relating to the voyage of the Lusitania from New York to Liverpool, which departed on May 1st 1915, under Captain W. T. Turner, RNR.

Among the lesser acquisitions in the same lot are deck plans of the quadruple-screw turbine steamer, with red ink markings dated November 21, 1914. These show that that some saloon accommodations were closed up for economy at this stage of the war, although they were later reopened.

More important is an original cargo manifest for the final voyage – especially in light of the various claims about that cargo, and what it might cover.


Eight typewritten double pages give details of the “Manifest of Local Cargo Shipped on Board of the Steamship ‘LUSITANIA’ (Voyage No. 101), Sailed From New York to Liverpool, May 1/15.”

There is also a grey book, a few copies of which survive in private hands, declared to be a “Record of Passengers and Crew” from the sinking, which is dated March 1, 1916.

This is the company’s final return of all passengers and crew, including identification of bodies recovered, their place of interment, names of relations, together with descriptions of the unidentified remains and recovered property. It is headed with the legend “Confidential: For Office Use Only,” and bound in linen.

But the jewel is the Berth List, consisting of six double-page ledger folios giving ticket numbers, names, addresses, berths allocated and destination. Added in pencil are the names of stewards, with annotations as to whether they were saved or lost. A limited number of passengers also have entries against their names indicating whether they survived or drowned.


There are mistakes, misspellings and omissions in the document. An occasional [sic] has been added here in transcription. Indications of whether a cabin was on the port or starboard side are also given as an addition, since left-hand or right-hand pages are used in the ledger for this purpose, and such an arrangement cannot otherwise be conveyed to the lay reader.



Lusitanis Deck A

46100Mr Wm. John Pierpoint
(of Lpool)
c/o SS Lusitania
Pier 54, North River, NY
46135Mr Frederico G. Padilla
(Mexican Consul-General at Lpool)
c/o Imperial Hotel, NYA3
46156Mr Audley Drake
(of Detroit)
c/o Mr C. Leidich
Detroit, Mich.
D 41 A5
46146Mr & Mrs H. A. Bruno
(of Montclair, N.J.)
c/o Roger & Carr
123 William St, NY
A 17 A7
46141Mr Dwight C. Harris
(of NY)
37 5th Avenue, NYA 9
46122Mr August W. Schwarte
(of NY)
c/o Thos. Adams Ltd
396 Broadway, NY
A 11
46065Miss C. Dougall
(of Guelph, Ont.)
c/o R. Dougall
Macdonald College, Quebec, Canada
A 15
10864Mr & Mrs W. Keeble
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
A 7 A 17
46088Mrs Wm. Crichton
(of NY)
c/o Mrs J. H. Dalton,
Hotel Astor, NY
A 19
46077Mr Julian de Ayala
(Cuban Consul-General at Lpool)
c/o McAlpin Hotel, NYA 21
46162Mr Geo. A Kessler
(of NY)
20 Beaver St, NYA 23
and bath
10859Mr & Mrs Frank A. Rogers
(of Toronto)
c/o Robt Simpson Co.,
Toronto, Canada
A 25
46118Mr R. J. Timmis
(of Lpool)
c/o Williams and Prehn
Cotton Exchange, NY
A 27
1290Mr Lothrop Winthington
(of Boston)
c/o Boston OfficeA 29
46058Mr Frank Partridge
(of Ldn and NY)
c/o Ritz Carlton Hotel, NYA 31
013431Capt. Jas. B. Miller
(of Washington, D.C.)
c/o Coast Geodetic Survey
Washington, D.C.
A 33

[Steward to all the above, Chas. Randall, saved.]


Staff CaptainA 2
46107Mrs H. B. Lassetter
(of Ldn)
c/o Biltmore Hotel, NYA 4
46084Mr J. J. Battersby
(of Stockport, Eng.)
c/o Prince George Hotel, NYA 6
20609Mr Harold Boulton Jr.,
(of Ldn and Chicago)
c/o Chicago OfficeA 8
46103Mr J. H. Page
(of NY)
c/o Mark Cross & Co.
5th Ave., NY
A 12
46107Mr F. Lassetter
(of Ldn)
c/o Biltmore Hotel, NYA 14
14677Mr & Mrs Wm. F. Hodges
(of Phila.)
Philadelphia OfficeA 16
Master W. S. Hodges, Jr. (8 yrs)
Master D. W. Hodges (5 yrs)
46042Mr F. G. Naumann
(of Ldn)
c/o G. W. Lawrence Co.,
87 Front St, NY.
A 20
46056Mr & Mrs Harry B. Baldwin
(of NY)
c/o Austin Baldwin & Co.,
44 Whitehall St, NY.
A 22
and bath
46114Mr Max M. Schwarcz
(of NY)
137 Madison Ave, NYA 24
46117Mr R. T. Moodie
(of Lpool)
c/o Williams & Prehn
Cotton Exchange, NY
A 26
6348Mrs Munro
(of Lpool)
c/o Manhattan Hotel, NYA 28
46137Mr Francis B. Jenkins
(of NY)
c/o Cobb & Jenkins
244 5th Ave., NY
A 30
46139Mr Gerald A. Letts
(of NY)
21 East 55th St., NYA 32
46075Comdr. J. Foster Stackhouse
(of Ldn)
c/o Lotos Club
W. 57th St, NY
A 34

[Steward to all the above, John Perry, drowned.]

Lusitania Deck B


8568Mr Isaac F. Turnbull
(of Bridgeport)
c/o S. Loewith & Co.,
Bridgeport, Conn.
B 1
6926Mr Allan C. Barnes
(of Toronto)
c/o Robt. Reford Co.
Toronto, Canada
10870Mr Thos. W. Rumble
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Can.
B 3
1297Mr Chas E. Lauriat Jr.,
(of Boston)
c/o Boston OfficeB 5
46148Mr W. A. Edmond
(of Quebec)
c/o G. J. P. Moore,
, Can.
B 7
14679Mr S. M. Knox
(of Phila.)
c/o Philadelphia Office
(N.Y. Shipbuilding Co.)
B 9
14678Mr & Mrs Harry J. Keser
(of Phila.)
c/o Philadelphia OfficeB 11
10849Mr M. Kempson
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Can.
B 15
46110Mr Arthur Wood
(of Tunstall, Eng)
c/o Wm. S. Pitcairn
104 5th Avenue, NY
B 17
14674Mr James Barker
(of England)
c/o Philadelphia OfficeB 21

[All the above served by steward Robt. Morse, saved.]

6927Mr Thos. Hornec/o Robt. Reford Co;B 23
(of Toronto; Goulding & Son)Toronto, Can
46067Mr W. Broderick-Cloete
(of San Antonio)
San Antonio Nat’l Bank
San Antonio, Texas
B 25
1298Mr and Mrs Henry Adams
(of England)
c/o Boston OfficeB 27
46120Mr Geo. H. Turton
(of Melbourne, Australia)
Knickerbocker Hotel, NYB 29
46029Mr N. N. Alles
(of NY)
St Regis Hotel, NYB 31

[All the above served by steward James Holden, drowned.]


013432Mr Matthew Gibson
(of Glasgow)
c/o Thos. Young
42 White St, NY
B 2
013429Mr Peter Buswell
(of Glasgow)
Anchor Line, GlasgowB 4
174681Mr & Mrs Chas. E. Robinson
(of Phila)
c/o Philadelphia OfficeB 6
171908Mr A. J. Scott
(of Manila, P. I.)
c/o Chicago OfficeB 8
46069Mr Herbert S. Stonec/o Capt. Lewis
Associated Press, NY
B 10
46097Mr Wallace B. Phillips
(of NY)
52 Vanderbilt Ave, NYB 12
46064Mr T. B. King
(of NY)
c/o Brokaw Bros,
22 Astor Pl., NY
B 14
46063Mr Jas. Leary
(of NY)
B 16
20697Mr and Mrs Chas. A. Plamondon
(of Chicago)
Chicago OfficeB 18
46143Miss Jessie Taft Smith
(of Ohio)
Braceville, OhioB 20
46091Mr F. E. O. Tootal
(of Ldn)
c/o Astor HotelB 22

[All the above served by steward Wm. Williams, saved.]

13169Mr David L. Chabot
(of Montreal)
c/o W H. Henry
Montreal, Can.
B 24
46092Mr A. J. Byington
(of Ldn)
Astor Hotel, NYB 26
46130Master Bobs Holt
(of Montreal)
c/o A. & A. Allan
Montreal, Can.
B 28
46090Mr A. L. Hopkins
(of NY)
Newport Shipbuilding Co.,B 30
Mr Fred J. Gauntlett
(of NY)
Woolworth Bldg, NY

[All the above served by steward James Grant, saved.]


46134Mr and Mrs Alan Dredge
(of British Honduras)
c/o Busk and Daniel
Produce Exchange, NY
B 33
1296Mr Percy Seccombe
(of Peterboro, N. H.)
c/o Boston OfficeB 35
Miss Elizabeth Seccombe
46072Mrs Popham Lobb
(of NY)
c/o E. T. Danell & Co.,
Produce Exchange NY
B 39
46164Mr Scott Turner
(of Lansing, Mich.)
c/o Knickerbocker Hotel, NY
Royal Ins. Co., 84 William St, NY
B 41
46147Mr & Mrs Conway S. Campbell-Johnston
(of Ldn)
c/o Belmont Hotel, NYB 43
46115Mr Norman A. Ratcliff
(of Lpool)
c/o Manhattan Hotel, NYB 45

[All the above served by steward James Holden, drowned]

12933Lady Allan
(of Montreal)
c/o Robt Reford Co.
B 47 B 79
Regal Suite / Bath
Miss Anna Allan
Miss Gwen AllanB 49
46094Dr & Mrs F. S. Pearson
(of NY)
Pearson Eng’r’g Co.
115 Broadway, NY
B 51
866Mr & Mrs J. M. Young
(of Hamilton, Ont.)
W. McIlroy
Hamilton, Ont.
B 53

[All the above served by steward Walter Wood, saved.]

46070Mr W. A. F. Passar
(of Ldn)
Biltmore Hotel, NYB 55
46168Mr F. E. MacLennan
(of Glasgow)
c/o John Darling,
456 4th Ave., NY
B 57
46154Mr Joseph L. Myers
(of NY)
176 Madison Ave., NYB 59
Mr Frohman’s valet
(of NY)
(Wm Stainton)B 61


6924Mrs M. S. Morell
(of Toronto)
Robt Reford Co.,B 32
Mrs W. Chapman (of Toronto)Toronto, Ont.
46059Mr Chas. F. Williamson
(of NY)
Buckingham Hotel, NYB 34
20604Mrs Constance E. Willey
(of Lake Forest, Ill.)
Chicago OfficeB 36
46059Miss Marg’t A. Baker
(of NY)
618 5th Ave., NYB 38
46060Mr Martin van Straaten
(of Ldn)
Waldorf Astoria, NYB 40
46163Mr Jos. Levinson, Jr.
(of Canada)
Knickerbocker Hotel, NYB 42
20608Mr C. J. Jeffery
(of Chicago)
c/o Chicago OfficeB 44

[Steward to all the above, James Grant, saved.]

46140Mr Thos. H. Williams
(of Lpool)
c/o Williams & Prehn, NYB 46
19841Mr and Mrs Albert C. Bilickec/o Chicago OfficeB 48
(of Los Angeles, Calif.)Regal SuiteBath
46153Mr Chas. W. Bowring
(of NY)
17 Battery Pl., NYB 50
46078Mr & Mrs Chas. F. Fowler
(of NY)
590 5th Ave., NYB 52
46138Mrs C. Hickson Kennedyc/o Mr Hickson
657 5th Ave., NY
B 54
Miss Katheryn Hickson
(of NY)
46089Mr Herman A. Myers
(of NY)
684 Broadway,NYB 56
46112Mr Robinson Pirie
(of Hamilton, Ont.)
W. E. Sanford Mfg. Co.
Hamilton, Ont. Can
B 58
14346Mr H. B. Sonnebornc/o A. W. RobsonB 60
Mr Leo M. Schwabacher
(of Baltimore)
Baltimore, Md.
Mr Vanderbilt’s valet (Ronald Denyer)B 62
Mr Orr-Lewis’ valet (Geo. Slingsby)


46039Mr Chas. V. Mills
(of NY)
c/o J. B. Loeke and Potts,
81 Franklin St, NY
B 63
46032Mr Alfred G. Vanderbilt
(of NY)
c/o C. E. Crocker
331 Madison Ave, NY
B 65 B 61
and bath
10860Mr L. McMurray
(of Toronto)
c/o A.F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
B 69
13101 Mr F. A. Peardon
(of Toronto)
B 71
46057Mr Edgar Gorer
(of London)
c/o Ritz Carlton Hotel, NYB 73

[Steward to all the above, Walter Wood, saved)

46052Mr Chas. Frohman
(of NY)
c/o Alf Hayman
Empire Theatre, NY
B 75
and bath
1295Mr and Mrs Stewart S. Mason
(of Boston)
c/o Boston OfficeB 77
Lady Allan’s maid (Emily Davies)B 79
Miss Allan’s maid (Annie Walker)
Mrs Loney’s maid (Elsie Bouteiller)B 81
46061Mr and Mrs A. D. Loney
(of NY)
c/o Gotham Hotel, NYB 85
Miss Virginia LoneyB 81
46128Mr and Mrs Fredk Hammond
(of Toronto)
A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
B 89
46087Miss P. Hutchison
(of England)
c/o R. A. Franks
576 Broadway, NY
B 91

[Steward to all the above, James Collins, saved.]

13191Mr Francis C. Kellett
(of Tuckahoe, NY)
Julius Stein
303 5th Ave, NY
B 93
13165Mr R. L. Taylor
(of Montreal)
W. H. Henry
Montreal, Can.
B 95

[Steward to the above, Thomas Dawes, drowned.]


46034Mr Michael G. Byrne
(of NY)
444 W. 50th St, NYB 64
10858Mr John H. Charles
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
B 66
46157Mr and Mrs E. Blish Thompson
(of Seymour, Ind.)
558 St Mark’s Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY
B 68
and bath
46096Mr and Mrs Elbert Hubbard
(of East Aurora, NY)
East Aurora
Erie Co, NY
B 70
10863Mr R. R. Lockhart
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
B 72
D1348Mr F. Orr-Lewis
(of Montreal)
Andrew A. Allan
Montreal, Can.
B 74

[Steward to all the above, John Roach, saved.]

13062Mrs J. S. Burnside
Miss Ives Burnside
(of Toronto)
c/o T. Eaton Co.
45 E. 17th St
, NY
B 76
and bath
14673Mr and Mrs M. N. Pappadopoulo
(of Greece)
c/o Philadelphia OfficeB 78
13063Mrs Burnside’s maid
(Mattie Waites)
B 80
Mrs Learoyd’s maid
(Marg’t Hurley)
B 82
46043Mr D. A. Thomas
(of Cardiff, Wales)
c/o Waldorf-Astoria, NYB 86
46045Lady Mackworth
(of Cardiff)
c/o B 86 / 88B 90
46044Mr A. L. Rhys-Evans
(of Cardiff)
Waldorf-Astoria, NYB 92

[Steward to all the above, Arthur Clegg, drowned.]

13168Mr A. T. Mathews
(of Montreal)
c/o W. H. Henry
Montreal, Can.
B 94
13167Mr Chas. F. Sturdy
(of Montreal)
B 96

[Steward to the above, Percy Penny, saved.]


13166Mr Duncan Stewart
(of Montreal)
C/o W. H. Henry
Montreal, Can.
B 97
46133Mr Chas. E. Paynter
(of Lpool)
c/o Seville Hotel, NYB 99
13093Mr M. B. Medbury
(of NY)
41 W. 47th St, NYB 101
1299Mr Oliver Bernard
c/o Boston OfficeB 103
46150Mr K. J. Morrison
(of Canada)
c/o Chicago
46133Miss Irene Paynter
(of Lpool)
c/o Seville Hotel, NYB 105
10865Mr Robt. W. Crooks
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster & SonB 107
6347Mr Evan A. Leigh
(of Lpool)
c/o Belmont Hotel, NYB 109
10866Mr H. G. Colebrook
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster & Son
Toronto, Ont.
B 111

[Steward to all the above Thomas Dawes, drowned.]


13092Mrs R. D. Shymer
(of NY)
41 West 47th St, NYB 98
46143Dr Owen Kenna
(of NY)
c/o Plaza Hotel, NYB 100
46166Mr Walter Wright
(of Scotland)
c/o Standard Welding Co.,
2 Rector St, NY
B 102
46125Mr C. C. Hardwick
(of NY)
132 5th Ave, NYB 104
46135Mr C. J. Brodrick
(of Boston)
162 Congress St,
Boston, Mass.
B 106
46038Mr J. Friedenstein
(of Ldn)
Gt. Northern Hotel
W. 57th St, NY
B 108
9956Mr Chas. T. Hill
(of Ldn)
British Am. Tob. Co.,
111 5th Ave, NY
B 110

[Steward to all the above, Percy Penny, saved.]

Lusitania Deck D


Ticket numberNameAddressCabin
Mrs Jas. Dunsmuir
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster & Son
Toronto, Ont.
D 1
13105Mr A. R. Clarke (of Toronto)diedD 3
Mrs G. W. Stephens
(of Montreal)

and maid (Miss Elise Elsie Oberlin) in room
c/o W. H. HenryD 5
Mr Jas J. Black
(of L’pool)
c/o Post and Flagg
38 Wall Street
Waldorf Astoria NY.
D 7
Master John H. C. Stephens
and nurse (Miss Caroline Milton) (in room) (of Montreal)
c/o W. H. HenryD9
Mr John Fenwick
of Switzerland
c/o Marie Antoinette Hotel
Pac. Rwy. Co. NY NY.
D 11
D 1350
Miss Rita Jolivet
(of Paris);
Harrison G. Fiske
Liebler & Co. NY.
D 15
Mrs Wallace Watson
(of Montreal)
W. H. HenryD 17
Mr Thos J. Silva
(of Temple, Texas)
Wm Ray and Co.
43 Cotton Exchange
D 21
D 1345
Mr Charles Klein
(of London)
Astor Hotel, NYD 23
and bath
Mr Thos. Bloomfield
(of NY)
24 Broadway NYD 25
Mr & Mrs G.W. Bowers Bartlett
(of London)
c/o St Regis Hotel NY
Blackstone Hotel
Chicago, Ill.
D 27
Miss Marg’t D. Jonesc/o F. R. FrostD 29
SavedMrs A. F. Wakefield
(of Honolulu, Hawaii)
Theo H. Davies & Co. Ltd,
24 State St., NY.

[All above had Steward William McLeod, drowned.]

LostMr & Mrs Montagu T. Grant
(of Chicago)
c/o Chicago OfficeD 31 in pencil D 39
Mr Gustav Adolph Nyblom
(of Canada)
c/o Maitland, Coppell & Co,
Wall St, NY.
D 33


Mr. Justin [sic] Miles Forman
(of NY)
c/o Alf. Hayman
Empire Theatre, NY.
D 2
Mr H. N. Daly
(of Ottawa)
c/o Mr P. M. Buttler
Ottawa, Ont.
D 4
Mr Rich’d R. Freeman Jr.,
(of Boston)
c/o Boston OfficeD 4
Mr John H. Harper
(of NY)
61 Leonard St., NYD 6
Mrs F. Padley
(of Lpool)
Wm Booth
26 Water St, NY.
D 8
D 1344
Mr & Mrs F. B. Tessen
(of Phila.)
c/o John Wanamaker
Astor Place
D 10
Rev. Cowley Clarke
(of London)
c/o Racquet Tennis Club NY.D 12
Miss Doris Charles
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster & Son
Toronto, Ont
D 14
Mr R. E. Dearbergh
(of NY)
117 W. 58th St. NY.D 18
Mr & Mrs O. H. Hammond
(of NY)
30 E. 70th St, NY.D 20
and bath
D 1346
Mr C. A. Dingwall
(of Ldn)
c/o Chicago OfficeD 22
Mr Geo. Tiberghien
(of France)
French Woosted Co.D 24
Sir Hugh Lane
(of England)
c/o St Regis Hotel. NY.
Scott and Fowles
D 26

[All the above served by steward Wm Fletcher, saved]

Mr Fred’k J. Perry
(of Buffalo)
c/o J. W. Klauck Co.
Buffalo, NY.
D 28
Miss Josephine Blandell [sic]
(of NY)
c/o Cumberland Hotel
54 St and Broadway, NY
D 30
Mr C. Harwood Knight
(of Baltimore)
c/o A. W. Robson
Baltimore, Md.
D 32


Miss Elaine H. Knight
(of Baltimore)
c/o A. W. Robson
Baltimore, Md.
D 35
Mr A. H. Adams
(of Ldn)
c/o US Rubber Co.,
58th St, NY.
D 37
Mr Alex Campbell
(of Ldn)
c/o John Dewar and Sons
59 Bank St, NY.
D 31 D 39
Mr F. Guy Lewin
(of Ldn)
c/o Thomas & Pierson
17 Battery Place, NY.
A 5 D 41
Mrs F. O. OsborneAnchor Road, GlasgowD 43
Mr W. McM. Adams
(of Ldn)
c/o US Rubber Co.
58th St, NY.
D 45
Mr Eugene Hy. Posen
(of Lnd)
3, E. 44th St.,D 47
Rev. Basil W. Maturin
(of Oxford, Eng.)
c/o Rev. J. H. McMahon
472 W. 144th St., NY
D 49
Mr Geo. Maurice
(of Ldn)
McAlpin Hotel, NYD 51
Mr & Mrs Victor .E Shields
(of Cincinnati)
c/o 1st Nat’l Bank,
Cincinnati, Ohio
D 53
Mrs G. Stanley Ryersonc/o Mr G. S. Ryerson
34 Wall St, NY.
D 55
SavedMiss Laura Ryerson (of Toronto)
46123Mr & Mrs C. A. Learoydc/o A. F. Webster and SonD 55
Mrs L
(of Sydney, Australia)
Toronto, Ont.
Biltmore Hotel, NY
D 57
Mr Fred A. McMurtryc/o T. Eaton & Co.,D 59
Mr Walter McLean
(of NY)
45 E. 17th St, NY.
Mrs A. C. Luckc/o D. F. Healy,D 61
Master Eldridge C. Luck
Master Kenneth F. Luck
(of Worceser)
Worcester, Mass.
Miss Dorothy Braithwaite
(of Montreal)
c/o Robt. Reford Co.
Montreal, Ca.
D 63

[All the above attended by steward Edwin Huther, drowned.]


Mr Wm. H. H. Brown
(of Buffalo)
c/o D. W. Klanck Co.
Buffalo, NY.
D 34
Mr John W. McConnel
(of Manchester, Eng.)
c/o Mississippi Debbon Painting Co.,
1205 Central Bank Building, Memphis, Tennessee
D 36
Mr Albert N. Perry
(of Buffalo)
c/o D. W. Klanck Co.
Buffalo, NY.
D 38
Mr Ernest Townley
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
D 40
c/o Robt Simpson Co, Toronto, Ont
Mr Philip Yung
(of Antwerp, Belgium)
c/o Robt Reford Co.,
D 42
Mr Percy W. Rogers
(of Toronto)
c/o Robt Reford Co.,
Toronto, Ont.
D 44
Mr David Walker
(of NY)
c/o Pearson Engineering Co.,
115 Broadway, NY.
D 46
Mr Isaac Lehmann
(of NY)
24 State St, NYD 48
Mr Geo. A. Powell
(of Toronto)
c/o T. Eaton Co.,
45 E. 17th St, NY.
D 50
Mrs A. S. Witherbee22 W. 72nd St NY.D 52
LostMaster A. S.
(of NY) Jr. (3½ yrs)
LostMrs M. C. Brown (of NY)
Miss Theodate PopeRenaissance Hotel
512 5th AvenueNY
D 54
LostAnd maid (Miss Emily Robinson)
(of Farrington, Conn.)
Mr and Mrs Paul Crompton
(of Philadelphia, PA)
c/o Booth & co.,
17 Battery Place, NY
D 56
LostMaster Steven CromptonD 58
Master John Crompton (6 yrs)
LostMiss Alberta Crompton
Miss Catherine CromptonD 60
Infant (Master Peter Crompton)
And nurse (Miss Dorothy Allen)

[All the above served by steward William Barnes, saved]

Lusitania Deck E


46127Mr Thos. Slidell
(of NY)
140 W. 55th St, NY.E 41
46151Mr Robt. Rankin
(of NY)
Seville Hote, NY.E 43
13047Mrs Hy. D. Macdona
(of NY)
250 W. 104th St, NYE 45
46083Mr Edwin W. Friend
(of Farmington, Conn.)
c/o Renaissance Hotel
512 5th Avenue, NY.
E 47
46136Mr Geo. A. Gilpin
(of England)
Arlington HotelE 49
46071Major F. Warren Pearl
Mrs Warren Pearl (of NY)
a 67 375 West End Ave.,NY.E 51
11956Mr Jas. D. Mitchell
(of England)
c/o Adam Express Co., NY
Transferred to another room aboard
E 53
013433Mr Alex Stuart
(of Glasgow)
Genniston, South AfricaE 55

[All the above served by steward Vincent Settle, saved.]


13133Mr Henry Pollard
(of Washington)
c/o G. W. Moss
Washington, D.C.
E 40
8677Mr Julius Strauss
(of Hamilton)
c/o Henning Bros,
Hamilton, Ont.
E 42
46119Mr Edwin Perkins
(of England)
c/o Astor Hotel, NYE 44
46126Mr A. B. Cross
(of F. Malay States)
c/o Imperial Hotel, NYE 46
3080Mr J. H. Brooks
(of Bridgeport)
c/o S. Loewith & Co.,
Bridgeport, Conn.
E 48
46111Dr Howard Fisher
(of NY)
c/o Dr L. A. Conner
121 E. 62nd St, NY.
E 50
46113Mr Geo G. Mosley
(of England)
c/o Astor Hotel, NYE 52
14471Mrs Anthony Watson
(of Edinburgh, Scot.)
Stratford House
11 E. 32nd St.
E 54

[All the above served by steward John Charlton, saved.]


46124Mr Leonidas Bistis
(of Greece)
c/o A. Flehinghill
Atlanta, Ga.
E 57
46071Miss Amy W. Pearl
(2½ yrs)
375 W. End Ave., NY.E 59
Miss Susan W. Pearl (1½ yrs)
And maid (Miss Alice Lines) (in room)
46086Mrs A. Depage
(of Belgium)
16 East 64th St.NY.E 61
46111Transferred – Miss Dorothy Connerc/o Dr L. A. ConnerE 63
Dr Fisher
(of NY)
121 E 62nd St, NY.
13102Mr Jas. Bohan
(of Toronto)
A. F. Webster & Son,
Toronto, Ont.
E 65
46071Master Stuart Duncan D. Pearl375 W. End Ave., NYE 67
(and maid, Miss Greta Lorenson, in room)
(of NY)
46165Mr Lindon Bates Jr.
(of NY)
71 Broadway
Belgium Relief Assn, NY
E 69
13104Mr & Mrs Geo. R. Copping
(of Toronto)
c/o A. F. Webster and Son
Toronto, Ont.
E 75

[Steward to all the above, Alf Woods, saved.]

Bath Room Steward Mr W. Mitchell knows all the E dk. people


46155Mr Chas. P. Bernard
(of NY)
c/o S. H. Ball
71 Broadway, NY
E 56
46161Mr Oscar F. Grab
(of NY)
392 5th Avenue, NYE 58
1686Mr Jacobus Sigurd
(of Sweden)
c/o Chicago OfficeE 60
D1347Mr G. L. P. Vernon
(of Ldn)
Worlds Film Corp
126 W. 46th St, NY.
E 62
46167Dr J. T. Houghton
(of Saratoga)
Saratoga Spring, NYE 64
16050Mr F. W. Hawkins
(of Winnipeg, Man.)
Chicago Office
865Mrs A. B. Osborne
(of Hamilton)
c/o W. McIlroy
Hamilton, Ont.
E 74

[All the above served by steward David Critchley, drowned.]

Purser to provide accommodation on board:

013343Mr Henry G. Burgess
(of Bradford, Eng)
Transfer from SS “Cameronia”
70416Mr Robt. C. Wright
(of Cleveland)
Akers & Joliman, Cleveland, O.May 1/15
Mr Robt. W. Cairns to pay purser on board.
Miss Diane Lehmann
Mr Martin LehmannOff
Mr WinterCo’s Official

Senan Molony 2008. With thanks to the National Library of Ireland

Deck Plans Images Courtesy of Paul Latimer and Michael Poirier

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