The Lusitania : Part 1 : Contents

Stories life and death from the sinking of the Lusitania.

…if it wasn’t for the worry I could say we’ve had a lovely trip.
Nellie Huston, Lusitania Victim


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1. Contents

2. Introduction

William Uno Meriheina
Nellie Huston
Henry Needham

3. The Survivor

Barbara and Emily Anderson

4. The Families

Part 1 : Cecilia Owens; Reginald and Ronald Owens; Helen Smith; Alfred and Elizabeth Smith; Pearl family; Crompton family; Dorothy Allan; Charlotte and Marjorie Pye; Gertrude and Joan Adams; Rose Lohden; Emily, Albert and Edgar Palmer; Minnie Smith; Hodges family

Part 2 : Norah Bretherton; Paul and Elizabeth Bretherton; Ruth and Robert Logan; Thomas and Annie Marsh; Thomas Marsh Junior; William Docherty; Mabel Docherty; Margaret Hastings; Ronald Greenwood; Jane and Grace Macfarquhar; James Haldane; Matron S. Leitch; Inez Wilson; Virginia Bruce Loney, Allan and Catharine Loney; Alfred and Elizabeth Mainman; Mainman family

Part 3 : Annie and Edith Williams; Rose Howley; Lydia and Eva Grandidge; Alice and Arthur Scott; Walter and Howard Tijou; Elizabeth, Duncan and Mary MacCorkindale; Samuel, Mary Jane and George Sharpe
Terence and Stuart Grey; Francis Luker; Cyril, Phyllis, and Nancy Wickings-Smith; Edward Lander; Sarah Fish; Fish family; Elizabeth Rogers; Thomas and Margaret Brownlie; John Moore; Walter Dawson and Jeanette Mitchell

5. The Struggle to Abandon Ship

Part 1 : James Brooks; Albert Bestic

Part 2 : John Idwal Lewi; James Sidney Arter; Maitland Kempson; Charles Bowring; Harold and Lucy Taylor; Dora and John Wolfenden

Part 3 : Walter Dawson, Albert and Agnes Veals, Frederick Isherwood; Thomas Sandells; Anna Ruane; Delia Stenson; Catherine Gleason; Emmie Hill; Willie Inch; Reverend Cowley Clarke; C.T. Hill; Marion Bird; Fannie Morecroft; Laura Martin; Hugh Donald Whitcombe; George Smith; Mary Beatrice Popham Lobb;Robert Leith; David McCormick

6. The Port Boats

Stones; Lund; William Mounsey; Eunice Kinch; Joseph Myers; Francis Kellett; Mary Maycock; Robert Dyer; Frederick Gauntlett; Albert Hopkins; Samuel Knox; Hammond; Faulds; Annie Sharp; James Leary; Thomas Boyce King;   Boat 14 Essay;  Norman Ratcliff; George Kessler; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruno

7. Passengers of Distinction

Part 1 : C.T. Jeffrey; Isaac Trumbull; Albert Norris Perry; Frederick Perry; Edwin Twinning; Anne Shymer; Henry Pollard; Albert and Gladys Bilicke

Part 2 : Douglas Hertz; Dorothy Connor; Walter Fisher; D.A. Thomas; Robert Rankin

Part 3 : James Tilley Houghton; Fullerton Riemer Boyd; Josephine Brandell; Mabel Crichton; Maude and Elbridge Thompson; Charlotte Luck and children

Part 4 : Rita Jolivet; Lest We Forget film essay; Edgar Hounsell; Edward Barry; Dwight Carlton Harris; Herbert Light; Royal Gwent Singers; Harwood and Elaine Knight; Amelia Baker; Charles Williamson

8. A Hint of Scandal

Part 1 : Henry Sonneborn and Leo Schwabacher; Thomas Snowden and Eva Finch; Aino, Carl and Jan Antila; Constance Stroud; Rose Ellen Murray and Patrick McGinley; George Harrison

Part 2 : Carl Elmer Foss; Alfred Russell Clarke; Katherine Hickson and Caroline Hickson Kennedy; Albert Lloyd Hopkins; David Loynd; Maurice Medbury; James Williams; John Napier Fulton

Part 3 : Joseph and Evelyn Dredge

9. Earlier Voyages

Part 1 : First wartime eastbound crossing. Turbine sabotaged; Chased by military vessel; American high society flees Europe; Lusitania overdue, feared lost at sea; Bomb fears add to extra security on Christmas crossing.

Part 2
Lusitania raises American flag during eastbound voyage;  A very tense crossing, Lusitania flees at high speed under the cover of darkness, trapping her pilot onboard; A blizzard; Heightened security; A zig-zag course; The final completed crossing.

10. The Warning

Barbara McDermott; James Longmuir Ward; Sarah Helena Wiggins; Michael Byrne; Belle and Theodore Naish

11. In The Water; A Lethargic Drift into Death

May Barrett and Miss Macdonald; F.W. Schwarte; Allan H. Adams

12. Gone Forever: The Dead and the Missing

Part 1 : Sister Isabelle Wise; Carlos Gauthier; Amelia Macdona; Annie MacHardy
Carlton Thayer Brodrick; Evan Jones; Jane Worden; Lamond Proudfoot; Lockwood; Edith Robshaw; Beatrice Goodall and children; James and Kate Barr; Elizabeth Seccombe, Percy Seccombe…

Part 2 : Catherine Willey; David and Alice Loynd; Henry Garnet Bullen; Jane Travers; Catherine Dougall
Frank and Alice Tesson; Henrietta  Pirrie; Richard Preston Prichard; Martha King; Katherine Dingley

13. The Morning After: Post Traumatic Stress

Gerda Neilson and John Welch; Daniel Virgil Moore; Allan Beattie; Jessie Taft Smith; Angela Pappadopoulo; Beatrice Witherbee; Inez Jolivet Butler; George Butler; Francis Bertram Jenkins; Frederick Milford; Percy Rogers; Edwin Friend; James and Annie Gardner; Willie Gardner; Eric Gardner

14. Casualties of War

Barbara McDermott; Phoebe Amory; Mary Higganbottom; Martha Whyatt; Arthur Burdon; Cyril and Mary Anita Pells; John Pells; Cyril Wallace; Jeannie Fyfe; Barty and Ruth Wordsworth; Table of War Victims

15. Happy Ending/Immortality

Barbara McDermott; William Harkness

16. Appendices

Appendix A. Cunard confidential list of unidentified victims
Appendix B. Table of families aboard the Lusitania
Appendix C. 1915 arrivals
Appendix D. Dates of death

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Dedicated to Barbara Anderson McDermott and Lawrence Jolivet.

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