The Leaving of Liverpool

A family sets sail for Canada in the 1930s.

The landing stage at Liverpool. The passenger gangways are visible. l01
Passengers board. l02
Liverpool’s “Three graces”. At left: the Liver building, built in 1911 for the Royal Liver Friendly Society. In the centre: the Cunard building. To the right: the Port of Liverpool building. l03
The vessel is unidentified but an idea of its size can be gathered from the relative distance of the far pasenger gangway. l04
With the River Mersey behind and the smoking chimneys of Wallasey in the distance, our photographer’s family take their first stroll on deck. l05
The ships superstructure may give some clue to her identity. l06
A Mersey ferry passes by. The tower to the right may be one of the exhaust outlets for the newly opened Birkenhead tunnel. l07
Mersey ferries pass. l08
Shuffleboard on deck. Boys… l09
The pipe-smoker finds other ways to relax. l10
Deck Quoits. l11