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Morro Castle Pathe Newsreel

1934 Pathe newsreel; an intrepid cameraman is hoisted aboard the still smouldering wreck of the Morro Castle to capture haunting images of her warped and charred decks..

London’s River

This 9.5mm pathescope film illustrates a 1920s tour down the Thames. From Hampton Court to the Pool of London the viewer is taken on an evocative journey through the historic heart of England’s capital.


Taken from an 8mm cine film from December 1970, this movie contains some great early views of the Cunard cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). There are views of Commander Warwick at a cocktail reception as well as external views of sailors at work and the ship herself as she embarks on a cruise from […]

The Art and Architecture of the Nieuw Amsterdam

The Nieuw Amsterdam, of all the Depression era ships of state, led a charmed existence. Introduced in recessionary 1938, her pre-war service life consisted of a single brilliant year and can be seen as the final elegant flourish of the golden days day of travel before the war, postwar austerity and jet travel permanently altered […]

My God the boat is leaving us!

Lamport and Holt Line’s Vestris sailed from Hoboken, New Jersey, on the afternoon of  Saturday, November 10, 1928, bound for Barbados and South American ports. She carried 129 passengers in three classes, and a crew of 199. Sunday morning, in rough weather, it was discovered that the Vestris was taking on water and, by nightfall, […]

Queen Mary Sea Trials

The Cunard Liner RMS Queen Mary is shown standing off Gourock, Scotland on the Clyde for anchor trials, adjustment of the magnetic compasses and fitment of her lifeboats.

Description of a Cork Waistcoat

Mr Dubourg a gentleman very fond of swimming, but subject to the cramp, was led to consider of some contrivance to secure to himself the pleasure of that exercise, without danger.  For this purpose he has invented a cork waistcoat, composed of four pieces of Cork, two for the breasts, and two for the back, […]

Christmas in New York

Short film recording scenes in New York City at Christmas 1970 including ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza and a performance at Radio City Music Hall.

Gerbault and the Firecrest

Having abandoned his profession as a civil engineer, Alain Gerbault sailed a 39-ft. yacht round the world. Though several times death all but claimed this fearless adventurer, he achieved an astonishing triumph.