Mohawk: Final Voyage Passenger and Crew List

Passenger and crew list for the Mohawk‘s final voyage.

Compiled by Hildo Thiel

Annotations and amendments by Mike Poirier and Jim Kalafus.

Aronovitch Miss Bella

Newark, New Jersey.

Barr Mr. Karl
Westmont, New Jersey.
40 Perished
Brucker Mrs. Jeanette W.
Mansfield Ohio.
Travelling with sister, Miss Alice Williams, and friend Miss Dorothy Dann.
Husband, David Brucker, committed suicide by hanging while despondent over Jeanette\’s death.
Cleland Professor Herdman Fitzgerald
Williamstown, Mass.
Leader of Williamstown College Yucatan Expedition.
65 Perished
Crowfoot Mr. Lloyd H.
Ashburnham Mass.
Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.
Dann Miss Dorothy
Mansfield, Ohio.
Travelling with friends Jeanette Brucker and Alice Williams.
40 Uninjured
Dayan Mrs. Ferida
Brooklyn, New York.
50 Uninjured
Diaz Mr. Emilio
Havana, Cuba. May not have been aboard the Mohawk.
Diaz Mrs. Carolina B.
Havana , Cuba.
Mother of Emilio Diaz, Jr.
40 Uninjured
Diaz Master Emilio Jr.
Havana, Cuba.
Son of Carolina Diaz.
10 Uninjured
Ferreia Mr. Victor
Deportee, bound for Havana, Cuba.
Frost Rev. Dr. Francis
West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York.
Rector of St. Mary\’s Protestant Episcopal Church.
Garcia Mr. Alphonse Negros

Merida, Mexico.

27 Injured
Garcia Mr. Jose Alfonso

Havana. Former NYC cook for the family of president Machado of Cuba.

Gentle Miss Edna B.

Houlton, Maine. Body not known to have been recovered. Travelling with Miss Oakes.

55 Perished
Gibson Mr. James

Belleville, New Jersey.

55 Uninjured
Hone Mrs. Charles A. (Mary Lamberton)

Born 1869. Died 1951 Buried at Kensico Cemetery, Hawthorne New York.

Howie Mr. James

Brooklyn, New York.

28 Uninjured
Kassel Mrs. Gita

Mexico City, Mexico.

33 Uninjured
Knobbe Mr. Adolph F.

Hotel Taft, New York City, New York.

Knobbe Mrs. Adolph F.

Hotel Taft, New York City, New York.

Kraemer Mrs. Caroline

Wilmington, Delaware.

50 Perished
Levine Mrs. Evelyn

Brooklyn, New York.

Lord Mrs. Oswald Bates (Mary Pillsbury)

Sister of Mrs Katherine McKee. Pregnant at time of disaster. Son born 7/35, died 10/35.

30 Uninjured
Maciste Mr. M. Alvarez

New York City, New York.

42 Injured
Margolin Miss Molly E.

Brooklyn, New York.

Maurice Mrs. Stewart (Ellen Hone)

Born 1894. Died 1992. Buried at Kensico Cemetery, Hawthorne, New York.

McKee Mrs. Elliott Bates (Katharine Pillsbury) Uninjured
Myers Mr. Roy Huth

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.

Oakes Miss Gertrude

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. Travelling with Miss Gentle.

Osterhout Mr. Karl

Williamstown, Mass. Born 10/11. Died 4/92. Cabin mate of victim Julius Palmer, cabin 112.

Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.

23 Uninjured
Palmer Mr. Julius

Providence Rhode Island.Born 1912. Cabin mate of survivor Karl Osterhout, cabin 112.

Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.

Buried at Swan Point Cemetery, Providence Rhode Island.

22 Perished
Peabody Mr. Julian L.

Westbury, Long Island, New York.

Peabody Mrs. Julian (Celestine E. Hitchcock)

Westbury, Long Island, New York.

Pearce Miss Rosalind

Boston, Mass.

Richardson Mr. Frederick L.W.

Needham, Mass.

60 Injured
Rockwell Mr. Lawrence

New York City, New York

Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.

Schraeder Mrs. Joseph (Mildred)

Cleveland, Ohio.

Schraeder Mr. Joseph

Cleveland, Ohio.

Sidlett Mrs. Harry (Betty)

Newark, New Jersey.

Sidlett Mr. Harry

Newark, New Jersey.

Smith Dr. Samuel

Brooklyn, New York.

Smith Mrs. Samuel (Sarah Jackson)

Brooklyn, New York.

Symmes Mr. William Dwight

New York City.

Member of Williams College Yucatan Expedition.

Telfer Mr. John

London England, en route to position of Vice Consul at Orizaba, Mexico.

Telfer Mrs. John (Catherine Butler)

London, England, and Orizaba, Mexico.

Telfer Mrs. Alice

Mother of John Telfer.

London, England and Orizaba, Mexico.

67 Injured
Telfer Master Clive Thomas Scott

Son of John and Catherine Telfer.

London, England and Orizaba, Mexico.

06-m Injured
Telfer Master Ian Crichton Easton

Son of John and Catherine Telfer.

London, England and Orizaba, Mexico.

05 Injured
Valdez Mr. Frank

Nw York City, New York.

Valdez Mrs. Maria

New York City, New York.

28 Injured
Valdez Miss Frances

Daughter of Frank and Maria Valdez.

New York City, New York.

Infant Injured
Vegas Mr. ? Amelio

Havana, Cuba.

Vegas Miss ? Carline

Havana, Cuba.

Weiss Miss Dorothy

Havana, Cuba.

Williams Miss Alice

Mansfield, Ohio.

Sister of victim Jeanette Brucker, and travelling companion of survivor Dorothy Dann.

24 Perished
Aespuru Mr. J. (2nd Cook) 36 Injured
Alamas Mr. O. (Butcher) Uninjured
Alvarez Mr. Jose (Pantryman) Injured
Andino Mr. Ralph (Sailors mess) Perished
Antonegiorge Mr. Francis (Steward) 45 Injured
Ariessohn Mr. Lester (1st assistant Purser) Uninjured
Balfer Mr. George (Cadet) Uninjured
Barnet Mr. Robert (Seaman) Injured
Barrett Mr. Kenneth L. (2nd Steward) Perished
Barrett Mr. William (Seaman) Uninjured
Benavides Mr. Florencio (Steward) Uninjured
Berens Mr. George (Quartermaster) Uninjured
Beriglio Mr. S. (Watchman) Uninjured
Blam Mr. George (Pantryman) 39 Injured
Boade Mr. Janvier (Kitchen Scullion) Perished
Boran Mr. C. (Officers messman) Uninjured
Britt Mr. Francis (Seaman) 28 Injured
Bryan Mr. Thomas (Steward) 33 Injured
Carpenter Mr. George B. (Seaman) Perished
Carreto Mr. Bartolomeo (3rd class waiter) Perished
Carro Mr. Jose (Oiler) Injured
Carter Mr. Joseph (Seaman) 37 Injured
Castro Mr. Antonio (Chief Cook) 40 Injured
Cayhue Mr. Roy A. (Bath Steward) 40 Uninjured
Cepida Mr. David (Steward) 23 Uninjured
Charles Mr. Thomas (Quartermaster) 22 Injured
Clancy Mr. George (Seaman) 26 Injured
Clapp Mr. Hanley (2nd assistant Purser) 42 Injured
Clayton Miss Alida (Stewardess) Uninjured
Cole Mr. Ernest (2nd radio Operator) Injured
Copeda Mr. Daniel (Pantryman) Uninjured
Corrgio Mr. A. (Seaman) 26 Injured
Darbritz Mr. Arne (Musician) Uninjured
De Waard Mr. Engelbertis (Orchestra Leader) Uninjured
Doyle Mr. William F. (Bell boy) Uninjured
Driscoll Mr. James (Tearoom steward) Injured
Edmonds Mr. Thomas (Linnenkeeper) 42 Injured
Fernandez Mr. Fermin (Steward) Perished
Fernandez Mr. Joseph (Fireman) 35 Injured
Fidalgo Mr. Jose (?) Injured
Fitzgerald Mr. Cristopher (Seaman) 32 Perished
Florman Mr. B. (?) Uninjured
Florr Mr. Anthony (Steward) Uninjured
Fouskas Mr. Stephanos (Portman) Injured
Frank Mr. Fred (Deck Steward) Uninjured
Gonzales Mr. Joseph (Waiter) Injured
Gonzales Mr. George M. (Steward) 38 Injured
Gould Mr. Delmar (Seaman) 23 Injured
Governor Mr. Frederick (Glory Hole Steward) Perished
Gramm Mr. Calvin (Cadet) 20 Perished
Hernyak Mr. George (Pantry Scullion) Perished
Hill Mr. Henry Allen (Seaman) 30 Injured
Iglesias Mr. Angel (Waiter) Injured
Israel Mr. Isidoro (Officers Mess man) Perished
Jackson Mr. Robert (3rd officer) Perished
Jensen Mr. Julius E. (Chief Steward) 52 Injured
Johnsen Mr. W. (Seaman) 30 Injured
Kirsten Mr. Martin (Barber) Perished
Kohler Mr. Joseph (Watchman) Perished
Lanas Mr. Gabriel (Butcher) 46 Injured
Laqua Mr. Paul (Waiter) Perished
Lekowski Mr. Thomas (Fireman) Uninjured
Lewis Mr. William (Watchman) Injured
Livington Mr. J. (Watchman) 53 Injured
Lopez Mr. Manuel (4th cook) Perished
Luckett Mr. Malcolm (Cruise director) Injured
Mann Mr. Elmer B. (Wiper) 29 Injured
Marquez Mr. Louis (Bell boy) Uninjured
Martin Mr. Claude (Chief Engineer) Perished
McDonald Mr. Russell L. (Chief Radio Operator) Perished
Moore Mr. Henry (Night Pantryman) Perished
Nagel Mr. Conrad (Waiter) 28 Injured
Nelson Mr. Oscar (Boatswain) 37 Injured
Novak Mr. Frank (Seaman) Uninjured
Nye Mr. Ralph (Electrician) Uninjured
Orlick Mr. Jack (Seaman) Perished
Otero Mr. Rafael (Fireman) Perished
Pedersen Mr. P.M. (Chief officer) Uninjured
Perez Mr. James (Fireman) Uninjured
Pico Mr. Manuel (Seaman) 34 Injured
Polander Mr. Marty (Quartermaster) Uninjured
Quendo Mr. Gozalo (Purser) Uninjured
Raasbeld Mr. Charles (Chief Baker) Perished
Rademaker Mr. Jacob (Steerage Steward) Perished
Reamis Mr. Otto A. (3rd assistant Engineer) Perished
Reilly Mr. John (Watchman) Uninjured
Ricca Mr. Carlo (Steward) Injured
Rich Mr. George (Watchman) Uninjured
Rigoulot Mr. Malcolm A. (2nd officer) Perished
Riqualmo Mr. Florencio (Baker) Uninjured
Romero Mr. Emanuel (Wiper) Uninjured
Saladana Mr. William (Steward) 34 Injured
Sanchez Mr. Manuel (Fireman) Uninjured
Serna Mr. Maurice (Pantryman) Uninjured
Smith Mr. Mack (1st assistant Engineer) Perished
Snyder Mr. Stephen (Deck Engineer) Uninjured
Soler Mr. Vigillio (Watchman) 48 Injured
Steciak Mr. William (Bedroom Steward) Perished
Sterlich Mr. Tony (Seaman) Uninjured
Street Mr. Wallace (Porter) Perished
Tannenbaum Mr. Harold (Steward) 24 Uninjured
Tannenbaum Mr. William (Messman) 26 Uninjured
Taylor Mr. Harry (Fireman) Uninjured
Terry Mr. Lewis (2nd assistant Engineer) Injured
Tikard Mr. D. (Seaman) 35 Injured
Tisdale Mr. Edmund (Oiler) Uninjured
Trumby Mr. Martin (Printer) Perished
Puckhaber Mr. John (Seaman) 44 Injured
Uratia Mr. Eustace (3rd cook) 32 Injured
Uratie Mr. William (Bell boy) 23 Injured
Van Ess Mr. Cornelius (Steward) Uninjured
Voorhies Dr. William (Ship’s Physician) Uninjured
Wayde Mr. Henry (Waiter) Injured
Wheaton Mr. Howard (Oiler) Uninjured
Wheeler Mr. Kenneth (Smoking Room Steward) Injured
Woelfle Mr. Anton (Drummer in ship\’s orchestra) Perished
Wood Mr. Joseph E. (Captain) 56 Perished
Wright Mr. Carl (Saloon Steward) Injured