A Voyage on the Paris

A cruise along the East Coast c.1932. This 16mm film is by the same photographer as the film of the Siboney or Orizaba.

Passengers at the gate, viewed from the ship’s side.Passengers gate
New York City: A busy deck sceneDeck Steam
New York City: The Olympic at her berth.Olympic
Trio on deck.Trio
Crowds on the deck. Detail: Olympic in the distance.OlympicOlympicDocks
Whales, dolphins… a boat?DolphinBoat
The crowded deck. Lifeboats line the side.CrowdedDerrick
Another deck scene.Deck view
Passengers chatting on deckChattingSmart LadyGentChat
A view of the deck from near the same location as above. Note the oversized loudspeaker and triple funnels.DeckLoudspeakerFunnels
Boat drill: Seamen work the lifeboat davits…Boat DrillDavits
… while passengers relax.RelaxingCoupleCine GirlSmile
A view over the stern.LifeboatSternStern
More deck games.Deck Games
The filmmaker at work. As a steward in the background delivers… afternoon tea.CameramanStewardTea
Officers pace the decksOfficers


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