Cuba to America on the Orizaba

A cruise from Cuba and along the East Coast in the 1920s taking in an excursion to Kensico Dam. The SS Paris film is by the same group. For more about the Siboney and Orizaba see the article: The Morro Castle, the Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line.

The stars and stripes fly over the ship Flag
Passing El Morro, Havana, Cuba. Departure Tower
A fine view over the bows. Bows
Wind disperses smoke from the twin funnels. Details: A whistle on the forward stack. Ventilator cowls crowd the deck. Funnels Whistle Ventilators
“Deck Golf” A female passenger takes a swing while male passengers look on. Golf Golf Golf
Detail: A child plays shuffleboard in the background… Shuffleboard
Other passengers provide musical entertainment. Musicians
A visit to the bridge and a particularly nonchalant officer. Bridge
The helmsman… Details: the ship’s wheel and compass. Close up of the helmsman. Helmsman Telemotor Compass
“Captain Jones” Captain Jones Captain Jones
A steamer in the distance. Steamer
“Kensico Dam” Kensico Dam Kensico Dam Kensico Dam Kensico Dam
A smart car parked in the approaches to the dam. Motor Car