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The Lusitania : Part 13 : The Morning After: Post Traumatic Stress

A deck view in Second Class Jim Kalafus Collection The Lusitania survivors, with the exception of the most seriously injured, resumed their journeys, and their lives, within a few days of the disaster. They were carried by ferry to Liverpool, and then by train to destinations across the United Kingdom and Europe. Press interest in […]

The Sinking of the Sea Diamond

The sinking of the Costa Concordia has drawn inevitable comparisons with both Titanic and other maritime disasters. In this verbatim interview by Michael Poirier, a young survivor of the April 2007 Sea Diamond sinking, Zak Hayes, recalls the experience of evacuation at sea.

RMS Olympic: The early years

It’s easy to start the story of Olympic by talking about a limousine pulling up in front of Downshire House. However this has been over-used in many books and articles. What can one say about the career of Titanic‘s sister-ship? A brief period made her the largest ship in the world? She was requisitioned as […]

Lest We Forget : The Coughlin Family

A beautiful spring day had brought together a band of people who wanted to honor the memory of a Titanic victim, Kate Buckley. Sitting under a tent, waiting for the service to start, Shelley Dziedzic began talking to a friendly-looking couple next to her. They were local to the Brockton, Ma area. When Shelley mentioned […]

Lest We Forget : Albert Arthur Bestic

“To me she was my dream ship. I saw her first when in her regal beauty she sped along the surface of the Clyde upon her trials. My boyish heart went out to her in admiration.” That was Albert Arthur Bestic’s first impression upon seeing the new Lusitania. The next time he saw her, he […]