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The Cap Arcona

Perhaps the loveliest of the “forgotten” liners is Hamburg-Sudamerikanische’s Cap Arcona. She was conceived and built in the mid-1920s for service between Northern Europe and Argentina, a route every bit as prestigious as the better remembered North Atlantic run. She was born into a world of afternoon teas and Jazz modified for the Palm Court, […]

Across the Caribbean on the Nieuw Amsterdam

This short 16mm film, shot sometime before 1958 records a journey across the Caribbean, taking in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Jamaica and the Panama Canal. There are views of other liners including the Mauretania 2 and some somewhat smaller craft.

The Unlucky Statendam

If the Nieuw Amsterdam can be considered Holland-America Line’s most fortunate vessel, then her pre-war running mate, the Statendam of 1929, is in the running for the title of least.

Cuba to America on the Orizaba

A cruise from Cuba and along the East Coast in the 1920s taking in an excursion to Kensico Dam. The SS Paris film is by the same group. For more about the Siboney and Orizaba see the article: The Morro Castle, the Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line.

Morro Castle : The Victims

What follows is the most complete listing of Morro Castle victims we have been able to assemble. Those who were never found are listed in Italic. There are more than the official 134 names on this list, because in many cases passengers and crew identified as survivors on the published lists were actually lost; people […]

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line : Part One

It has been almost 72 years since the Morro Castle, gutted, afire, and carrying the bodies of at least six luckless passengers and crew members was driven ashore, with visual impact worthy of a Hollywood production, just to the north of the new Convention Center at Asbury Park, New Jersey.

George Watremez : Morro Castle Survivor

“I did go back to boats, and I’m not scared of the water even though I still don’t know how to swim.” George Watremez, Morro Castle survivor, smiles slightly and continues; “To tell you the truth, I don’t think about it often….”

Lest We Forget : Henry Sonneborn

“…he never spoke of the relationship in a negative way or acted like some family secret needed to be protected. ” Schwabacher seems to have possessed considerable property. The substantial provision made by his will for his friend, Sonneborn, suggests a possible source of income to the latter, supplementing that from his own slender estate […]

Lest We Forget : Part 1

This May marks the 90th anniversary of one of the 20th century’s most notorious events; the sinking, by torpedo, of Cunard Line’s Lusitania off the coast of Ireland with the loss of 1198 lives. While she lived, Lusitania was known as one of a pair of outstandingly beautiful record breakers, and after her death she […]