Oriente Brochure

Brochure for the Ward Line's Oriente.

Morro Castle Brochure

Ward Line brochure for the Morro Castle.

Oriente / Morro Castle Holiday Brochure

A 1930s holiday brochure for the Morro Castle and Oriente

Morro Castle : Mexico Cruise Brochure

Morro Castle cruise brochure and a similar cover post-disaster for the Oriente.

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line : Part One

It has been almost 72 years since the Morro Castle, gutted, afire, and carrying the bodies of at least six luckless passengers and crew members was driven ashore, with visual impact worthy of a Hollywood production, just to the north of the new Convention Center at Asbury Park, New Jersey.