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An unrivalled series of articles, resources, and image galleries realting to the ill-fated Morro Castle whose end has gone down in history as the epitome of tragedy at sea; her passengers trapped in a flaming wreck within sight of land…


Morro Castle : The Forgotten Voices

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line


Morro Castle Pathe Newsreel

1934 Pathe newsreel; an intrepid cameraman is hoisted aboard the still smouldering wreck of the Morro Castle to capture haunting images of her warped and charred decks..

Morro Castle: Inferno at Sea

Jim Kalafus reviews Inferno at Sea : Stories of Death and Survival Aboard the Morro Castle Summer deck chair reading season is upon us, and the perfect book for a liner buff to take along for vacation reading has just been published. Coyle…

Morro Castle : Deck Plans

Explore the Morro Castle through the deckplans of the ill-fated ship Deck A Deck B Deck C Deck D Deck E

Morro Castle : Passenger and Crew List

Passengers and crew aboard the Morro Castle at the time of disaster... Passenger List Morro Castle : Known Occupied Cabins The following list was compiled by combining information from the Ward Line ticketing list, and Francis Crocco’s…

Morro Castle : The Forgotten Voices

One night out from Havana. Aboard the Morro Castle, passengers gather in the Deck Ballroom for a costume party. In less than four days time, the liner will be destroyed and 128 will be dead. In four hours it would all be over. The…

Morro Castle Newsreel

A newsreel from 1934 showing scenes of the fire that engulfed the Morro Castle and the rescue of her survivors. Courtesy of Jim Kalafus

Morro Castle : The Victims

What follows is the most complete listing of Morro Castle victims we have been able to assemble. Those who were never found are listed in Italic. There are more than the official 134 names on this list, because in many cases passengers and crew…

Morro Castle Brochure

Ward Line brochure for the Morro Castle.

Oriente / Morro Castle Holiday Brochure

A 1930s holiday brochure for the Morro Castle and Oriente

Morro Castle : Philco 1934 West Indies Cruise Brochure

Brochure for a 1934 Morro Castle cruise to the Caribbean.

Morro Castle : Mexico Cruise Brochure

Morro Castle cruise brochure and a similar cover post-disaster for the Oriente.

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line : Part 5

Jim Kalafus concludes his account of the Morro Castle disaster and how it led to the rapid demise of the Ward Line. The end of the Line Oriente at Havana The Oriente had her first brush with notoriety in 1935, but compared to those that…

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the end of the Ward Line : Part 4

In part 4 of his epic history Jim Kalafus tells the story of another unlucky Ward Line ship. the Mohawk. Interlude In January 1935, as salvage crews worked to remove the Morro Castle from the beach at Asbury Park, the Ward Line's Havana…

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the end of the Ward Line : Part 3

Jim Kalafus continues the tragic story of the Morro Castle. The Gang's All Here There were a large number of Doctors aboard the Morro Castle's final voyage. As a group, they did not fare well: Doctors Busquet, and Coll were lost 'though…

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the end of the Ward Line : Part 2

Part two of Jim Kalafus's epic history of the Morro Castle disaster. Final Departure 1934 proved to be an uneventful year for the Morro Castle after the turbulent latter half of 1933. Cuba remained unstable, but through September the Morro…

Morro Castle, Mohawk and the End of the Ward Line : Part One

It has been almost 72 years since the Morro Castle, gutted, afire, and carrying the bodies of at least six luckless passengers and crew members was driven ashore, with visual impact worthy of a Hollywood production, just to the north of the new Convention Center at Asbury Park, New Jersey.

George Watremez : Morro Castle Survivor

“I did go back to boats, and I’m not scared of the water even though I still don’t know how to swim.” George Watremez, Morro Castle survivor, smiles slightly and continues; “To tell you the truth, I don’t think about it often….” Mike…