Queen Mary at Southampton Docks

A panoramic view of Southampton Docks circa 1956, with RMS Queen Mary alongside. The small shunting locomotive visible in the centre of  the picture was a former USA Transportation Corps "switcher", one of several that had been sold to the…

Andrea Doria : The Sinking of the Unsinkable

As with the “unsinkable” Titanic, there is tragic irony in the “unsinkable” Andrea Doria account. We all know too well what caused the demise of the former: the hull breached by the ripping damage of a gigantic iceberg. But how and why did a newer ship, sailing warm waters and built to withstand a powerful impact, meet its end?

Across the Caribbean on the Nieuw Amsterdam

This short 16mm film, shot sometime before 1958 records a journey across the Caribbean, taking in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Jamaica and the Panama Canal. There are views of other liners including the Mauretania 2 and some somewhat smaller…