Gare Maritime

London's River

This 9.5mm pathescope film illustrates a 1920s tour down the Thames. From Hampton Court to the Pool of London the viewer is taken on avocative journey through the historic heart of England's captiol.

We have no information about the production, to what extent this is a complete print or the precise date.




1. Hampton Court.
A graceful steam yacht tied up alongside.
Hampton Court Steam Yacht
2. Intertitle
"... and downward flows the steam which, besides being liquid history, becomes Liquid Interest, for near Teddington one comes to London's smallest railway..."
Hampton Court Train Approaches
5. Intertitle
"Then passing Richmond bridge..."
Richmond Bridge London Bus

" comes to a quiet stretch of water between Putney and Mortlake..."

Putney, Mortlake Barnes Bridge

"...but how different is this same stretch on one particular day of the year!..."

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race Boat Race Barnes
"... when Oxford vies with Cambridge for supremacy of the river..." Oxford Cambridge Boat Race Boat Race Finish

"Then Chelsea where Whistler lived..."

Chelsea Thames Mist
"...seeing from his windows the river he loved to paint... dimmed by the mist which was characteristic of his patinings... as this..." Whistler Thames Mist

"And further down is the Tate gallery - where you may see Whistler's world-famous paintings for yourself..."

Whistler Tate gallery
"Next Lambeth Bridge - a crazy structure ..." Lambeth Bridge Lambeth Bridge
"...but leading to one of the statliest homes of England - the town residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury since the close of the twelth century...." Lambeth Palace Lambeth Palace

"Now the London's river that even the Londoner knows! No need to say what this is!"

Londoners Houses of Parliament
"Here is a study in contrasts - the lordly embankment..." Embankment Embankment
"...with Cleopatra's famous needle..." Cleopatra's Needle Cleopatra's Needle
"And opposite the gaunt and dingly wharves of the Surrey side.." Wharf Wharves
"On we go past Blackfiars and St Pauls..." Blackfriars St Pauls
  St Pauls Blackfriars Bridge
"... we come to the pool of London..." Pool of London Blackfriars Bridge
  Tower Bridge Tower of London
"...and so, as it laps the daily flood of merchandise which helps to keep London alive..." "on a sombre charm it flows on - but it seems to flow with a less joyous note - for soon it will be lost in the characterless waters of the sea." Tower Bridge End
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